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Recent posts by Angela Ficklin

Hi I'm Angela I'm looking for a very masculine man someone who is determined and has tenacity with a git er done personality and attitude I want someone who still has fire in his veins and is an alpha male please no bettas I need someone who can handle a very strong female who is also alpha with just the right amount of tenderness and sweetness I want a fella to come out to my ranch in Arizona but I don't mind going back and forth to yours and make it ours for both of us I really want to make an effort in finding someone I can connect with on many levels I do permaculture practices on my place along with beginning stages of food Forest my skin is tan I am 5'5 My hair goes past my butt I'm a brunette I'm Apache and Ojibwe would love to find a blondish male with long hair but not a deal breaker opposites attract is all
I'm looking for someone who takes care of themselves but isn't obsessed with working out all the time we have a ranch to run LOl. A runner's body is just fine with me I do not want anyone who has a drinking problem or a drug problem I cannot live with it I have PTSD from it from past relationship so please let's not make life anymore complicated LOL
I have no problem being with someone who has kids I love being a mom and I'm very adaptable to my surroundings and people and my family goal person.
Okay so I love DC and marvel don't judge I got to have them both .
As for my goodies I am blessed in the chest and the booty and in the brains but mostly in the heart.
Being an independent woman I've learned how to be more vulnerable and so I'm looking for a fella who knows how to find the softer side of me and bring it out that makes me feel beautiful and it makes me want him more. I need a connection in order to feel sexy with a man so you've got to be able to communicate and express yourself it is a huge turn on when a man is engaged in the conversation.
I am not a vegan or vegetarian I eat meat I don't have a problem if you are a vegan or vegetarian.
I love being in nature especially with my guy when and if I have one.
If any of this sounds awesome to you and please feel free to message me as for private message I have no clue how to do it but I imagine I'll be able to respond to it once I have one or just message me here
Until then here is a hug that smells like chocolate chip cookies and popcorn with extra butter with a side of roast beef fresh out the oven LOL
5 months ago

Curt Cogburn wrote:Attention Permi-ladies!

---I'm looking for someone. Maybe you are her ---or maybe you know her, who knows, you might be her mother, her friend, her sister... or her aunt's long lost second cousin's former roommate once removed (spaceballs anyone?) who could introduce us.

About Me

I'm a single white male on this whirlin' ball of mud who is very much into homesteading and I'm looking for a cool chick to chat with! Who knows what might grow from there ---just tossin' this out into the universe! (pics below)

Interests & Hobbies

  • playing my acoustic guitars
  • leatherworking
  • hydroponics/gardening
  • old diesel engines (pre electronic fuel injection)
  • renaissance fairs, oktoberfest, scottish highland games, celtic festivals
  • beekeeping
  • writing songs
  • masonry (especially old brickwork done my the masters long ago)
  • timberframing
  • old iron (old machinery like tractors etc...)
  • antique hardware and tools
  • victorian, edwardian, and gothic architecture
  • cooking/cast iron
  • herbs
  • cnc mills and machines & 3d modeling
  • the german language (at one point I was pretty good at speaking it)
  • ceramics
  • creative writing (yeah, I have a few manuscripts in a drawer)

  • Music

    If you browse my pandora radio stations, you would see all sorts of stuff in multiple genres.

