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since Nov 30, 2016
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Recent posts by Jeremy Butler

Z Gonzalez wrote:These were posted a couple of years ago , hows it going off the grid ? I saw some of your YouTubes amazing!!

Hey there! Things are still going well here. I've been spending most of my time working on ramping up food production. Clearing trees to make space for a decent sized annual garden as well as planting lots of fruit and nut trees.

Just got a bandsaw mill and my new tractor should be delivered soon! Lots of work on structures will begin soon!

Still working 40 hours a week for my remote job, so things aren't progressing as fast as I wish it could, but I'm not complaining too much. I couldn't have asked for a better office space than the middle of the woods lol
It's been quite a while since I first posted on this thread. A lot has changed (progressed) since then and I'm finally getting around to editing the original post to reflect that!
2 years ago
I've been so busy lately, but thank you so much Carla! I can't wait to try out your recipes and experiment a little bit! I'll try to post back to this thread with my results.
2 years ago

Carla Burke wrote:My tag line has a link for a great collection of household cleaners you can eat. Have you ever made soap?

Oh thanks! I'll check out that link. No I have never made soap before.

Also, I found this product that claims to be "bio-compatible" and suitable for plant irrigation.  Has anyone here tried out these products?

Edit: I just realized that those cleaners are for laundry, not body or hair.
2 years ago
Thanks a bunch for the tips guys!

Carla Burke wrote:I've found it easiest to make my own - in bar form.

I would love to have your recipe if you are willing to share
2 years ago
I have a vision of a shower/bath house that has the water drained into a garden bed full of edible plants. Are there any types of soaps/shampoos/conditioners that could be considered beneficial (or at the very least not detrimental) in the garden on a daily basis?
2 years ago
I'm done on my plot for the winter. It has been a great year. Things progressed slowly, but I don't mind. I've learned a lot and had a great time doing so! I just got back from an Asian timber framing workshop with Mr. Chickadee. That was an awesome experience and I learned a lot of things that I could incorporate into my timber frame cabin!

Have a great winter folks! I'll be back in the spring.

Oh and there are some more videos to check out on my YouTube channel:

4 years ago
Finally got my first beam up!
4 years ago

Michael Cox wrote:Some nice benches here. I'm not sure what timbers people have been using, but I have had a lot of success splitting trunks down their length using multiple wedges and a sledge hammer. In our woods the chestnut and oak splits beautifully. I made a pair of benches, but not following the BB guidelines, so will come back to that later. I have also been freehand chainsawing logs down their length, making crude boards and half logs - they would be perfect for this.

I see that the BB requires 7ft, and that various people have commented on that length. For the spot where I need to build benches - around our base camp fire in the woods - 7ft is way too long. I'd be building two 5ft if I wasn't considering it as evidence for the BB. And a 7ft half round is bloody heavy.

We have mostly pine and Doug fir here, neither of which split very well. Wish we had some nice chestnut and oak up here!
4 years ago
Hi guys! Sorry I've been radio silent for a while again. I've just been slowly working on my cabin. I've got some posts up now. Go check out my YouTube channel for new videos:

I also have put out a call for volunteers to come help. Check out the thread here:

Thanks for your support!
4 years ago