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Charlie McGhee

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since May 20, 2017
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*Name* Charlie
*Age* Young Adult
*Gender/Sex* Cisgender Female
*Sexual Orientation* Bisexual/Pansexual
*Relationship Status* Monogamous Heterosexual Relationship, Open To Polyamory
*Occupation* Artist, Healer, Housewife, Groundskeeper, Nomad, Scavenger
*Ethnicity* Eurasian And Native American
*Skin* Fair And Freckled
*Eyes* Amber/Brown
*Hair* Dark Chestnut Brown
*Height* 5'0" (152 cm)
*Ayurvedic Prakriti* Vata/Pitta
*Sun Sign* Cancer
*Rising Sign* Virgo
*Myers-Briggs Personality Type* Turbulent INTJ/ISTP
*Philosophical/Political Beliefs* Anarcho-Primitivist, Anti-Pharmaceutical, Deep Ecologist, Voluntary Human Extinctionist
*Spiritual/Religious Beliefs* Animist, Pantheist, Rewilder, Scientist
*Hobbies/Interests* Bushcraft, Camping, Cooking, Foraging, Gardening, Herbalism, Hiking, Painting, And Studying Theology, Psychology, Geology, Ecology, Biology, And Anthropology
*Favorite Music* Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Gospel, Metal, Oldies, Rock, Soul, World
*Favorite Books/Movies/TV Shows* Biographies, Documentaries, Epic Fantasy, Folktales, High Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Science Fantasy, Wilderness Survival
*Fears* Amputation, Baldness, Childbirth, Dismemberment, Paralysis, Poison, Pregnancy, Tooth Loss, Unconsciousness
*Kinks* Anatomy, Biochemistry, Hot Injured Men, Sexy Shaman Women
*Ideal Mate (Physical)* Clean Intact Teeth, Under 5'6" (167 cm) Tall, Shoulder-Length Hair Or Longer, NO Augmented Breasts Or Genitals
*Ideal Mate (Psychological)* NO Drinking Alcohol, NO Smoking Cigarettes, NO Chewing Tobacco, NO Synthetic Drugs Like Antibiotics, Aspirin, Hormonal Contraceptives, Methamphetamine, Psychiatric Medication, Or Vaccines
*Ideal Mate (Spiritual)* NOT Anthropocentric, Atheist, Colonialist, Industrialist, Globalist, Progressive, Technocratic, Transcendentalist, Or Transhumanist
Missouri, USA
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Recent posts by Charlie McGhee

Karen Donnachaidh wrote:Hi Charlie,
Your "passions", in my opinion, could bring great contributions to this site. Here's a very helpful thread for navigating this site, if you're interested - how works.

This is terrible, but the same thing happened to my dad when he was a teenager and I used to call him "Cyclops Pops" when I was younger.

Haha, isn't there anyone more qualified around here? To be clear, I have no formal college education, so I'm not legally licensed for anything I do. That's why I intend to avoid practicing medicine until....the times have changed. But when I say I've been studying college biology and medicine since I was 9, I'm really not exaggerating. I know how arrogant it sounds. Many people have insisted I attend medical school to "cure cancer" and "be a doctor", but I personally see no point in the expense or hassle. Just like in elementary school and high school, I'd already be years ahead of the class book-wise, but I don't have the emotional or social skills to deal with the average American on a regular basis. Plus I disagree with many of the modern practices in medical schools.
5 years ago

Karen Donnachaidh wrote:Hi Charlie,
Welcome to Permies! You have found a website that is very accepting, friendly and non-judgemental. I hope it will allow you to let your guard down and relax a bit. This site is based on the concept of "Be nice". It has the best moderators. They are actually present and active here. That's something I have found to not be the case in so many other sites. I hope you'll take time to explore all this site has to offer. There's always interesting stuff going on around here.

(P.S. Sorry about your mom's eye. That's not good.)

Thank you! Thankfully she stabbed herself in that same eye when she was 4, so at least she's already used to "seeing like a cyclops", as she phrases it. The main concern now is infection, and I know I probably could've easily treated such a small scratch if only  I arrived in time. She'd be shocked if she knew how many illness and injuries I've worked with. Biochemistry and physiology have been my passions ever since childhood, and such skills have indeed served me well.
5 years ago
Hello! My name is Charlie, a lifelong hippie and geek, living with my boyfriend/husband in Missouri. Except my mom put her eye out with her thumb last month, so we're back in Illinois helping her, Good thing we can just tow our house behind the truck. My mom thought it was "trashy" that I wanted to live in a trailer, until I started calling it a "tinyhouse". Trending makes it all okay, am I right?

Sorry in advance if I come across as angry or bitter, All the animal abuse, deforestation, forced sterilization, and mass extinction has made me very misanthropic. Guilty until proven innocent, especially if it involves pollution or puppies. I love every plant and animal except humans.

I know, we were actually a pretty cool species for hundreds of thousands of years. But I was born in this time, this country, this selfish greedy society. It makes me absolutely sick. Perhaps I wouldn't care if I couldn't love, but my family is brainwashed, drugged, duped, and poisoned every single day by everyone with a title before their name. Yet most of them are utterly oblivious.

So I've made this account on behalf of myself and my boyfriend, in an attempt to befriend any like-minded individuals. We have no friends besides dogs, snakes, birds, bees, trees, and rocks. Some human companionship would be nice. Especially a pretty lady, one who likes other ladies, but I should probably keep that to myself Rather be in no company than bad company.

Fun Fact: I'm really bad about expressing every thought as an essay. More information about me, should you for some reason give a hoot, might be found on my profile. Hopefully, folks on this forum will be patient with my crabby arse, and I might find respect here. Then I won't feel so alone in Mother Earth's Revolution.
5 years ago