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Recent posts by Bj Savage

What a gorgeous cloak! Thank you for making the videos and showing all the steps from start to finish!
2 months ago
Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading this!
6 months ago
Debbie, Thanks for the great post! This could work well in the climate here in Tennessee. I especially like the paint job! Your instructions are fantastic! I can build this!
11 months ago
Great Reading! Thank You!
1 year ago
Welcome Angi,
Thanks for being here! I'm looking forward to getting your book and learning about pressure canning. I've canned (boiling water bath) for years but never under pressure.
1 year ago
Thank you so much! This looks great! Started reading immediately. Can't wait til the finished book is ready! I'll donate to another Kickstarter also!
1 year ago
Wow! So much great information! Thank you!
2 years ago