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Recent posts by joseph angland

Harry Soloman wrote:yes, this concept is used in the keyhole gardens that have a composting system.  

A basic video of it but you can make fancy too.

thank you very much! i didnt even know this was a thing people did already. ill look more into it
3 years ago
I heard somewhere that many plants over a large area actually share nutrients and minerals and try to distribute them across each other by the root system.
so i had the idea of putting a nice size composting pit right in the middle of all the plants on my farm so that way they would have even access to the compost nutrients and spread them out.
is this a good or bad idea? any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!
3 years ago

Crt Jakhel wrote:In what way do you expect the nitrogen fixer to help the hemp?

Since hemp will most likely grow as a homogenous block and usually blocks out light to anything under it, I would say interplanting with for example some kind of shade-tolerant clover would likely not go so well.

first thank you very much for your in depth response.
i had an idea about planting many small clusters of hemp with nitrogen fixers/pest repellent plants surrounding the clusters so the companion plants will have access to much more sun.
do you think something like that would work?
3 years ago
hello everyone this is my first post here

I really want to start a mostly hemp farm because of their seeds and the major nutrition from eating them.
the problem im having is finding some good Self pollinating perennial nitrogen fixers that would be a good companion plant with hemp.
any plant suggestions well known or obscure would be very much appreciated.

side notes,

im planning for the farm to be in zone 8
it doesn't have to be edible but i would prefer edible plants
3 years ago