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Hello Permies.
I've been slowly transforming my small town urban house plot into a permaculture paradise. I've transformed my back yard into hugelkultur pallet garden and working on a small(tiny) pond to feed my garden.
In the front a have "lots of space" i have two 1 year old hugelkultur planted with cardoon, peas, comfrey, sun chokes and local flowers. I've slowly been growing a walking stick kale fence around this area. Ive recently planted a couple fruit trees an apple and frost peach which are putting on vigorous growth (which delights me to no end)
other than that I am very much a novice when it comes to trees and developing a food forests, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have plenty of experience with growing vegatables and have a very green thumb.

live in zone 9b on the coast of Humboldt county. lots of foggy moist morning in spring and fall.

I'm hoping to fit as much as i can into an area 25 x 80 ft. and keep the trees far enough from my house foundation which is 50 ft of the 80ft span on the west side of the area. with the two 12 x 4 ft hugelkulturs in an L patern at the north of the of the area. the east and north are both surrounded by a concrete road.

I know I should get these in the ground asap but need a good layout first.
I might have over purchased for the area i have. I plan on keeping it well pruned and a manageable size.


thornless honey locust


Manchurian apricot. x2

saskatoon service berry x3

paw paw plants x2

siberian pea bush

seabuckthorn x2

i also have
Meyers lemon trees. x2

elderberries blue x2 varieties

Oregon grape.

ling cherry.

Do you have a suggested layout I could use?

Thank you so much for your time

4 years ago
Hello permies, First post. Yay.
Can I grow potatoes and fingerlings in same the method?
Im planning on making a potatoes wire cage with hay and worm compost and soil.
4 years ago