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Hot, humid, sometimes hurricane drenched west central Florida
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Recent posts by Leslie Russell

John F Dean wrote:Hi Paul,

Be sure to explore all the potential hiding spots.   When I bought my land, I listened to a well meaning tip and asked local law enforcement to search my property. They came up with a meth lab.

🤣 You must live in Florida. We're loaded with em.
7 months ago

Paul Paterson wrote:Good luck everyone!

Im just starting on the self sufficiency road so only time will tell what this year will bring.

I bought an old dilapidated croft house with 2 acres in the Scottish Highlands a few months ago and have been tidying up all the rubbish etc to get ready for this year....

I certainly do wish you luck! When I moved where I'm living now there were huge junk piles in the back field that had car seats, baby car seats, batteries carpeting beer bottles shotgun shells you name it. Took me forever to clean it out. I built a giant raised bed right away but container gardening has worked out well for me, too. Some things are just better suited for containers. Maybe if you can't find good soil you could go that route until you get a good garden sorted.

7 months ago
This is fascinating. So many different points of view from every person that's participated is refreshing. Got me wondering. What if we were these people? Out in the world, I mean. Dating is so goofy with all that so tell me about yourself what do you do where do you live...it's like groundhog day. What if we just chucked that all aside and said everything we've said here? Wonder what would happen then?
11 months ago
That's hilarious, and yes, mine do exactly the same thing. They like to drink stale or muddy water, and they like to fish in it too. They're just weird.
1 year ago
I haven't posted in a long time but the subject has been coming up a lot in my life lately. Coincidence?
I'm in recovery as are all my friends. We're all in our '60s and one friend recently started dating and finds she likes it after 20 years of no relationship, while another friend has had no less than six boyfriends in 7 years. I've dated. I hate it...thinking to myself "Well, this is an hour I won't get back". People in recovery tend to be divided on dating other sober people (who are sane - a bunch of us aren't) or that it doesn't matter. For me, I've done both and definitely prefer someone that knows what this lifestyle is all about. If you're not in it, you can't know it. There's got to be meat on the bones, and a good sense of humor to go with it. Has anybody mentioned that here? That someone who can make you laugh is important? Someone that finds how ridiculous life is hysterical?
After decades with only a few marriages (😏), lots of short relationships, and a few one-off dates, my bar has gotten higher and higher and I'm unlikely to settle for someone that's just okay. I love my little farm, my animals, and my vegetable gardens. I like my own company just fine and I too can go days on end without talking or seeing anyone. Of course none of my friends think this is okay. I'm not hiding, I just don't want to date for the sake of dating.
And I don't suffer from shyness. I am frequently the speaker in front of large groups. I'm just weirdly content with my own company. My friends ask "don't you want a relationship?"  I'm just not sure. There's a lot to give up, and some stress involved. Does anybody else have this going on?

Candace Williams wrote:

Thekla McDaniels wrote:

What cold hardy breed is that Candace?

 I've had Wyandottes, Orpingtons, Auracaunas, with good results and hatched some mixed. I'm adding some Jersey Giants in this year. Looking forward to seeing what qualities they can add. I've read that they are fierce towards predators but gentle otherwise and very large so a good dual purpose bird.

I've had them and they are gentle giants. Not a shred of aggression and I never got the feelings they had it in them to be fierce.
1 year ago
I love what you just said, Ana. as redundant as it will be, I want to chime in. I've had chickens for 20 years. 4 years ago I started a flock with 19 birds and today I have 7 hens, 1 rooster. Predators, illness, and mystery deaths. I'm not traumatized by that anymore, but I was when I was new to keeping chickens. It's in the 90°s every day, so I get 2-4 eggs daily. 10-12 hens is a good number for me so since this flock is 4 years old, I ordered 6 chicks in the mail, planning ahead since my older girls will continue to die off, as chickens do. One baby chick died a day after I got them so I have 5. Even with shipping it is so much easier to care for a few birds at a time than 19 all at once. That was really hard, with 19 in a brooder. I had these in the house for 7 weeks😲because it got over a 100° here for a couple of weeks so I couldn't put them out. It wasn't horrible because it was just five, but had it been more I would have lost my mind. It's been practically a full-time job keeping my big girls cool! But the chicks are permanently outside now. I had to modify my coop for a small roosting area with its own door (existing) that opens to a separate completely caged run (existing, and I have the materials to expand it as they grow) and they'll be in that until they're big enough that a hawk can't pick them up. The big girls have a half-wooded half-open fenced 1/4 acre are but the chicks are the size of a pigeon and would get picked off by a hawk in a minute. This is a flying breed, and I had a hard time keeping them in the run in the last flock - one of them flew up on top of my house😲 Needless to say, I am down to 2 of the originals of that breed but because they lay the most gorgeous blue egg and are my most consistent layers even still, even with the risk of them flying off and being eaten I think I'll stick with that breed anyway. I've learned, and because they fly now I know what I need to do to keep them from doing that. As an aside, I did clip their wings. Some of the little shits flew anyway😖and of course, got eaten. I had a 6' fence but once I bent the top in, kind of like prison fencing, they couldn't get out🥳. Again, now I know this breed needs a "flying barrier" so I'll have to put that up again when it's time. The good news for me was that once they got to be a certain age they lost interest in leaving the ground🙏😆. I don't have the means to build a large covered run with buried fencing of the materials that would be required. The fencing I have is to KEEP THE BIRDS IN, but there is nothing I could build on my own that would keep the specific predators I have here out. But I'm home all the time and have a Jack Russell and we are in and out of the house all day, as much as the temperature allows. So touch wood I haven't lost a chicken to a predator in  3 years. If it ain't broke, don't fix it (I have to tell myself that all the time).
The way that I keep chickens, they are not "cost effective". Everybody has a different setup so that varies a lot. I'll repeat what some others have said; they're fun, the setup can be fun or a pain in the ass depending on who you ask, the eggs are not only nutritious etc, but literally the creme de la creme. They are WITHOUT PARALLEL particularly if they are fed organic. I sell them for $5/doz to a couple of regular customers and that mostly covers feed. Organic feed runs $27/40lb., so it's not for the faint of heart but that's how I eat and I want my eggs that way too. I keep a small container outside and the rest of it in the house so it doesn't spoil. They get food scraps too. Obviously, I don't keep them for money. I keep them because I love having chickens around. I love eating my own fresh eggs from my own hens in my own back yard. I'm a dog person, so I always have a dog, and I really like chickens, so I always have some of them, too. This is a long post, and I didn't mean for it to be🙄
1 year ago
You've encouraged me. I eat watercress every day so I tried to grow it myself and went through one packet of seeds and gave up. Which is what I do. I'll give it another go and stick with it this time. I don't have any kind of aquaponic setup but I can rig something up with what I have around here. Thanks so much for talking about my favorite thing to eat!
2 years ago
I've wanted one for a long time but just haven't gotten to the point where I'm ready to tackle the back field. I can't remember where I found out about this company but you might want to take a look at their website http://www.themaruggcompany.com/products.htm
3 years ago
Thank you!! Yep, me and alcohol had to part ways some years ago, so no bitters for me 🤪
3 years ago