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Let me tell you my experience with these "stone coated" frying pans.

I got to know about them some time ago on one of those long morning TV commercials, where a woman showed a whole set of pans, on several sizes and types.

The most interesting thing was that you didn't need any oil at all to cook stuff, as the lady showed by putting an to "dry fry" it.

But I live in Brazil, and those pans were not sold here.

So I waited until I went to the USA and looked for any stone surface pan I could find. And I did find a frying pan with collapsible handle.

As we had rented a house with full cooking facilities, we used the pan a lot. First impressions were great, so we brought it to Rio de Janeiro.

This was in April 2015, and the pan has served us perfectly since. Nothing sticks to it, and it's always my first choice.

We never deep fry things, and when we use olive oil it's just a spoon or two.

Since bought I bought smaller one through eBay, and it's also great.

I wish they were thicker, as they are about 3mm thick. 5mm or more would be ideal.

2 years ago