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Wow you guys are doing great work out there. These kids have a great opportunity to grow things and grow with the land. Over time I think some may feel more invested in this and protect the lil saplings. Thank you for your good work. Best wishes.
1 month ago
Cool I will book the ticket then. Be in Missoula in three weeks and I'll send an email with exact time of arrival shortly.
Glad to see this ppdc coming together Is there space open in the boots program still? I would like to arrive the last week of April via greyhound. I am curiously excited to see if Spring has touched the Rockies yet over there. Instead of snow I am starting to trek mud into the house where Im at.
Much love and light <3
Thank you
Thank you
  THANK You!
J and I really appreciate the gloves. They are great quality and stay warm even full of wet clay. Also our hands are toasty and feets are cozy.
May many blessings come back around to you.
There are some boots coming in the mail for me already. Got good hat and hoods. Got wool socks. Got snowpants and many layers. Mostly set for winter. But maybe a scarf or something for my face would be nice. And a small pair of insulated work gloves could be great but the bulkiness may intefere with nimble finger work. Any warm thing is much appreciated.

Good day friends. J and myself have been getting used to this Montana cold. Doing work here is fun but would be easier if I could feel my fingers. Been doing jumpimg jacks to get the warm blood to my extremities. A pack of hand warmers would be lovely and useful. Any help is very appreciated.
...continuation of first month update. Apologies for the oversharpened image, next time I will be using a different better file converter.  Weekdays are filled with homestead projects. A few days gathering firewood. A few times sharpening chainsaws and chisels after heavy use. Half of this months time has been dedicated to raising Alerton Abbey. Took down the wall for construction.  We added three additional support post. And verticalized two main posts. Also added footers to distribute structures weight. The other project of canning kitchen on mobile skids is underway. Its complete enough to put in a RMH during upcoming jamboree. Rafters were harvested from burnt area of forest. Many hours of log peeling after that. Learning a lot about notching roundwood. And getting buildings all level and supported. Will post more by end of the year on projects. Weekends are relaxing with opportunities for more work. Got to do some awesome things with new friends. Found great things while dumpster diving. Collected berries. Harvested hundreds of pounds of apples. Made cider. Celebrated J's birthday. Seen a circus in town. Wo knew Missoula could be fun?

Many Blessings on your day