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Hot, humid, sometimes hurricane drenched west central Florida
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I use a small compost bin someone gave me for free for my kitchen waste and that feeds my bsfl that feeds my chickens.
Right next to that is a giant "free form" pile for all the other stuff. When I need to get compost I don't take from the top, I dig down to the dirt underneath and man, that stuff is beautiful.
I live in Central Florida and normally having a compost pile on the ground would be a useless endeavor. But the compost bin and the giant pile are under the trees in the shade and the ground there is not sandy at all.
10 hours ago

r ranson wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:
"The P key issue" is where there is some sort of bizarre, psychological block that gets triggered from time to time.

I've been feeling this for the last few weeks.  It's not that I'm afraid to do the work, nor am I unsure what to do.  I know exactly what to do.  It's easy.  The big work is already finished.  I need to take the words on the bit of paper and put them into the computer and press save.  Just why can't I get it done?

It's been over two weeks of sitting at the computer and not doing it.  I'm not doing anything else, but after an hour of not doing what I need to do, I give myself 10 min of play, then go back to 'work' - which is basically sitting down and not doing what needs doing.

Sometimes it's nothing we're supposed to be doing. I have a hard time accepting that in myself, having been raised that the L* word was the Worst. Thing. Ever. If I find myself not doing a particular something that should be easy and quick I go into the self-berating I mentioned earlier. But after having been a whirlwind of accomplishment the comedown is hard. I have the list, know what & how to do it all, and can't get there. I find myself wandering from one little thing to the next not really accomplishing anything (GOD FORBID). The only thing I've come up with is sometimes it ok to let my brain be on strike.
2 weeks ago

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:According to the maps I mentioned in my last post we are zone 9a and we can't move for cherries here. It is like walking on ball bearings in many places!

Amanda, I'm in 9b.I've never heard of anyone growing cherries here! What variety do you have?
2 weeks ago
Random neural firings (undisciplined thought - to - mouth)
I'm in a 12 step recovery program. One of the "steps" is taking an inventory of ourselves every day to learn what we think about and how we acted that day. I'm a good person and treat others with kindness and respect so that usually doesn't turn up much. For me, I'm particularly interested in my thoughts. Think about what you're thinking about.
That's where the meat is. I can be positively brutal to myself - chastise myself if I don't accomplish much or just wander around attending to this and that but not doing the big stuff that needs to get done...finish painting the coop or cleaning the shed that's been a shambles since I finished building said coop. Or now that rainy season is over finish the water-routing grooves I ground out in the concrete. Yay, they work!! Now finish them...Before rainy season starts again and floods the coop.
Self - abuse continues with letting the garden go to weed while I built the coop and now I have a mess to contend with before I can plant food. I go to the grocery store and buy what I can easily grow and chastise myself, if I hadn't been so focused on building something above my pay grade to house the chickens...Why did I need so many?!? What was I thinking?? And you have no fresh food! Idiot, moron and similar words I call myself, words I would never use on anyone else. Then there's the L word - lazy. The big sin.
So for me, the big issue is what I think. Being kind to myself is my biggest challenge and what stands in the way of focus and productivity. Taking that inventory is key toward progress and living a good, happy life...and isn't that The Goal?
Along with that is cutting the fat on a regular basis. What/who needs to go? A lifelong process of inventorying who and what my life comprises of and adjusting to my ever-changing flowing life. New things and people in, things that don't work anymore, out. I think of my life as a confined space that can only hold so much before becoming chaotic and more than I can manage. I want to enjoy my life, not let it carry me away on a tide of unnecessary crap.
I don't know if anyone else goes through this but I wanted to put it out there.
1 month ago
That mink's gotta go. Trap it or stay up and shoot it. I had a fox and, well, now I don't. And I'm ready when the next one (s) come in. I had a weasel up North and what they do to a chicken is gruesome.
2018 success: I doubled my coop and got 19 chicks that are producing nicely and I make enough change to pay for their feed.
Failure: Because of the coop building I crapped out on putting together any kind of a summer garden, hence, no fresh veg. :( I bought it from the store and felt lousy about that so I'm not missing our terrific winter growing season!
2019 I want to buy an Incubator and hatch chicks for sale in time for Easter. Does anyone have experience with this?
Along with the egg stand I'm going to try selling tomato plants of unusual varieties since I'm really good at that. Just to see how it goes and if I can make a buck or two.

