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Recent posts by Joshua Bertram

Thanks, Judith.  

I'm still at it.  Unfortunately, last year, I couldn't get my saved purple's to sprout, so now I'm just using a grocery store (non organic) generic orange sweet potato in my microgreens tray.  There are a couple in there, and one is just now sprouting after about ten days or so?  Hopefully the other one starts soon.

I'm always amazed at what 4, 20 watt, generic amazon led lights can get going each year.   Just transplanted a ton of stuff into bigger containers since they were outgrowing the starter cells.  

Good luck to everyone.

2 weeks ago
This is super logical.  I don't know that it's actually true.

The idea is that seeds started in very poor conditions have their  dna programmed to be able to survive in harsh conditions.  So it learns to live in sub par conditions.  Then, you transplant it to moderate/better soil/conditions, and it flourishes better than ever!???

I start my seeds in almost perfect conditions, and then plant them into less than perfect conditions.  It works, but now that I think about it, it might be wrong.  It totally validates the argument for starting the seeds where they'll permanently be.

It's kind of like growing up on the streets as a kid, and then you're super prepared for life vs some overly sheltered kid???

Here's the video I just watched about it.  

1 month ago
As a simpleton, I'd say it's anything I need to do to survive.  Some people have it much easier than others from what I've seen.
1 month ago
Nice job Jay.

I fell in love with this over the sink plates/pots dryer a couple of years ago.  It was $33 at the time, but it says it's currently unavailable.  
It shows similar for sale on the link though.

As a single guy, I pretty much just leave everything out in the dryer all the time so in addition to saving me a ton of counter space for drying, it also saves me labor?  Pretty much all of my counter space is shown in the picture, so when I have a lot of pots and pans drying at least half my counter space is used up.

My dream kitchen would just have magnets, hooks, and racks like the one above bolted to the wall with no upper cabinets.  Everything used often would be in plain view and have its own spot.  Everything else could go in the cabinets underneath.  

Don't worry about that pellet gun.  That's just coincidentally how my kitchen looks right now.
1 month ago
I just recently bought a bunch of the inexpensive clay target ammo for my old wrist rocket after having watched the "Fowler" youtube guy shoot his tiny, but deadly, slingshot.  I really enjoy being able to shoot it out the window and have the ammo break up into the dirt without having to worry about metal/glass in the yard.

I also bought one of the .60 cal big bore blow guns a few years ago.  That's a lot of fun, and it is no joke of a weapon.  There is a video online of it taking down a black bear at very close range.  Lot's of tours in Florida where people shoot iguanas with them.  A good choice of different ammo, from safe to deadly.

Since I'm talking about "back yard" type weapons, I have to say I really love my Air Venturi Avenger .22 caliber PCP style airgun.  It's expensive for an airgun, but not for this style of airgun ($400 for gun with scope).  Really fun, and incredibly accurate out of the box.  It's probably louder than a cb .22 but I shoot it from inside the house out a window, plus it's 100% legal to buy silencers for airguns in the U.S.  The bad thing is it needs to be pumped up with a high pressure bicycle pump (or $$ compressor).  

1 month ago
I don't think it's going to take much more tech than an app on a cell phone to do what I'm talking about, so since I already have a phone I use apps on, I don't see why using an a.i. app would be any different.  

As for the loneliness aspect, I'm pretty sure I'd still want to create a cyber version of myself even if I were happily married/etc.  I must be really "out there" to want to do that, apparently, but I want to do that.  I think it would be really cool, and really insightful.  Then, if it really could run cyber errands for me, it would make it that much better.  I really think it's going to happen next year at the rate we're going.

Like I mentioned towards the beginning, imagine the senile, or mentally ill who could  benefit from talking to a loved cyber loved one.  Now, those people have a limited number of people willing to try to chat with them due to time/patience.  Would it be better for them to be able to talk to a real human?  Yes, 100%.  The only problem is there aren't that many people willing to do it.

Yeah, it's a weird question for a permaculture site.  I think you're right.

2 months ago

I fixed it for you.  :)

I mentioned in this thread earlier, I don't read books.   It's always been unnatural to me.

Now you're speaking my language!  Aliens, religion, and a.i.  I definitely see a correlation between the three.  I must be crazy.  I think I put my thoughts down about it years ago on another thread in here somewhere.   You could probably search for it, if you're curious.


I actually was curious what I wrote about it!  Thanks for reminding me.  Three years ago.  It's been a long time coming......

It's almost 4am and I'm bored.

Time is a man made idea.  A lot of what we think, is just that, man made ideas.

There is no right or wrong, just man's ideas of the two.

An asteroid impact occurs roughly every 16,000 years that completely devastates the planet, and leads to mass extinctions.  We are due for an impact.  We apes have been here millions of years......we got skillz...

If we race to build technology as fast as possible (which we've been doing), burn up tons of natural resources, and pollute the world in the process.....we might be able to prevent an asteroid from colliding with us.  Maybe.

If we keep going and build a.i., the way I imagine it, it will be our god (well, it will be better than a god, it will be a real thing).  It will be all knowing, and all seeing.  It will be capable of allowing humans access to other universes and worlds.  Not in the sense we're going on a trip as humans, that's a ridiculous idea.  More as spores in a petri dish that are allowed to evolve on a new planet habitable to life.  Fungi are the kings of the animal kingdom, and if they can get a foot hold on a new home, they'll start working their way to providing us another home.  Trillions of man made years down the road of course.  

It's going to take a whole lot of energy and technology (drill baby drill!!!) to get it made.  We've got to hurry, there is a limit nature has put on us to make it.  I see it as a test of our worthiness.

So, if we were all to stop racing toward technology, and focus more on sustainability (which could still produce the technology needed, but at a much slower pace).  What would be the point if we're 100% going to be wiped out and reset to near zero in an asteroid strike.  Or when the sun burns out?  Or who knows what other goodies the universe has up her sleeve?

Is it better to think of man's fate in terms of the here and now globally over a short span of thousands of years?  or about man's fate on an intergalactic level trillions of years away?

Personally I love your guy's ideas!  I'm going to continue piling wood chips in my yard, growing stuff better than "organically", and pop up some corn to watch the shit show.  It's so dang amusing....

(Please don't ask for sources of information, or where my made up facts come from.  I just know this stuff is right!)

my apologies for bringing up this thread.  I can't sleep.

2 months ago
Jolene, Jolene....  I like Dolly's song she wrote about your name, and the one she covered with mine.

You do you, as my niece is fond of telling me.  Oh, and if you read through the whole thread, you're quite common in your beliefs on the matter.  It is I who is the contrarian.  It suits me.

I think you're spot on 100% right for you, your life, and probably most "normies".   I am not they, nor do I choose to be.  

We think differently.  You'll just have to tolerate it.

Thanks for taking the time, and I commend you for overcoming your struggles.

2 months ago
Stagolee, black male.  Named after a famous old black cowboy.  Tons of famous blues songs written about him.

Lizzie Bee, white female.  Named after Lizzie Borden.  Popular children's nursery rhyme about her.

Got them at 6 weeks old, brother and sister.  Told they were half ACD, and half Hangin' Tree Cowdog which is an obscure cowdog breed that is listed as,

3/8 Border Collie for their intense herding instinct and intelligence.
1/8 Catahoula for the ability to trail and find cattle, and for their toughness and slick hair coat.
1/4 Kelpie for endurance, herding instinct, and short hair.
And 1/4 Australian Shepherd

They're basically cowdog mutts.  Best dogs ever!

2 months ago