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I would suggest finding-out if the trees had been treated with a Bayer product (neo-insecticide), before getting the leaves, if at all possible.
6 months ago
[[some of us live in the Pacific Northwest which is burning up literally from massive forest fires ]]
Clear cutting was done for many years because that is what the government required at the time.
Part of the problem is that NOW the national forests are not being thinned & are full of dead trees due to insect damage.  Thinning the trees slows down insect movement, slows down fires when they DO come.  It is a sad thing to visit the national forests and see over half of the trees standing dead, & nothing being done about it.
9 months ago
We've got only 2 acres.  .  . But you'd be surprised how much work there is to do.  This is a marathon, NOT a sprint!!  
-I made a list of problems, planned the solution, then prioritized.  -Change takes time, & I have the rest of my life to do it.
-Enjoy the process.  See the little improvements along the way & appreciate them. Remember what it WAS like before you started.
Examples of improvements I've seen in the last few years:
-No birds, no wildlife- Planted trees & shrubs, transplanted wild rose bushes & formed a hedgerow.  Put in an ornamental pond with recirculating creek- You should hear the birds in the morning & evenings. Such a happy sound. Quail moved-into hedgerow & we feed them in the winter.  TONS of wildlife! (raccoons, possums, birds, garter snakes, preying mantis, And the occasional badger, cougar & coyote.
-From hard-pan ground with very little production- added goats & 100 wheelbarrows of natural stuff (leaves, poo, garden debris, etc.) - Now, pasture is 2 feet deep of grass- producing wonderfully !!
-Garden- hard-pan cracked clay with superman weed growth- Put in raised beds & filled with leaves, poo, kitchen waste & mixed- Now, garden is producing & rarely find a weed- SO HAPPY!!
- It just takes time.  Go slowly, research a lot, form a good plan. Take your time.  Hang in there.

10 months ago
It's been 3 mo. now; PLEASE let us know how it's going.
10 months ago
A rotten egg can explode, fouling ALL the eggs in the nest.  Find the egg & remove it immediately!
10 months ago
There's always going in a bucket indoors (I prefer the rubber bucket), & then setting in on the back porch (covered, along with kitchen scraps) until it can be diluted & added to the compost pile.
11 months ago
If the plants in this system are in media ( like rocks or clay media) and you're using a ebb & flow type system (fill with water, then drain, repeat), you can put redworms (composting worms) in, & they'll eat up much of the accumulated residue.
If you instead, have the plants 'floating' in water, you can use mosquitofish in that water to eat up the sludge & dead roots that accumulate.  A plus is that they will also eat any mosquito larvae, and you don't have to feed them.
1 year ago