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Mesa, AZ
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Here in Arizona I use a solar oven most of the year and do my cooking outside.  It helps keep the house cooler especially when it's above 100 outside.  I use a simple table on a covered patio with a bucket system, just cold water to rinse off anything and then that water goes right into the garden.  I also bake in the BBQ grill and cook on the side burner.  I just keep it simple and it seems to work for me.  Shalom

Tom from Arizona
5 months ago

Annie Collins wrote:Congratulations on your new market garden! Perhaps you could set up something like shown in the pictures below.

I like all those especially #2!  I think here in Arizona it would be SO beneficial to put in a few of this structures.  Thanks for sharing.  Tom
6 months ago
This looks amazing, I have been drinking kefir water for the past year but never thought to use it for cooking! What a fantastic idea!  Does anyone know if there is a recipe that can be made using kefir and a dehydrator to make flat bread?  Thanks
3 years ago