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Recent posts by tony uljee

great to see another of matts stoves being built , i have also only recently started mine, its still just dry stacked for now as i am waiting for my 11/4 copper pipe to come in ,4 weeks wait so far, this will be for  connection to a back boiler and to thermo circulate to a hot water tank. Many of your questions would be answered by watching matts   --- bro audio---- youtube segments, its a long undertaking , i could only process so much info at a time ---so one or two  segments and then taking notes . But everything that is to explain and the reasons for --is contained within them , as to why he uses some materials over others and his  recommendations. I have built 8 metal fabricated stoves over the years, not counting all the little wood burners from old gas bottles i have done, so have made most of the mistakes and errors of judgement --some of which i was able/had to later correct and adjust out of the finished builds.The way matts stove is designed/built to achieve  complete combustion of the fuel ,creates a very high temperature gas /air to rise up directly under the ceramic glass ---this achieves temps that will warp any steel top plate. Even with welded on section s of flat strip , only extremely thick steel plate could minimize the flexing --but that would then be very costly ---damn heavy ---and almost cancel out the designs intentions and reason s why matt built this stove his way. It took me awhile to shift out of my thinking of how it should work . His way from fire start up rapidly throws out a lot of heat from the top and warms up the room and plus cooking can start straight away  , very little smoke making creosote  on a large cold piece of steel plate until it comes up to temp---and no warping to let out burnt hot gases. Yes you could use a piece of steel plate if you insulated underneath it with ceramic fiber board but then first two advantages wont be as good or lessened, anyway sermon over and anymore would be taking you away from build time, happy stoving.
1 month ago
maybe just place them at the base of tire cut outs, then backfill with gravel
1 month ago
there is a market for the fat ,its rendered down into an oil and used in skin care and treatments , i remember reading about emu oil sometime ago and thought that was daft but then again we eat butter and margarine used to be made from whale oil, and grannies old cold remedy was goose fat rub on the chest. Seems ostrich oil is better than emu oil in its use , i remember having a key ring with an ostrich toe on it----and my uncle used to have an ostrich wishbone mounted on a wooden base---took its place on the xmass dinner table every year---accompanied by the usual old jokes and turkey dinner size comparisons.
5 months ago
been to some ostrich ranches in, they are in the drier regions very sparse vegetation lots of open ground, these birds range far in wilder situations but ranched sees them in large high fenced paddocks and fed a formulated type ration plus fresh cut feed, they were mostly grown for the leather/hide industry ,higher end of it ,shoes and luggage bags ,briefcases  and smaller pieces made into hats and belts ,sandals ,wallets  and trinkets being the last end use.The feathers were in demand awhile ago as trim decoration in fashion clothing industry, the meat and eggs were almost secondary to the operation .They were all special hybrid livestock ---much bigger than their wild relations --grown for size and feather colour/conformaty---for bigger hides  and the pattern left in the hide after feathers   .All thorn tree or barb wire excluded from paddocks , bred from a mix of sub species from african countries. Kept in flocks of age,size and sex rated , breeding stud males kept away and sub standard males used as a foster dad --they help rear , So not an easy animal to just smallhold in low numbers i think----and dont wear sunglasses ,watches ,rings in ears or on fingers or any thing with buttons.
6 months ago
heres the one to watch out for     2-Mercaptobenzothiazole , used to accelerate the vulcanization process ,seems to be a very stable compound but quite toxic to just about anything that lives and apart from winning you the points in a scrabble championship , its another unknown as to what becomes of it or were it goes when tires decompose.
7 months ago
chinese had this to make ice ,saltpeter powered,recycle and use again
10 months ago
a study done 45 years ago and seemingly none of our agricultists have bothered to take any notice of it ,instead they advise/order us  to plant an alien species of conifer to offset our carbon ,bloody amazing, saved that download for further reading i have ,thanks
10 months ago
had some success , 3 cuttings out of 10 , planted them out just as they were starting to bud open , they were about a foot long  ,and these  rooted out from were there had been buds forming , these were taken from an old orchard of a non grafted type , no idea what they are and only 3 seasons old now ---no apples yet.
10 months ago
meant to add this as well , a uv light electric mesh unit , these work for me inside the cottage for midges ---as the amount of times my lot come in and out and leave the door open ---i might as well take the door off the hinges over the summer. But not those small tiny plastic ones the size of milk cartons , those are useless as the light is too under powered and are only an annoyance , get the bigger types with a replaceable long tube bulb ,they are about the size of a laptop , or even better a commercial size one like those at the meat /butchers counters. Its  a very satisfying  as the little buggers hit the wire and a sound that can only be appreciated by those who have suffered the torment
10 months ago
have not tried this out yet , reading up on insect  control deterants , i found sources recomending  using shepards purse seeds in a saucer of water to attract and trap/kill mosquitos , i am going to try this for midges and horsefly when i am working inside my polytunnel.
10 months ago