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Thanks Andre

Are you new to the area?
2 years ago

Hi Micheal and T Olive, and everyone else in Portugal

We (+ my partner Martin) are going to Castelo Branco in March to look at land around that area.
We'll be camping and visiting some other permies around there.

Hopefully we can find a good few acres of ag land and woodland so we can try forest garden, hugelkultur, and have space for a few chickens and a goat.
We'd like to be installed before winter. Does anyone thinks that's unrealistic in terms of how long all the bureaucracy takes? Since we'll have to pay for a campsite and renting a car to get around we don't intend to take ages searching.  

Good luck with your offer T Olive and I hope you finally get to move Micheal.

Maybe see you guys there? Plus any useful info you might have is gratefully received, we have mainly internet research knowledge.
2 years ago

I believe it's a really good idea to go barefoot when possible.

I've just spent a few months in the Caribbean where I noticed many of the locals go barefoot.
And it's not all sandy beaches either- lots of broken glass, concrete, centipedes that will put a serious hurt on you, snakes.
They can do this because they've been barefoot most of their lives and have developed very thick skin on their soles. Their soles get sliced up and mangled just like soft feet do, but theirs are so thick the cuts often don't penetrate deep enough to cause problems.

I also noticed their toes were straight and even, no bent pinkies or hammertoe. So I'm assuming this is healthier and more natural and will lead to less podiatry/spinal problems in later life.

I'm all for going barefoot, but if you've not been brought up that way your feet are more vulnerable to cuts and such.
Even if you've been barefoot all your life you can still get serious injuries at work by dropping things on them, stubbed toes etc.

Personally I don't like wearing shoes. Much happier barefoot.  
2 years ago
Hi Pina and Ayalah

I read your posts with huge interest because I've pretty much made up my mind to buy land in Portugal.
There's a rural plot near Barbaido that's off-grid enough for me- no utilities but with river frontage. Plenty of wildlife.
I'd like to live very simply there and gradually add a small house, veg garden, solar panels and so on.
It's also quite a big plot. I want a big plot so I can leave some of it wild for me to roam around in and do my wilderness things. The rest would hopefully be lovingly cultivated back to productive life.
I'm thinking to let a few people camp there to make some money on the side. Thanks for that idea Pina

Barbaido is very near the place you're looking at Ayalah. It would be good to know some other beginners nearby. And you would both be very welcome to visit if I do end up there.

The thing is I'm single- and that's fine with me for now because I'm enjoying some freedom for a change- so when I go out there I'd like to not be too isolated. It's great to know there are lots of other people there already and doing the same things I'm interested in.
So I really appreciate your offer to help out, Pina. I'm going to contact the owner of the land soon and arrange a viewing so I'll be around Castelo Branco at some point this summer. It would be great to meet some locals for a different perspective and for the invaluable knowledge that locals always have.
Is there anything glaringly wrong with the area near Barbaido that you know of Pina?

2 years ago

Michael Velosa wrote:Thank you Anna,

I will do my best to keep you updated on how I get on.

I wish you all the best too!


Thanks Micheal.
Appreciate that.
Feel free to PM.
And I'll maybe see you out there one day
2 years ago
Hi Katy

thanks for that.
I had an idea there'd be a permie or two near Aberdeen, with all that farming going on.
A quick search some time ago only turned up Findhorn, which seems more of a spiritual retreat than my sort of place.
I'm not savvy with Facebook but I'll go have a look at the stuff you suggested. It could be useful to me while I'm stuck in boring ol' Fife.

So you obviously have a sheep farm, but there must be more to it if you're on here.
Do tell.
2 years ago
I love stuff like this.
I've just been learning about toothsticks on another thread

I've been no-poo for 3 years now.
I've tried some of the things mentioned on this thread-
baking soda, lemon- too drying and itchy
homemade soap- too alkaline and hair stayed greasy,
vinegar- I stank! Even when dry,
plain water- greasy again.
I've also tried various herb teas which left a residue.

The only thing that works really well for me is rye flour. It has enough mucilage to prevent drying out and it cleans very well. It has Pantothenic acid in it, which Pantene synthesise for their 'hair care' products. Aaaand it leaves my hair smelling like freshly baked bread.
My hair was fine and flyaway before, but now it's thicker and heavier and I haven't lost any shine.
I'd recommend it to anyone who has tried other stuff without success, or is thinking of going no-poo for the first time.
It all depends on your hair type, but in the end your scalp is an intelligent system which will adjust.

And sorry if this info has been posted already but I just skimmed the thread. It's long.
Good luck with no-poo!
2 years ago
I should mention that I'm not yet a wwoof member for the US. I know they have a directory but I didn't want to join (and spend) without knowing if there's any winter opportunities available.
2 years ago
I'm stuck in Scotland for the summer, but I'm escaping in September.
I would love to know if there's any wwoofing available in California over the winter (it's still warm then, right?).
Or if anyone knows of any wwoofs happening over winter in any warm place. I'll happily go anywhere, so long as it's warm.
Thanks much.
2 years ago