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Recent posts by Andy Youngblood

I sent an email.
6 days ago
I have been unsuccessful in returning an email to you.  Where are you currently residing?  Still in Nigeria?  I am in Arkansas USA.  Is it possible for you to come here?  What are you long term plans?
2 weeks ago
Hello Odunayo!  Are you still seeking farm work?  If so I'd like to talk more.  My email is
3 weeks ago
My wife and I need help!  We are located in rural, but beautiful, SW Arkansas.  Growing up in conventional farm families we have been transitioning to a regenerative farm/ranch for the last 10 plus years.  We raise beef cows, hair sheep, a few Jersey and Jersey x cows, bees, gardens, forest garden, a few chickens, and are expanding in all areas as well as agritourism.  Although not required of applicants we are Christ Followers.  Families would be considered, but we are only looking to hire one individual.  Pay is locally competitive and housing and utilities will be provided.  Integrity, honesty, willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic are a MUST!  Employee holons would be encouraged.  If this interests you there are many more details that we would like to visit with you about about.
1 month ago
Welcome Dan!  Thanks for joining us!  Look forward to the discussion.
2 months ago
Hey Thekla I ended up not adding anything to the cooked bone renderings. Just painted a 3-6 inch strip on the small trees and it seems to be keeping the deer off of some pecan, chestnut, and sawtooth oak that I planted. Young lambs, that want to taste everything, seem to need a learning curve. Also painted a few fruit trees for a neighbor that the deer had already begun working on and they ceased messing with them.
Hope this helps!
6 months ago
Hello gang!
So I cooked my first batch of bones for bone sauce today (cooling as I type this).  After reading through this thread and watching the video I realize a couple of mistakes that I made.  Hopefully they will not be detrimental to the outcome!  I used to old cast iron wash pots.  We have one and I borrowed another.  They were different sizes, but hopefully I was able to get a good enough seal.
A question that still remains is about the additives to the bone renderings.  In his book Sepp mentions adding linseed oil, sand, lime, and cow manure (referenced a couple times in the thread) and the video mentions adding any edible oil, but nowhere did I find amounts/ratios.  Can someone answer this for me, please?
Also, does anyone know if it safe to apply to Paulownia seedlings?  Just around the base of course.
Many thanks,
9 months ago
Who is planting/using living fences?  What bushes/shrubs/trees are you using?  Have you found anything to be invasive even grazing/browsing sheep and/or goats?  Would like the fence to hold cattle, sheep, goats, and hogs.
I am in SW Arkansas zone 7b.
1 year ago
Hey gang,
I have received a few loads of very small chips and shreds from pine and hardwood trees.  Probably more pine than hardwood.  Have been in a pile for a couple of months now.  Please, remind me:  what are the pros and cons using this as garden mulch, restrictions (if any), etc?
1 year ago
That's a great idea John.  We mob graze on another property, but unfortunately there are no livestock on this property, yet!
1 year ago