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So i have always had an issue of staking my newly transplanted tomatoes so what I came up with this year is working great so far and is simple and cheap (free for me). I took some wire hangers that i get with my work uniforms, cut them down and straightened them and bent hooks on them to use as stakes. Will post pics later
4 years ago
Micro tomatoes. Baker creek had a new one this year called micro tom, supposedly they do well in a pot inside and only get about a foot tall. i started some seeds this year so I guess I'll see how they do.
4 years ago
Can't tell you how many times I've fixed my old washer.

Just do as we do in my family, if it's broke fix it, can't fix it then scrap it.

We scrap out everything before it leave my house. All metal gets sold to the scrap yard, recyclables go in the recyclable bin at the local convenience center, the leftover e-waste is picked up at the dump by someone who recycles it, the only thing that goes to the landfill is the useless and unrecyclable bits of plastic
5 years ago
I like the idea of selling the potted herbs, I have quite a few in my garden as it is. Can herbs be propagated from cuttings or do they all need to be started from seeds?
5 years ago
Yea they were about 7 inches tall and planted them so that about 4 inches were above ground.
Yeah I usually do pull the suckers, never tried to propagate them though so I might try that this year for the sake of trying it. I always forget to cut the tops though. Thanks for all the tips
So the wife found some skewers and jute in her craft box that worked great. Just tied the jute to the skewer and made a loose loop around the tomato plant, 2 of them were wilted and too far gone. So I'm down to 6, but I have 2 more of those that I can put out.

They are indeterminates and I'm still unsure how I'm gonna stake them yet, been thinking about putting a long T post in at both ends of the row and running fence wire across the top and using the greenhouse clip things
I'm thinking they weren't acclimated to the wind enough to withstand the winds we got. They don't look wilted they're just laying down.

I don't know the best way to stake small tomatoes but what I'm thinking is a dowel and tie them to it with some jute string.
Sorry for the absence in posting.

So basically all my money is mostly paying bills and the rest is working on my debts. My income is low but I'm currently working two jobs to knock out these debts faster.

As far as experience goes it's mostly from gardening with my grandpa since I could walk good. I guess what I mean by experience is growing vegetables in a hobby garden.

5 years ago
I did harden them off but maybe I'm not doing something right with that, I set out about 12 cabbage and 12 broccoli earlier and only 3 cabbage survived. We did have a lot of wind with this rain so I'm sure it stressed them out

I set out 10 tomatoes and 2 of them have snapped off at the ground but 8 of them didn't look too bad once I got all the mud off of them .

They are only about 3-4 inches off the ground, what would be the best way to stake them temporarily.