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Recent posts by Darius Shahrokhi

Offering to share our woodland/forest. Welcoming sincere, hardworking, non-imposing, capable, quiet, peaceful folks. Collaborate on projects.

noise, parties, loud music, violence, cigarette smoking, animals free roaming, drugs or entitled.

Preferably no cats or dogs.

You may use trees(softwood) from the forest to build structures, fencing etc.

Opportunity to also lease or purchase your own land.

A.N.D Ecovillage

1 month ago
Woodland for sale in an all organic community.
Please visit our website for more details. www.andev.xyz
A.N.D Ecovillage

2 months ago
Woodland for sale in an all organic community of South Knowlesville, New Brunswick in Canada.
Please visit our website at  www.andev.xyz  for more details.

A.N.D Ecovillage
2 months ago
New Brunswick, Canada

If you have ever wanted to be involved in a log cabin, wooden, rustic or whimsical builds but never had the opportunity to, now you can come & put your web-based skills into hands-on practice.
No-one knows everything, so bring your ideas :)

These offerings are from our holistic & off-grid homestead in the forest and are open to all who are respectful to the space. The gatherings are also designed for adults as to keep the distractions and the noise level in the forest to a minimum.
We also have two private guest rooms and bathrooms for anyone looking to stay overnight at a conventional home stetting.
Less luxurious accommodations are also available for those looking for a more immersive experience.
Please note that we are a pet, smoke & alcohol-free environment.
No drop-ins please.

A.N.D Ecovillage
New Brunswick, Canada

A simple series of workshops in the forest where you can learn everything from the basics of being in the natural world, navigating your way through the forest, plant recognition & natural remedies, to more advance workshops on how to build first simple shelters and then onto more complex structures such as log cabins and more.

Who are these workshops for?

Really all who ever wanted to;

Be immersed in nature, smell the decaying leaves or tender new shoots.
To listen to the gentle brook, to experience the tranquility of forest.
To hear the songbirds, and if you’re quiet enough, even the other elusive wildlife.

All who are respectful to the forest and its inhabitants.
All who want to gain some firsthand knowledge or put to practice their web-based knowledge into practice.
All who are physically able to make the hikes through the forest sometimes over the rough terrain, fallen trees, tree roots etc.
All who are looking to have an  immersive experience of what could be challenging aspects of surviving the wilderness, such a bugs and flies.

For more information, you can visit our website www.andev.xyz
A.N.D Ecovillae
2 months ago
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