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Check out Mike Oehler's website for books and DVD's and plans on building your underground house. They should answer all your questions on best use of your property.
I will say that his invention of the PSP method works. To this day, his original underground house,that he lived in for over 25 years, is in excellent shape, very livable and cozy.
Also note that his first experiment with underground housing was on flat ground and guess what....although his PSP method is in place, flooding is an issue. Must read, $50 & Up Underground House Book.
3 years ago


The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book teaches you how to design and build a greenhouse that is six times more effective than the common greenhouse.
Most greenhouses rise up into the air where they lose heat at night and in the winter from four sides and the roof, while gaining heat from just the earthen floor.
The greenhouses described in this book overcome this problem; and the book explains how to build an earth sheltered greenhouse, using Mike Oehler's PSP building system, which will allow one to grow vegetables year round without supplemental heat.

You can now purchase the digital download of The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book here. Pay with Paypal and the link will appear at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Where to buy the physical book

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