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Look at doing AC coupling. You can do your standard DC setup at the array with the battery. Then use micro inverters at the array without the battery.

The micro inverters are meant to inject power into the grid and self sync in unity or a set phase with the power line which is "powering" them. This could be a safety for you as if you shut down your main inverter this will turn off the micro inverters at the remote array.

Also if you have the room and don't mind gaming the system I would advise installing on the ground or at least beyond the maximum fire distance from all permitted buildings and then installing regular power meters...
2 years ago
Hi All,
I am building up my own little microgrid slowly and I was thinking I would do AC coupling rather than DC. I am looking around and I see that wind turbines would work better in one spot, solar about 500 feet away and then the build site for the house is elsewhere...

Does anyone have a lead on a good battery charger that is not an inverter charger?

I am very tempted to just full wave rectify, filter, and feed my line voltage into a solar mppt charge controller... Are there any huge risks with this I am missing?

I have not been very impressed with inverter chargers and as I have had some recent failures of inverters I want to keep things separate.

Thanks for the feedback

P.S. not looking for feedback on how to manage syncing all the sources dropping power on the line and be told I'll blow my inverter if I don't thanks...
2 years ago
Really!? These companies must be writing really safe specs. Which panels are you using? Do you have any long term data?
2 years ago
How expensive is a TEG? Looks like 99ยข per 1.5" square.

How long does a TEG last? Do peltier devices have a known half life? I think they are magic.

Solar panels have a 30 year life. If I am remembering correctly the last spec I read boasted a linear decline of 3% per year in optimal conditions. I couldn't find optimal conditions but I'm pretty sure that includes a water cooled backside.

2 years ago
I think people were assuming limited resources were available and we could not just go buy a Berkey. I think a 12 litre Berkey would do the trick and can clean some pretty bad water. I think some pathogens would still get through. If you dug down low enough, I'd say at least 7 meters pathogens would not be so much of an issue. Also sealing the well is very important to keep pests out.

I would not advise putting charcoal around your well pipe as it would likely break down into dirt. If you are going to do that, do it at the surface.

Also you can do a shallow well with a driven well screen. I live in an area where the ground water is pretty shallow and people are able to get clean enough water, at less than 4 meters.

The issue with bugs and frogs is probably because the well isn't sealed. I dug an 8 meter well and forgot to seal because I had to go work on something else and it got filled with frogs and rodents when the weather changed... Cleaning that out was wonderful...

If you are looking for quick, drive what is called a point well head. You need to have a high water table for this. Digging a drilled well by hand with a hand auger is doable, it only took me a week of evenings, so about 24-30 hours for an 8 meter well. Get a clam shelled auger that will accept extra pipe for extension.
2 years ago
With all of the rocket mass heater stuffs going on, has anyone tried adding these to the back side of a rocket mass heater with an aircrete backing? Seems like these would work better when making power isn't exactly your chief goal.
2 years ago
Well wasn't very expensive and I got a wattmeter, so we'll find out.
2 years ago
That's right. We always dealt with perfect power sources in circuits. I'd have to do some power factor work to make them work together like that. Thanks

I'd put something up for a year but the power company isn't interested in bringing us power. I found a lower cost turbine with 9 blades that is supposed to kick on at 2-3 mph. I will put up the mast and turbine and see how it goes with a wattmeter.
2 years ago
Trying to put together my own system on a budget. The power company literally is not interested in even quoting getting power to us... I am in Michigan so I will use more wind than solar and I am looking at what other people are designing and I wonder why so many charge controllers? I am generally seeing 1 per power supply type. I do not get it.

Post turbine controller/surge suppression/wave rectifier/power diode, If I were to then bus bar that "clean" DC voltage with a few solar panels which are also diode protected, assuming I will have less capacity than a charge controller limit, why would it be a problem to connect this bus bar to a charge controller?

Unstable DC voltage, could I just add a few farads of capacitance?? I still have a few supercaps from college. I've wanted to make some more since I saw Mr. Teslonian's Whimshurst machine...

Thanks for the feedback in advance.
2 years ago