  • celtic/folk  (Lorenna McKenet, Lisa Gerard, Omnia, Blackmoores Night, Qntal, etc...)
  • tribal   (Faun, Dead Can Dance, Wardruna, Heilung, Ivar Bjornson, etc...)
  • classic country  (Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, David Alan Coe, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Lorretta Lynn, Charlie Daniels, Jerry Reed, Conway Twitty, Marty Robbins)
  • blue grass  (Trampled by Turtles, Union Station, Earl Scrugs, Dan Tyminski, etc...)
  • 90s dance  (C+C Music Factory, Sonique, Robin S, Culture Beat, Jocelyen Enriquez, Corona, Planet Soul, La Bouche, SNAP, Ace of Base, etc...)
  • 90s grung/pop  (Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Metallica, Incubus, Silverchair, Candlebox, Temple of the Dog, Smashing Pumpkins, Goo Goo Dolls, etc...)
  • big band  (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Count Basie, Julie London, Louis Armstrong, Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, etc...)
  • french jazz  (Carla Bruni, Caro Emerald, Chantal Goya, Emilie Claire Barlow, Skye, Elis Regina, Eldissa, Sophie Milman, Madeleine Payroux, etc...)
  • new age (Vangelis, David Arkenstone, Mythos, Amethystium,  etc...)
  • 60s/70s Radio  (Roger Whittaker, The Carpenters, Simon & Garfunkel, Glen Campbell, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, The Kingston Trio, Neil Diamond, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchel, John Denver, Jim Croce, etc...)
  • Spanish Guitar Radio, Michael Jackson Radio, Thomas Newman Radio, David Bowie / Prince Radio, Gnarls Barkley Radio, David Tolk Radio, Laid Back Beach Music / Reggae Radio, Film Scores, Skyrim Radio, The Cure Radio, Eric Clapton / Tom Petty Radio, Phillip Glass Radio, Pat Metheney Radio, Richard Cheese Radio, Manheim Steamroller (Xmas) Radio...

  • Books & Movies & TV

    So... whew, I probably overdid it for music so I'll be a little more succinct here, these come to mind first:

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • High Noon (I've seen a ton of old cowboy movies and a lot of the old west tv shows like Gunsmoke ---Festus is the bestus lol)
  • Game of Thrones
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Kingkiller Chronicles
  • It Happened on Fifth
  • Trading Places
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • The Prophet
  • Downton Abbey
  • The Expanse

  • Physical Appearance, Values & History

    As for physics, I'm in good shape, not overweight, healthy with straight teeth and a full head of hair (pics below) If you're into spicy ---then check out my pick pic.  As for values, I consider myself conservative and not really religious. I don't smoke or do drugs and only enjoy beer and wine, and on the rare occasion a cocktail. Importantly, I have definitely found in the past that opposites do attract; somehow there tends to be a natural sort of chemistry there that just manifests, however, I've learned downplaying important differences "to make something work" is really a mistake. As for my history, I've never married and don't have kids. I've had a couple long term relationships that didn't work out, which kinda goes back into what I was saying about chemistry taking a front seat and values and differences a back seat. My last LTR ended over three years ago and I've just been working and having fun with my hobbies since. I'm not really into dating apps or sites so you wont find me there. Low and behold ---while digging around on permies I found they've got a singles thread, so I figured why not, this place is for goofballs after all.

    If you made it this far, congratulations! You're probably wondering ---who is this cool chick I'd like to chat with. Well... she's speckled, loves her feathers ruffled, cold hardy---  Oh, wait ---no that's the chicken I want to meet ---an Orlaff chicken. lol

    This person I hope to chat with...

    ... finds herself in nature; the spirit of the outdoors fills her with happiness and it is by this wellspring she cannot help but share her smile with the world. ...slaps mosquito... She finds herself breathing deeply of the dawn breeze, or well... the almost dawn breeze, or ah... she's pretty sure it's the dawn breeze ---blown from the next time zone over because... well, it's windy. And with the same eye a master painter surveys canvas or a sculptor clay, she looks upon the land and sees the potential; the possibilities and most importantly the fun ...and sees she's gonna need to crack open another beer to get this garden planted right. ...picks off tick...

    She's got a sense of humor

    She also embraces self sufficiency; taking pride in standing on her own two feet, her passion might be in cultivating her own business ---perhaps it's her love of pottery or natural soaps or something else. Or perhaps she's found her calling working with animals or elsewhere ---but whatever her pursuit, it has inspired her so much so that she's tasted the fruits of success; knows the flavor of independence, and like a sommelier ---deduced its key ingredients as hard work and the avoidance of debt.

