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Ok guys, this isthe first time i make ACV and i'm not sure if it goes right.
At first i started with 2 masson jars on october 19th of apple peals and cores with water and sugar as i saw on this video.

None of them had mold, have the same apearance and smell but one is liquid and the other one is mucus like.

Then i make another recipe with apple and kept pulp and peals to start with to make another two masson jars on october 30th and both of the are already mucus like more than the one in the first batch.

Is this a growing mother or is it going wrong?
3 years ago
I wanted to try aquaponics and i read a lot and watch videos on how to setup and maintain etc.
It seem tricky to start and make it run by itself but you have to deal with two system: plants and fishes.

I watched videos at the Home Grown Food Summit and one of those was James Fry talking about permaponics.
I understand it can also be called bioponics and does not need fishes for inputs.

Here is a video about it not by James Fry but he compared hydroponics, aquaponics and bioponics.

3 years ago
On a deck in summer and inside for winter.
3 years ago
😃 thanks! That's what i was looking for.
3 years ago
I live in a condo and have only about 8sq ft (2'x4') of soil i can plant in. So the base of my gardening is with pots. I tried for the first time this summer a tomato plant in pot and it dries out so fast. It did ok but i know i can do much better.

So i had an idea inspired of hugelkultur.

Did some of you ever tried adding soaked and rotting wood at the bottom of pots to help maintain humidity for roots? Having pebbles at the bottom to avoid stagnant water and root roting.
Fyi most of my pots are plastics not clay so there is no evaporation from sides.

Any tought?

I want to have tomatoes in pots only for next year to rotate crops in my "field". 😆

3 years ago

David Livingston wrote:Mint is tough stuff I owner if the issues drainage in the or lack of it . I would replace the soil with something better draining .
I was under the impression that odium is French for mildew


Mildew in french is mildiou (same prononciation and yes i'm french Canadian).

Found in Wikipedia that powdery mildew is one kind of oidium so at the end it is the same...

I don't think the draining is the issue since it is in pot and dry out quickly. All of my other plants did not had powdery mildew (except one contamination of the mint right next to it and was treated with ease).
This type of variery of mint even grow on lakes and river shores.
I have oidium or mildew ( cannot see the difference from web pictures) on and off with treatments of water and baking soda. The plant seems healthy ( lots of folliage and blooming for months.) but is covered with this fungus (oidium or mildew).

To make short it is a Canadian mint ( Mentha arvensis subsp. borealis) and i don't really like it's taste so i won't keep it. Strange thing that it spread once on another mint variety and was treated with ease.

I planned to use this pot for another variety of mint i started growing from a stem actually in a smaller pot.

My question is: can i reuse that soil? Can i treat the soil kinda baked in the oven and refertilized by mixing with my garden soil or worm casting(not ready yet)? Should i clean the pot itself? If yes what with: boiling water? Vinegar? Baking soda? All of these method?

Thank you for your help.
I was looking into electric AVT recently and did'nt found any topics on that subject.

Does anybody tried or look i to these?
The Sasquatch is availabke in Canada ( hey!)

I also just found this good read compare
- Polaris ranger EV
- Eco Electric ATV (E-Force) i really like that one
- Bad Boy Buggies XT
- Barefoot Motors

I'd like to read your tought about those E-force and Barefoot Motors if any have tried them.

3 years ago
Do you have any update on how it goes?

I'm not i to compost yet (exept vermicompost) so my knowledge is only theorical.

Did you used fresh or dried cow manure?
Did you get temperature from the center and the edge of the pile?

If the edge is hot and the middle is cold: it mifht be too wet.
If the center is hot and the edge is cold: it could be too dry.
Like it was said before aeration is important to keep composting bacterias alive.

Do you have an idea of the ratio Brown vs Green material?

I'm interested in doing a Jean Pain system when i'll be able to.
3 years ago