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Recent posts by Penny McLoughlin

My new favorite is sour dough English muffins !

I use rye flour for just about everything so that's what I use in this recipe as well but I believe that they were originally made with wheat.

1/2 cup starter
1 cup milk

Mix together

2 cups flour

Mix again and let sit 8 hours

Add 1 Tbl honey, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp  baking soda and mix.

Makes a very loose dough so flour board well and fold/knead it adding flour until can roll it into a log. Cut into 8 pieces and flatten into patties.

Cover and rest for 1 hour and then cook about 1 min on each side (until rises and is brown on bottom). Use medium high heat and preheated skillet.

Super delicious!
1 month ago
So while I have not experienced the click and actually don't wish to as it seems a very hard and all consuming path, I  very much respect and support those who have.

Perhaps in a similar way to Paul describes how he feels about people who choose a vegan lifestyle. A noble path that is not for everyone.

One thing that struck me while listening to part 3 was Paul's desire to have a place so clean and food so healthy and nutritious that someone with cancer could come and live there and their cancer would just resolve on its own.

I have been studying recently about the effects of excess omega 6 fats in our diets and how there is more and more research showing that they are one of the major causes of diseases like macular degeneration, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Populations that have very little omega 6 in their diets have very low rates of these diseases and as the amounts of omega 6 go up so do the rates of the diseases.

Macular degeneration can be haulted by removing omega 6 from the diet.

Lab rodents actually won't develop cancers unless also fed a special diet high in omega 6. When they are using them for studying the causes and treatments for cancers.

Cardiovascular disease was almost unheard of before the rates of omega 6 consumptions began to go up.

Omega 6 is primarily from manufactured seed oils. Corn, soy, canola, sunflower, etc. Those oils being organic or not doesn't effect the disease rates.

The article below does a better job of explaining it than I probably could.

Love the podcasts and thanks for all you do!
I had "severe" periodontal disease and was told by a couple of oral surgeons that I needed immediate bone and gum grafting or I would be losing teeth.

There was pretty severe gum recession with deep pocketing in multiple areas and bone loss visible on x-rays and loosening of several teeth.  

That was better than 10 years ago and although my gums are not perfect by any means, my periodontal disease is listed as "stable". And my teeth are not loose anymore.

Here's what worked for me.

Homeopathic Mezereum 6C and Hepar Sulph Calc 6C. One dose of each twice a day.

Doug Simons "Wound and Tooth Powder" for brushing my teeth with. It's a powdered herbal compound of red dock, chaparral, herbs mansa, pine pitch, juniper pitch and white sage (dougsimons77at gmail dot com).

Water pick for "flossing" with. Initially I used it with salt water but as inflammation went away I switched to just water.

I did SCD for a while but then did GAPS diet for about a year and for the last 8 or so years eat mostly by way of Nourishing Traditons style although heavy on the fats and light on carbs.

To strengthen teeth enamel, I also try to eat 1/4 tsp powdered horsetail (equestrus hymale) fern daily. Mixed in yogurt or applesauce since it doesn't dissolve in liquids worth a darn. I get that from Doug Simon's as well .

I've actually been able to see my gums growing back over the exposed portions of my teeth ever so slowly. I still have pockets but haven't had them measured for several years so not sure how they might be changing.
5 months ago
Moving five bucket loads with a tractor.
5 months ago
Here's my attempt at a kindling cracker.
5 months ago
Sorry, starting and finishing egg pictures are backwards. The pan was so hot that as soon as I threw it in, it started cooking.
5 months ago