    Beyond her day to day, as the sun sinks into the horizon, her attention turns to an evening meal and for her, cooking has become one of the creative outlets she loves; and she loves it even more when she can share the fun with a kitchen copilot. I myself am no stranger to the culinary arts. Health and wellness are important to her; she's in good shape like myself ---and feels passionately about eating healthy. Anticipation fills her as she rattles around the fridge, why? Because she planted and cared for these greens; maybe she's reaching for her Tronchuda (Portuguese) Kale, or her Red Rat's Tail Radishes or her Sunrise Bumblebee Tomatoes. Who wouldn't be excited to taste these? This person I'm hoping to chat with probably has a seed catalog or two around the house ---or finds her curiosity piqued and just tossed one in a shopping cart.

    With her fingers brushing the pages of an old cookbook; its worn pages showing more than a few splatters from bygone years, her gaze settles upon some faded scribbles written long ago by someone dear to her. For a moment, fond memories bring forth a sentimental smile and when at last her thoughts wander back from the past, she next begins to wonder about her future. She considers herself family oriented, and with an eye toward having a family of her own one day, she'd likely be on the earlier side of adulthood knowing with time, starting a family can become more difficult. She hasn't begun that journey with anyone yet; and she's in no rush, but knows this is something she wants from life.

    Night falls and she might find herself relaxing with a glass of wine, perhaps enjoying some of her crafts or playing music. Maybe she's got a show streaming in the background while she thumbs through a book or article hoping to learn something new ---she has a curious mind, and the wheels of her thoughts turn on her next project or interest ---maybe it's pickling, canning, composting, or could be anything from vermiculture to even growing edible mushrooms. Who knows, it could be anything, but she's definitely the type who is cooking up new ideas for her next project because ---it's fun!

    Are you her? ...Or do you know her?

    So if you've read all this and thought to yourself ...omg... this is totally me... drop me an email and say hi! I'd love to see what you're up to, from your plants to your prize chicken! Maybe after reading all of this you recognized this person and thought ...omg... this is totally my friend/niece/daughter...  If you think you might know her, please forward this to her ---and let them know you just found the perfect complete stranger on the internet for them. lol!  


    Hi I'm Angie. You sound great you look great and place looks amazing and would love to get to know you

    5 months ago
    Hi I'm Angela you sound amazing and your place sounds beautiful I'm looking for someone with this lifestyle I already live it out in the desert in Arizona and I love my place but it'd be awesome to go back and forth with my mates place and work both lands I do permaculture and I'm growing a food Forest my hair goes to my butt I'm 5'7 tan skin 5ft 5.  People tell me all the time I do not look my age and I don't feel my age I do my best to take care of myself but it would definitely would be fun and amazing to connect with someone on many levels I'm kind of an old-fashioned romantic with a slightly wild nature I would love to exchange pictures with you
    5 months ago
    Hi my name is Angela I'm reading your post I think you're really cute and I love the off-grid thing because I do it myself in Arizona you look like you have a really interesting and beautiful place I'm native American with my hair down past my butt would love to chat with you if you wouldn't mind that is the name of my ranch
    5 months ago

    Jay Aboliton wrote:Hi All, hi I'm Angie.  Sounds beautiful I have 5 acres in Arizona. Would love and exchange of my info

    I’ve just recently finished the purchase of 100 acres in East Tennessee that was an old homestead dating back to the 1800’s.

    It’s an amazing place with lots of potential; springs, hardwoods, pastureland and seclusion.

    The soil is great and the farm desires a lot to get started.  I’m currently in the process of moving my RV there which will have running water from the spring and a combo solar/propane generator set to start with.  

    I’ve just repatriated to the States after many years around the world and am seeking a team mate to share ideas and help build a vision for the farm together, construct a home and focus on income production.

    My job is a remote working job so I have a lot of flexibility and freedom.  My ideal soon to be friend would be a like-minded woman that is also encouraged by living sustainably in all aspects of life.  The rest of the like mindedness will come through conversation.

    Please reach me singles, couples and others in the area.  Always willing to exchange ideas and help others.

    8 months ago