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Recent posts by Jotham Bessey

Jason Machin wrote:Whilst my property would be doing MANY things.

My personal thing would be Pottery. Oh my sweet word the amazing things I could do with some decent clay.
I can build the kiln myself. Fire it for free. Clay though... that requires effort.
Being in a rental though, a little too much effort.

I was thinking about clay not long ago. I don't know anything about pottery but couldn't one separate clay out of and clay rich soil by mixing it in water, letting it settle, and then skimming off the clay (which would be on the very top of the settled soil then)
2 months ago
Speciality hardwood! Yes, I don't know what it's like where you all live but here:
I've been researching the woodworking industry. I have the talent and tools to build some great stuff....
But obtaining quarter sawn or rift sawn hardwood? I couldn't buy it no matter how much money I had. It just don't exist here and I can't get it shipped in.
My thinking is that, to most lumber mills, a 2x4 is a 2x4 is a 2x4. Unfortunately, that is not the case no matter what you are building. And their computerized attempt to get the most lumber out of a log as possible is producing lumber not fit to build a shed with!

If one had the tools and knowledge to produce grade AA lumber for fine woodwork, I think it would sell almost anywhere.
2 months ago
Ok, I am really upset. People always talk about with a tree will survive the winter in a given area but never about wither the growing season has enough heat to it to produce fruit. I live in zone 5a but we get the same amount of growing degree days, at base 5C, that places like fort hope and moose river in Ontario gets. And they are in zone 2b. Can someone tell me how I can find out what heat requirements various perennials need to set fruit?  
4 months ago
It seems to me that when most people think of pollinators, they think of bees.
Hover flies, wasps, black flies, moths, butterflies, hornets, and several crawling insects (look closely at most aster flowers) are pollinators.
5 months ago
While permaculture is becoming a "in" thing. I've seen where people think if they do companion planting, that's permaculture.
In permaculture, you basically aim for a garden disguised as a natural ecosystem. That would vary from place to place.
7 months ago
bad year for it here but I have some things I am trying to grow that might do it. And I have the hat too.
7 months ago
I just finished making a pot of delicious vegetable soup. Not one peck of animal products in it!
7 months ago
speaking of French drains.... That's what I should do with that ditch that is just in the way. then, instead of a bridge I could just put a flagstone walkway there.
8 months ago
Permaculture is a lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely.
That is, it can build a culture that need never change. to remain permanent.

This requires:
symbiotic relations with nature instead of our current parasitic one.
Every extraction must have an equal return.

Renewable resources be renewed or nature given time to renew them.

competition be replaced with creativity and art

Knowing that we, being the most capable intelligent species, have a responsibility to nurture ecosystem health and clean up after ourselves.
8 months ago
I've been using iron wedge and mallet. That Anaconda thing is the same idea but much better.
10 months ago