A good seed company for hot/humid/wet climates is Southern Seed Exchange.
1 month ago
Got it. Soil and compost to refill the gaps and add to the mound, then mulch and plant into that.
Thank you all three! I'm going to have a bang up garden this season!!
It's so good to be an old gardener learning new ways. Wait...I'm only 60!!
2 months ago
Thank you! I'm delighted you two were the first replies:)
When I made the beds I did fill in the gaps with leftover soil and compost. I've got more of both again this season (i'm in Florida) to use. I planted strawberries on about 6' so I'll tuck a little compost around them where I can without getting too close to the crowns.  This is fun and I love a new method after 35 years of flat rows lol
2 months ago
Hi all, I did a hugelkultur experiment in my 4x12 bed last season using rotten and semi rotten logs. My question is should I add more to the mounds? They've shrunk alot and won't be there at all in a few more months.
2 months ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:We've all seen well-written ads and we've all seen very poor ones. But I know that if for some reason, somebody just can't find anybody in the world who is suitable for them, the problem does not lie with the writers of these ads or with any of the other people they encounter whether online or in person.

A problem like that seems like it must come from within. Whether it's insecurities or unrealistic expectation, or apathy. I don't think we can blame other people for this.
In casting the wide net that I have, I think I've encountered dozens and maybe hundreds of women that I could be happy with. Really happy if it was one giant harem, but seriously, I really think I have encountered many. But that's because I'm open to being happy and I don't look to someone else to make me happy or to blame if I'm not. When two people who've got it together and are already reasonably happy, manage to find one another, then things are bound to improve for both of them.

That's actually one of the big criteria for me, when I'm searching. I have to ask myself would a permanent relationship with this woman make me happy, and would it be in her best interest? Would it greatly improve her life, to be with me? With these foreign sites, quite often the answer is yes, just because of economics, so I have to be very cautious in that regard.

During the short time when I was pouring through tons of messages, it became obvious that many of these women have encountered men of low character. Broken engagements, husbands who ran off as well as a few foreign men who have made big promises that they didn't deliver on. So, in some cases I've tried to keep it quite casual, as I said I was new to the site and just looking around. But really it was a process of elimination, and you don't want to necessarily let someone know that you were highly interested in them but now you've decided to eliminate them. This pretending to be a looky-loo, was somewhat deceptive, but I couldn't see any way around it. I really didn't like the idea of coming clean, telling a girl she's reached the top 10, so she's got a 90% chance of being eliminated. When it comes down to mathematics it really looks harsh. But every one of these women wants you to choose one and to not mess around with the others after you do that.

And it seems quite odd that we men have that ability, to choose one. Of course it has to be one of the ones that are interested in us, but the numbers give us that huge advantage.

The woman that I've settled on, if all goes well, has been worried from the very beginning that I will be lured away by another pretty face. It's really the only serious issue we've had so far. Her inability to accept that I can turn a blind eye to the millions of other pretty girls out there in internet land. She keeps comparing herself to others who's criteria for a husband comes close to matching who I am. And she wonders out loud, how it is that she made it to the top of my list. I've given her as many reasons as I can think of, but she still questions it, I think because she's been involved in those forms the women get on, where they talk about all of the issues they have with dating, and the fact that men find it very easy to replace any woman that gives them trouble. But I am not looking to replace her. She would have to give me an amazing amount of trouble, for me to start thinking that. I think it all comes down to insecurities, since she was abandoned after a three-year engagement. I told her that we need to get together in person, hopefully by Christmas time and then come to a decision. No 3 Year Engagement. She goes from being very happy about this, to extremely apprehensive. And she's not wondering whether she will like me, she seems to think that I will somehow discover some horrible fault, when we meet in person. I just hope she doesn't want to postpone it forever.

I just had an awful thought, what if she reads this stuff and decides that it was inappropriate material for discussion? I guess I would just explain that I'm very open about many things. But still I could catch shit for this. Time will tell.

I had my reply all typed out and bumped the wrong key, losing it all. I'll take that as a sign.
I'll qualify first and say that I'm ridiculously healthy, and have an opinion (not an observation - a very different thing) about the woman you've "settled on". Dear God man, run. Fast. She may be a perfectly lovely person but is riddled with insecurities that you will spend many hours of the precious time you have left on this earth trying to soothe. She is already questioning why you chose her?? Oh, dear, she was abandoned after a 3 year engagement? Aw, poor thing. Certainly that is enough to wear the badge of woundedness for oh, let's say her lifetime. Until you work really hard to make it all better.
Which you'll never be able to do, because while she may have periods of soundness of mind, she will dig that sucker out of the knapsack she keeps concealed behind her back and whack you in the head with it.
She apparently has no self esteem whatsoever, which is very sad. Please keep searching and don't settle. Ever.
4 months ago
I forgot to mention something very important. My friends and I seem to be in agreement on this, and that's that so many men don't have any interest in who we are at all. As long as we're listening, we could be anyone. I don't want to hear someone's life story without one single question asked about mine. What is that?? I've had more men trot out their resume and have shown no interest in me or who I am whatsoever.
4 months ago