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Recent posts by Panagiotis Panagiotou

Can you show us how you design this stove?I love that i looks small and cosy.
Did you follow Peter Van de Berg's design with the batch box and the bell or you improvise it on your own?
5 months ago
How much space in your house does your 4inch batch heats up?
What do you mean by double chamber bell?Do you make one bell that is being divided on the inside by a wall?
5 months ago
It is not a rule that mulch locks moisture.This happens only when you already have a strong soil full of life and lots of rain.
Lots of mulch and lots of compost actually can dehydrate the top layer of the soil. When you experience drought ,the wood acts as a spongue
draining the moisture out of the top layer.If you have minimal rain and lots of mulch,the rain will not even reach the soil layer to hydrate it.
It seems that a small layer of mulch and trying to boost soil life would be the best bet.Of course cover crops are so natural looking and you build soil via chopping and dropping
the upper part and leaving the roots to compost.Look at nature ,how much biomass do fall leaves or weeds bring back to the soil.It is a gradual small layer,not creating mulch towers.
That being said if you build soil life with wood chips,then because the soil organisms have a lot of moisture you counteract the wood acting as a spongue and draining the soil.
To me it seems that soil roots activate the soil,so whatever you do try to plant and plant and plant.
6 months ago
I don't understand why people say this weed leaves biomass to the ground.I think the mulch of oxalis is very watery and gets evaporated leaving just thin strands,very very minimal organic matter.In the same  time it conquers most of other weed positions that leave something back to the garden and have great roots.
6 months ago

bernetta putnam wrote:maybe something like this?
newspaper template

Yes that seems nice ,It would be good if i could create a couple of pages like this and send them to the people.
10 months ago
I don't think a blog is what i was describing.Blogs are like one page articles.What i need is the format of a newspaper.In every page each person can share their thoughts about problems of the region and proposal of solutions.Also people can share if they sell their homegrown eggs,if they accept the grass clippings of others for their chicken(for waste management) ,events about cleaning of the beach etc.You get the idea.I just need it to be like newspaper.
10 months ago
I need help with creating an electronic newspaper for sharing the news fo the little place i live.
Everybody in the village would be welcomed to write to me his thoughts ,his articles and content that would like others to see
and then i would be composing it in an electronic newspaper form and sharing to others.Also for specific months(like the summer when it is the peak period) it would be good
to print these pages and hand them to the people of the village.
Can anyone help on where to begin and which programs and formats to use?
10 months ago
I guess what we want is to make them strong with big leaves and good root structure?
Would you use LAB and FPJ applies as a foliar spray?In this case do you alternate weekly between these?
Like week 1 FPJ ,then week 2 LAB or do you mix them and apply weekly?
I am really confused with the knf system.

ΕDIT- LAB stands for Lactic Acid Bacteria
FPJ for Fermented Plant Juice
10 months ago
Has anyone used a diy grafting paste when grafting trees?Any recipes?
11 months ago