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When I hiked the Appalachian trail in 2014, I realized I wanted to live a simple life close to nature. I am moving to 8 acres of raw land in north west Michigan in the spring of 2019. I look forward to building my homestead, food forest, and home. 
north west Michigan
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I think there is no reason to try to make something fancy here.   When using this type of mallet with a fro, it will disintegrate in about eight hours of use.  So the mission is to be prepared to make lots of these.

If you do want to make something fancy, make a root maul as Roy Underhill of the 'Woodwright's Shop' does. He uses this maul specifically for hitting a froe. He describes how to make one in one of his books 'a practical guide to traditional woodcraft'. The book has a picture of one he has been using for 6 years and it has many more years in it. He mentions making one out of hickory or dogwood and you will wear out 12 pairs of shoes before you wear out your maul. This book is a quick and enjoyable read, look for it in your library. I look forward to making the progression of tools described in the book starting this spring

Also, much of the show is on the PBS app for streaming devices for free
2 weeks ago
Thanks for sharing the video. How far along is the duck shelter project? do you have a thread? I would like to see pictures.

I also enjoyed watching that episode of building off the grid. I laughed so hard when the mushroom popped through. The mushroom cob experiment sounds like a great one.

how would one attach biochar to a wall structure? It seems to me you would have to build solid walls and fill it in with the biochar. This could be a good thing to explore in its own thread. Are you aware of any type of mushroom that would grown on a biochar substrate?
3 months ago
I appreciate all the work you do spreading permaculture knowledge and promoting these great kickstarters. I have supported two kickstarters that I was only aware of because of you. You made me feel like it would be stupid to not support your rocket oven campaign with all the extras especially the PDC and ATC. I will get plenty use out of my internet connection this winter before moving to my raw land in the spring/summer.

The other kickstarter I supported was the GoSun Fusion solar oven. I really look forward to getting that in the spring.

I just purchased the 'Permaculture Chickens' DVD from Justin Rhodes. I should have supported the campaign, but I missed it. The video is great and packed with fantastic content for anyone thinking of buying it. Geoff Lawton's endorsement of 'Very, very nice!' had me sold. This is a great place to start for this chicken noob.
I stumbled on an interesting article on growing structures by weaving and forcing different trees to grow together. Towards the end of the article they talk about growing a mycelium wall or shell over the structures. This is the part of the read that most interested me.  

Here is the article:  Using nature in architecture: Building a living house with mycelium and trees

I know some work has been done using mycelium as insulation and also building structural things such as furniture and sculpture. Do you think it would be possible to build a dome house using primarily mycelium?

Im thinking of weaving a dome structure out of willow then tying burlap bag spawn to the structure using a long needle. You may have to temporarily cover the structure with plastic and/or water it often to help the mycelium grow.  After the Mycelium completely integrates with the substrate and burlap you could find a way to dry the structure. Perhaps a fire or rocket mass heater inside while removing the plastic? you would then have to waterproof the structure. the article suggests that pine tar may work for this.

When I move to my land next spring, I plan on experimenting first with a wall or bench, then perhaps a doghouse sized dome.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this idea.
5 months ago

Another feature for improvement is to add a 4-inch rocket mass heater under the ramp.  Maybe there can be an 8-inch thick mass under the ramp so you can heat the mass, but it doesn't heat the air too much.   And then when the fire is out, the mass is still something like 100 degrees and keeps pushing warm air through the system.   So in the fall when you have 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, then you get 24 hours of drying time.  

perhaps a solar pond would work to increase the drying time. The intake air could be piped through the very salty water at the bottom of the pond. It would likely have to be a large pond to duct enough air to supply the dehydrator
5 months ago
I'm glad you are feeling better Mike. I caught Lyme's disease while hiking the Appalachian trail in 2014. It took me 2 days to hike an easy 12 miles to get to the road and hitchhike to a hospital. I felt almost 100 percent after 2 days on antibiotics and started hiking again.

It was on this hike that I realized that I wanted to live in harmony with nature. I discovered permaculture and permies shortly after my hike ended. I have not posted much yet, but I have been learning a great deal. I hope to start using all I have learned on my new land in Michigan when I move up in the spring.

I will enjoy seeing the progress on this greenhouse
5 months ago
I would like to make pizza with onions, balsamic, olive oil, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes.

I look forward to building one next spring when i move to my newly purchased land in Manistee county Michigan.
6 months ago
My name is Justin. I have been 'lurking' around these fourms for over a year and this is my first post.
I just bought 8 acres of land in Manistee county Michigan. I hope to move up there full time in the spring of 2019 (currently living in north of Ft Wayne, IN).

I would like to meet anyone in the area or on the way to Ft Wayne Indiana practicing permaculture. I have friends and family living in Fort Wayne, so I will be making several trips a year back and forth.

I would like get to know people for future trading or friendships.
I do not have much to use to trade at the moment except labor (I am fit and good with my hands). I could help with any project (hugelkultur? or building something?) in exchange for experience, seeds, starts, trees, ect.
I look forward to meeting some like minded people
6 months ago