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I don't see why you don't have more comments
I am in Cinci, with situations. If you would settle for a friend, you can check out my post here:

Either way, best of luck to you
8 years ago
@Radine Franclemont
We are still looking, is WNY western NY?
Please email me if you have a place/lead- taramt633@hotmail.com
Thank you, Tara
8 years ago
Thank you all for your kind words and helpful info.

Mike, I have thought about situations like that, but not sure I would be able to tackle such a project right now, but would love to be able to take on such a venture.

Thank you Tara
8 years ago
I am a 41 year old single mother with my daughter who is almost 21 and I have 2 small boys (3 & 4).
We have been homesteading for the past 3 years with family and its not working. We are looking for a better opportunity to help struggling farms, or an organic farm that needs help and for my boys to grow up with farming, independant, self-sustainable roots and ideas.

I have been organic gardening full time for 3 years now. Raising chickens and we also have experience with goats and rabbits. Other livestock and birds from when I was younger.

We are Christ followers, not religious, homeschool, are fairly private/quiet except for the occasional loud boys playing.

I have been a retail manager, at large and small stores, work very well with people and organizing work. I have been a legal assistant in a past life and for the last almost 10 years have been a business owner.
I owned a home remodeling business for a few that did very well until the economy tanked a few years back.

There are very few things on a house that we can't do. I have taught my daughter most things already and my boys will be raised fixing, farming, growing, working, with biblical ethics as well.
We do kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings, walls, floors, minor electrical, plumbing that is not under a foundation or requires heavy equipment, tile, various carpentry, etc. I don't do hvac at all or concrete, roofs or siding except for the minor repairs.
We lay fence, split rail, horse, rustic post even wattle, don't much like dropping concrete in the ground but I can and prefer making natural fences from down trees or a clearing. I have worked almost every power tool a carpenter would need and can do minor automotive- oil changes, light bulbs and have done brakes on a couple cars, but I keep that to myself. I have fixed sump pumps, stoves, furniture and we also refinish/repair old furniture and do some building of rustic items and trellises as well. I like to find new uses for old things.

I have studied herbalism for the last 7 years and am very much a lay herbalist. We are into permaculture building/sustainability and we try to be as natural organic as possible. We make all our own soaps and bodies products, preserve/can, ferment, dehydrate and are really good cooks. My daughter is the baker and we also do open fire cooking/grilling, have been avid campers/hikers/rapellers and love the outdoors. We also fish and know how to process game, but have not started hunting yet.

So for 3 years, we have been urban organic farming on a 1/2 acre full time with a lot of fruit, perennials and raising chickens and just got into rabbits as a business- organic natural animals we treat herbally and holistically. We own a small business that we run online that makes natural body products and knit/crocheted/sewed and spinning items. We make hand spindles and have been into natural fibers for over a year.

I grew up with a couple horses until I was about 12 then rode with friends for some time after that but have not been around them for a few years, would love to have them back in my life again. We have a love for animals, business sense and love to work and all things nature.

I have ran fork lifts, reach-lifts, cherry pickers, riding lawn mowers, chain saws on smaller trees, tillers, sod cutters, shovel, rake, hoe, wheelbarrow... the list is long. I can build coops, hutches, runs, sheds, I have fixed garages and built interior walls/additions, hung doors and windows, etc.

We are looking for a live in position that is private, apartment/cabin if possible and only require room and board. The place does not have to be very big, we have been making do in 2 rooms for 3 years already.

A friend said to me a few weeks ago that there are a lot of struggling farms around where the farmers are needing help and can't afford it or are getting older and it would be a good situation for both if we could find someone that needs some good help and has a couple extra rooms for us. Our situation is a sticky family mess that we cannot stay in and need to make a move asap. We are willing to relocate if we need.

I can produce professional references, pics of past jobs on remodels, and personal references. We are non-smokers/drinkers/druggers. I do use alcohol for herbal tinctures and have no record of any kind. We spend most of our time at home working and taking care of business or homeschooling/unschooling. We love helping, love the community ways life used to be and love learning new things, skills and the old ways. My neighbors call me pioneer woman, but I only wish. Did I mention we make our own butter and cheeses when we can as well as vinegar, kombucha and kefirs Lot of ideas and ways for making extra income and multiple streams.

We would like to find a permaculture organic minded place as I absolutely will not work around or with pesticides or chemicals at all. I would like to have use of a small organic garden plot and if I cannot keep rabbits or chickens, we will make do, but would like to be able to also be independent as we do not require pay.

I would like to be able to help a farm pick back up or transition to organic, or anyone that is needing good help. We need a semi-permanent/permanent situation. I am currently in Southern Ohio/Eastern Cincinnati. I clearly don't have any roots here anymore so we are willing to relocate to some areas.
My daughter has a husky that is 6 years old and fixed and we realize they are not the best farm dogs, so if it works out that we can keep him, it will be great and if not, we will find a husky rescue.

Age and gender are not important. We are not looking to hook up or for soul mates, but if we find good friends and families we will be blessed.
If anyone needs the help or could use our skills, please contact me.
I know this post is scattered and not sure if this was the right place to post it, if not, I'm sorry.

You can contact me at taramt633@hotmail.com
Thank you, Tara
8 years ago