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Thanks for your answers.

I've been thinking about it and maybe I will use the three sisters system, combining the different vines. Perhaps in two different parts of the garden, one more sunny and one more shaded.

I like the yacon idea, but I have no idea if I will find it here. Maybe I will go for sweet potatoes (I love them) with some other stuff.

There's still time to think about it
Hi guys,

I am slowly moving to the countryside. My next visit to my future home is in April. After that, I won't probably be back until Summer, I'd like to plant stuff in April that will have some chances to survive until I'm back.
My observations about the location:
- Soil seems very good, right now it's full of cover wild plants: clover and other local plants.
- Location is in Mallorca, it gets very hot in summer, and it's generally dry, but luckily my place it's in a valley that protects it from the sun and keeps it more humid. It's also very protected from the wind.
- This year it has rained more than ever and there is a water stream at full capacity passing through my land. So I assume the land is holding more water than ever.
- Also I have some wood from pruning that I plan to use to create some hugelcultur beds.

I am thinking about building this hugel beds, mulching as much as possible and then planting during my first week there. After that I can take care of the plants for a couple weeks before leaving again.
I checked a calendar and the typical local plants you can plant here in this season are: Aubergines, corn, chard, pumpkin, squash, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, melon, green beans, sweet potato, pepper, leek, radish, watermelon and tomato.

So, which ones are more likely to survive a couple months without any help? I could theoretically ask someone to pass by and water them if it gets too hot.
Thanks for any ideas or suggestions and please ask any questions you might have!

Ken W Wilson wrote:Do any berries grow there? I think some could take your warm climate, but might need too much water.

Blackberries grow quite well at least in the parts of Mallorca and Menorca that I know.
2 years ago
To me all this sounds a lot like a Time Bank. You should easily find some software to handle the exchanges without effort. Ideally, like in the time bank I am part of, people doing the exchanges could register the transfers by themselves.

Here you can start looking for the ideal software for your needs:
2 years ago
I like the concept. Newsletters are boring to me, I like the simplicity of this.
Thanks for your answers. I'll follow your advice and work in the water issue.
2 years ago
Hi Permies,

I have some small land (with 2 tiny houses) in Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea and my dream/plan is to move there and create some permaculture project. Nowadays I am living in a different country so I can only pass by Mallorca 2/3 times a year. When I go I generally bring some friends for a week to help me and to enjoy the time there.

We started by cleaning the houses so we can stay there. We built a very simple dry toilet and starting with some compost pile.
We have also cleaned and fixed a pond that gets some water from a stream. Hoping to have water there after next winter because summers are very dry.

I would like to work on things that can be done in a small period of time and that can become beneficial in 2-4 years. For example I am thinking of planting some trees next October so they can start growing.
There is also some lemon, orange and pomegranade trees and I was thinking about planting some plants around them that could be beneficial.

I would like to ask about more things that we could get going for the future!!

Thank you!
2 years ago