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Ruth Meyers

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since Feb 28, 2017
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Nearing retirement and looking forward to getting on with my gardening. I've got several acres of wild blackberries and have come to terms with that. In fact, I've decided to cultivate them and wrestle their space back from honeysuckle and cat briar. I make a cordial that is well received wherever I introduce it.
West Virginny and Kentuck
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Because of all the other stuff that I try to get done while I'm in KY, I passed on going this year.  Will possibly try again next year.  SIL knows one of the organizers and helped with set-up, so he and daughter got a free pass.  Rose says it was much too hot, but the swimming was fine!  She has a 1 year old, so didn't even try to attend any of the workshops this year.
1 day ago
I want my son-in-law, the fine carpenter, to build my coffin; but make it do duty as a bookshelf until need.
1 week ago
I'm the one at the municipal recycling center pulling nicely shaped bottles and gallon jugs out of the glass bin.  I make and gift blackberry cordial each year to many people; but my sister is the only one who returns the empties.

Hot water soak, sometimes a knife and a steel wool scrubby are my standard method.  But I will surely try oil on the stubborner ones.  Great discussion.
1 week ago
It is pricey.  In other days, I would have passed it up.

The schedule has just been posted:

I'm aiming for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning workshops.  I really do need to learn more about Solar power, but more importantly, make local contacts.

Ryan, Mooseage me if you do go, and we'll try to meet, eh?
1 week ago
Daughter gifted me a pair of SmartWool socks a half dozen years ago.  They were so comfortable, that it set me off in pursuit of good wool socks.  I browse Tractor Supply every year, and gave enough pairs out at Christmas that people cried "Enough!"  I'm not organized enough to keep the packaging or remember brands, but the hunt continues.  

Aldi's has been a surprising source for good wool socks, sold in their seasonal aisle.  Last year, they only had men's sizes, but this year they sold pretty women's style and colors.  

My main point is that I wash my wool socks by hand and hang them to dry.  That makes a world of difference in the wear life, I think.  The strain of washing machine and dryer is hard on the fibers.

Does anyone still darn socks?  It was one of my childhood chores; and I still have the basket full of supplies and some spun wool from a friend.  I'm ready.
2 weeks ago
As Pearl said, dressing properly is key.  Chiggers move up the body and attach when they find a nice damp barrier.  When you're working in tall brush, pants tucked into tall boots, shirt tucked into pants.  And when you're done outside, strip and rub down with a towel.  And isolate what you've worn for 24 hours.  My neighbor was so plagued by the chiggers that he gave up and moved away.  Ever since I adopted this regime, I've been nearly bite-free.

The occasional bite is dealt with very quickly with a rub of mint mouthwash.  I don't recall where I heard it, but it works!
2 weeks ago
Thanks for asking and posting clarification materials, Dan.

I was referring to Japanese honeysuckle, though I have both the vine and a bush honeysuckle in my in-town yard.  Both volunteers.  I'm trying to decide whether to keep the bush variety.  It does offer winter bird food.
2 weeks ago
I hadn't considered eating them.  It's mostly post blossom time, but there were a few blooms still.  I'll have to try it next weekend when I'm tromping over and through the mounds of vines.  It's blackberry season!
2 weeks ago
Is anyone going to the 9th Annual Whippoorwill Festival in eastern Kentucky?

The dates are July 19-21, 2019


I may be going.  I've never been, but daughter and her crew are going.

I'd like to attend a session or two hosted by Doug Crouch on forest enhancement.  There is also a Solar workshop by Matt Ellison that interests me.

Of course, that is in prime blackberry season.

3 weeks ago
This is the rock formation at the top of my ridge, standing up to 10 feet above the soil line.  Limestone?

We call it Condos for wood fairies.

3 weeks ago