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Was busy over the weekend so I couldn’t get back.

Kate, like what you said and that is what we did...
(Like much of Northern New England NH regulations, zoning, permits, house and lot size minimums, and other aspects of "the department of making you sad" varies dramatically from town to town.  I suggest researching each town's regulations before you settle down somewhere.)  

Feet on the ground is what we were finding that we had to do. It was a lot of work both financially and time wise. It took us months just to come up with all the questions to ask that covered every aspect before we took a 6 hr one way drive to look at it and discover it was nothing like we were told it was. Your idea of wet and my idea may be totally different.

Specific pockets isn’t easy to recommend because each area is so unique and has it’s own set of circumstances that I would like and can live with and your in a different place so it wouldn’t be a fit for you.

Pollution is an issue everywhere you go. You can’t live without it it seems. As part of your research in some of these cool towns just find out what factories are in the area and what is in the river that you may or may not want to tolerate, or live down stream of. If your into clean water, look for area’s that the bottle water companies have wells around. We found it to be a good indicator that the water around is good.

I know what your saying about teaming up. We have looked at a lot of options from all around the world.

We totally agree with you on the several reasons you can think of but won’t propound here.

We have come to the conclusion in the direction of the structure like what Paul has done. And achieve it through setting it up in the right kind of trusts. Otherwise you will never achieve win/win. (not your minds version) If you don’t have that as your foundation you have nothing.

We would prefer to get to know you privately. A picture say’s a thousand words so to speak. Sometimes one phone call can get to the bottom of things faster then 3,000 emails/forum chats.

This way if we are not on the same page we won’t waste anyone’s time.
Plus, it’s been about a year that we took notes, so talking, seeing a map, and finding some notes would stir up our memory as to what is what.

We started looking in VT. Then looked at NH both briefly and found the land cost less in Maine but you really have to look. Or know some locals you can trust with feet on the ground.
Many people talk a good talk, but when it requires walking any of it, is a very different story.

Really make sure you figure out and narrow down how you want to live your life in this new direction mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially and energetically. Include these 7 aspect of yourself and you will be able to be and apply balance to yourself, others and the land.

I’m here because I bought one of the kickstart spots on Paul’s course and ended up reading various posts and found this one.
2 years ago
Hi T.S. Moss and Chloe,

We are from CT. and have been looking and researching those 3 states/areas for the past 4 years or so on and off.

Viewed and talked to probably over 800 properties on line throughout those years. We would look at enough to narrow it down to about 10-15 places.
Map them all out and take a trip for a week or two and check them out. Did it this way and walked on the land of about 100 properties, mostly in Maine.
We learned a lot in the process. And still learning. To much to go into here.
Yes, we are picky but with very good reason.
Sometimes one little thing can make or break your success on your own (unless money is not an option). The states have what I call "pockets" made up of climate zones, people, towns, zoning, resources, that are amazingly diverse and or stuck in there own ways while open in others. Some of these small towns are more polluted then the bigger cities. Yet, you would never know it without spending time and talking to the right locals.
Being an outsider is an interesting challenge on your own to say the least.
You wouldn’t believe some of the stories we have heard.

We are still looking for an area to live in but we are really looking for the right kind of people we want to live around.

We feel like having the permies type of mindset with others is the way to go.

Work together in healthy ways and share this permies way of life.
Many working hands can make light work.
Getting ones ego out of the way can create a sustainable win/win in the process.

So for us, we would like to team up with other healthy enough folks to share in resources and play off each other to live a more sustainable and simple life.

Your in MA and we are in CT.
Perhaps if we are somewhat on the same page with similar issues we could get together and share information and see how it goes.
Chloe, don’t know your location but if it’s somewhat in the area that you could join us as well, then all the more fun.
2 years ago
I give it 8 out of 10 acorns so far.

I downloaded it to read later.
But wanted to look at one area that I found in the table of contents.
Didn't get to the page I wanted to read yet.
I started reading after the table of contents and I couldn't put it down, and am on page 38.
So much applies to life itself. Talk about the interconnections of it all.
Very cool

PS: I'm new to this site. Just started with the Kickstarter and signed up.
Can anyone tell me what the purple pie is about in the right hand corner?
I couldn't find that, or missed that information.
2 years ago