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Recent posts by Jeremy Butler

I went to Freecycles with the group at the 2019 PEP1 event. We spent the morning doing some volunteer work. In the afternoon I got to pick a bike to repair. I was able to loosen up some sticking brake arms, tune up the gear shifters, and replace cog 7 on the rear wheel because it had some bent teeth that was causing the chain to skip.
2 weeks ago
Made some adobe bricks. The sandy dirt was screened and mixed with a bit of clay, straw, and water. It was pressed into the mold. Since the mix wasn't too wet, I could remove the mold fairly soon after and place the bricks on their sides to fully dry.
2 weeks ago
Here's my three log bench. I used a broad axe to flatten the top. I scribed the saddle notch with a block and pencil. I used a bowl adze to shape one of the saddle notches and a chainsaw to shape the other.
2 weeks ago
I sharpened a hatchet. It might be hard to tell in the pictures, but it looked like someone had dropped the blade on concrete or something. After some time with a file and sharpening stone, it was sharp and back to chopping kindling.
2 weeks ago
My Carhartt overalls had a pretty large hole. It was a little more complicated to fix because the hole went through the knee outer layer, inner layer, and the quilt layer. I used a sewing machine. I sewed a patch on the inside so that my toes wouldn't catch in the hole. Then I sewed a patch on the outside. That patch was a piece of old overall shoulder straps.
2 weeks ago
I gathered some miner's lettuce to make a salad. It took a while to gather this much since there wasn't very much where I went and I didn't want to harvest too much of any patch I found. I also grabbed a bit of wild sorrel on my way back. The salad was dressed with balsamic vinegar.
2 weeks ago
I built a birdhouse for bluebirds. Found the dimensions for it in a book. I oiled it with grapeseed oil.

I made it so that the bottom can come out by removing some pegs, but I think it would be better to make it so that a side is removable instead. That way you can inspect the inside easier.
2 weeks ago
I sharpened my EDC knife.

4 weeks ago