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Do you have access to electricity? I'm assuming not. A nice south window to let in winter sunshine during the day would be nice but may not yet be feasible. I lived off grid in a 196 sq ft tiny house at 6000 ft elevation without a wood stove the first winter and night time temps in Dec and Jan were single digits but upper 20s to mid 30s and plenty of sunshine during the day. I bought a good size tent to set up in the middle of the one and only room (think insulated shed). I bought a smaller tent to sleep in and placed inside with a Dollar General $8 6x8' carpet/rug and placed my twin mattress on top. All my summer clothes were bagged up and placed between North wall of the 2 tents. I should have thought to get a free standing shelf so my "insulation" would go up higher. I had lots of quilt blankets and 2 cats to keep me warm at night. I did have a small propane Buddy heater to warm up my inner tent for 30 minutes before bed time and then turned it off and closed my inner tent but with towels and close pins so my cats could go in and out to litter box. I had to use my Buddy heater sparingly as I only had two 20# tanks.

I used a rocket stove outside for cooking with cinder block walls to block the prevailing wind. This saved on using propane. I used lots of tin foil to warm up food on an old aluminum pie pan that I bored 5 holes in to place my warm overs to warm quickly. I usually cooked only twice per week and ate left overs or pb sandwiches.

Since you are in a metal container, you might go as far around your inside walls with free standing shelves with your clothes, socks, coats, extra linens and such. You could also stack plastic bags from stores between tent walls if you can collect enough. Maybe heat some water and place in a couple of water bottles for under blankets. It will be very cold in the morning so you'll want to cook some coffee, tea, or broth to warm you up and while waiting do some light exercise, sweeping, any movement to warm you up. Also start a Buddy Heater for a bit. Your body can get used to cooler temperatures but you don't want to get too cold. Also, I froze bottles of water overnight outside and kept a cooler for food.

Of course a wood stove would be nice but I wasn't able to do it by myself and I was stuck. Also wear a stocking hat and gloves to bed and double up on socks. I had lost weight before winter and I was able to wear sweat pants under my big jeans.

Good luck. I'll be thinking of you.

M.A Carey
2 years ago
I'm not sure what y'all think of Pyure (Erythritol-Stevia blend), but I like this recipe:

1 serving (8 pc)= 1 carb

2 T (1 oz) Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 tsp ground or powdered cinnamon
1/2 tsp powdered Pyure

Cut 1 oz of cream cheese into 8 slices like tootsie roll shape. Mix cinnamon and Pyure on a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap. Roll tootsie roll shapes of cream cheese into the cinnamon/sweetener until coated. Then wrap in the wax paper or plastic wrap and refrigerate 20 minutes or so. Pop into your mouth for a sweet fat bomb.

I haven't tried it yet but cocoa powder and sweetener for coating maybe good too. I love cinnamon so I usually fix the whole 8 oz of cream cheese all at once and keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
2 years ago
This has been sold.
2 years ago

Marlena Balvin wrote:I’ve sent you a purple message.  I don’t know if notifications are sent or not, so I’m just trying to let you know I’m trying to get a hold of you!

I just got the moosage about 15 min ago but hadn't responded yet. I'll email you this evening. Sorry for the delay. Recent death in family, brother-in-law. It may be late but will email you tonight.
2 years ago
final pics 5, 6, 7 of 7 buildings
2 years ago
3 and 4 pics of 7 out buildings

facing north
shed again with west facing house
2 years ago
2 of 7 pics out buildings
facing south shed and garden (later fenced garden)
facing south tiny house showing encased 55 gal water, battery box, inverter box
and facing east bottom pic
2 years ago
Trying to upload pics. May be posted in more than 1 post.

1992 Flair motor home
pictures from 2015 at a State Park in NM, I think Storrie Lake
2 years ago
The elevation is right at 6000 ft. Williams and Flagstaff are closer to 7000 so they get quite a bit more snow than we do but seasonal temps are similar to Williams with Flagstaff a bit lower.

Winter: Dec usually the coldest month, lows average mid to upper teens but we did have 4 degrees one nighttime low. The highs probably upper 40s average and seems like always sunny unless it is snowing. In 3 years snowfalls usually an inch or two but one winter we did have 2 snows of 5" each time but not close together. The snow always melts if not the same day then the next.

Summer: Jun is hottest month with highs in the low to mid 90s, but it truly is a dry heat. We had a fan on a stand only and maybe used it 5 or 6 times in 3 years, mostly the first summer when we did have a record breaking heat wave and had a few days of almost 100.

Spring and fall are wonderful. We loved the weather all year round. The rainy season, called monsoon season, is normally July through Aug, sometimes into the beginning of Sept.

The roads are dirt, somewhat rocky in places. We did not have 4-wheel drive vehicles and we watched the weather for rain or snow to time our trips into Flagstaff or Williams. If we needed to get out when it was wet we would park closer to the highway and walk to the truck. Other people in the area have 4-wheel drive vehicles. One good thing about the roads, very seldom any traffic.

I will post pictures later today. Right now I am in a sling from recent rotator cuff surgery and I don't maneuver well with my dominant injured arm. I will get those pics from my laptop as I don't have them on my phone. Sorry for the delay but I will get them posted.
2 years ago