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Im in the caribbean trying to be a farm girl.
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Opportunity In The Dominican Republic | Organic Small Farm |  Homesteading – Revenue Sharing

Hello, my name is Carolina and we have a small rural property in the Dominican Republic (7 acres) outside of the city limits of Santo Domingo (about 45 minutes from the city).  

What started out as a property meant initially for recreation use by our family has slowly but surely been transformed into organic farming (on a small scale of course).  I became interested in organic after doing some research, reading about GMO, and simply realizing just how much better organically grown food tastes (and is better for you).  However, as you already know farming is a lot of work and considering my younger nieces and nephews do not have an interest I have been trying to “do it all” by myself.  In addition, I am desirous to have the property at least become productive enough to cover monthly operating costs rather than a draining expense.  

In any event, basically I am looking for like minded people that want an opportunity to have a somewhat more permanent “homesteading” situation helping with planting, weeding and tending animals (I have started to raise chickens & turkeys) in exchange for 50% of whatever can be grown & sold.  I am offering free room & board (see house description below) and the chance to develop the property into a hopefully profitable venture for both of us (in my case, just being able to break even would be a welcome relief).  There are already a number of fruit trees on the property, planted many years ago, that do produce.

Over the years we have made improvements to the property such as electricity, well water and an open design one story dwelling with full bath, kitchen, living room area and a bedroom that can sleep up to five or six with 3 double beds.  However, since I stay at the property myself on the weekends to work, and considering the bedroom is sort of open “dorm style” design, I would prefer either hosting a small group of young ladies or I will consider a married couple as well but all in consideration of the sleeping arrangements.

The person(s) would be alone on the property Monday through Friday and this is why I think a few friends and or a stable married couple would be preferable for a number of reasons (being by yourself in an new country tending a farm is not easy, ergo I think a preferable situation would be for two or more people).  

There is plenty of potential for the property and with a few like minded people working the land I think it can yield a number of positive results.  One benefit about the Dominican Republic is the sub-tropical climate and a year round growing season.

If you are seriously interested you may send an email to: or (however the first email is better for a quicker reply).  We will entertain any and all legitimate inquires and certainly provide additional information to serious candidates.   You can also visit my G-Plus Page for see more photos of the property:

(if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the G+ page you will see my photo as well)  

Thank you in advance for considering my little organic farm project and I hope to hear from you!

3 years ago
Hi, Ranson

I can send and receive seeds and cutting from everywhere.

If you are interest in some seeds, send me your info by private, and I will mail to you.
I know some time Canadian custom are a pain, but we can try.


Hi, I would like swap or share some seeds anyone interest?

1- Red Mizuna
2-Red Pitahaya / Dragon Fruit
3-Acacia Mangium
4-Yellow Pearl, Cherries Tomatoe.
5-Adenium Obesum
6-Daikon Radish
7-Red Cabbage
9-Red Beta Vulgaris
11-Green Mustard
12-Indian Mustard
13- Cucumber
14-Romaine, Oakleaf, Black simpson, Red Bowl Lettuce.
15- Papaya
16-Red Okra
18-Siberian, Red Russian Kale
21-Purple and Genoves Basil
22-Cayenne, Brazilian Pumking, Bishop Crown, Pasilla Bajio, Yellow and Red Bell, Bird Eyes,Ryabinka, Brown egg Pepper.
24-Broccoli Raab


1- Tobbaco (Nicotiana)

2-Lavender: Pinnata, Dentata, etc. (seeds or cutting if is possible)


4-Indigo or black tomatoes

5- Annise




9-White, Armenian Cucumber

If you want see the complete list I have, please click the link below

PlantNet is a new app that help to identify plants with pictures.

Maybe could help you.
3 years ago

Hans Quistorff wrote:

Months ago I tried to plant from seeds but I had not success, just 1 seed sprout, but died after transplant. I need buy seeds again I would like have some lavender plant in my garden.

Here I could not find the plant, just buying seeds in the State.  

I think lavender has to sprout and get its roots down in the winter.  It grows best with cool damp winters and hot dry summers when it blooms. If you can not get it to sprout in your cool season you may need to refrigerate the seeds in damp starting soil for some time to break the dormancy.

Yes! I will try to refrigerate the seeds, yesterday I have purchased the seeds, keeping my finger cross.

Thanks :)
3 years ago
Hi Ronaldo

Of course it is Verdolaga.

remember the weather and substrate can influence the appearance of plants.

Wait for the flowers and see if they are yellow, some portulacas are pink, white etc flowers

3 years ago


I saw your links, and your sites, nice info.

I watch some interesting videos. Thanks.

Also love to see a link in your site about lavander, (Blue Willow Lavender Farm) Months ago I tried to plant from seeds but I had not success, just 1 seed sprout, but died after transplant. I need buy seeds again I would like have some lavander plant in my garden.

Here I could not find the plant, just buying seeds in the State.


3 years ago
Hi! Hans

Thanks for writing, I am very pleased to share our experiences, many people when they see our crops, claim, oh Waooo! that rich, that good vegetables, I love, bla bla, and they forget all the effort behind a good fruit or vegetables. We also often just post on the Internet nice pictures of our farms, some places on my farm are a mess, and I have no idea how I can do for my self. Hahahha! Im not the wonder woman, or Superman wife, hahaha!      

Yeah! Young people of my country, are not interested in this life, here we have many Haitian immigrants who work in the farms but they do not want to do it if involve organic or permaculture because they say it is too much work, only they know the famous Roundop,   so I have to work alone. The government do not promote the permaculture or ecology agriculture.

Yes, I have the vegetable garden near the house, and fruits and vegetables of longer periods other elsewhere.
Many occasions, I would take pictures of everything, but most of the time my hands are full of mud that can not hold the phone. Every week I prepare a plan "Things I have to do" But the days only have 14 works hours.

I had already told you guys that my English is primitive?    

If anyone speaks Spanish we can share experience too.

Are you working along in your farm? tell us, how do you do?

A Big hug!

3 years ago
Hello Kevin,

Thank you!! It's a lot of work for me. Sometimes I see some advance and other reverse, uff!!

3 years ago

David Livingston wrote:White ones mmm I just have some orange ones and some purple ones . ( er I hope we shall see when I harvest )
Do you have issues with voles eating them while they are still under ground


The organge  and purple I never had grown, just we can buy imported

Vole mean "Rat"?
Yes, they eat the yuca also, I had read that if you plant mint around the rat hate the mint odor.

3 years ago