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Recent posts by pusang halaw

Mike Wilmot said: "Cow meat remains number one, and just as is! Cut it in half and grill 'er up, beef tartar! That's a raw cow, you can eat it! Raw chicken, dead in a week."

Bourdain ate chicken sashimi over a decade ago - still alive today.
8 months ago
Here's another Laura Allen video - from the lovely people at PeakMoment:

Published on May 30, 2010
Peak Moment 172: Laura Allen gives an intimate tour of a home-built composting toilet in her Bay Area urban home. The nutrient-rich composted "humanure" is used to enrich the lush, edible landscape, and doesn't waste precious drinking water like flush toilets. The co-founder of Greywater Action shows the throne-like toilet compartment whose distinctive feature is a urine diverter. Pee and poop are collected in separate containers beneath the toilet, and are accessed outside the house. Sterile pee is watered in at the base of plants, while poop is collected in barrels and aged for a year or more until it has composted fully. What a way to go!

8 months ago
Correct to use mobile version of facebook. You got good advice too on running a script and ad blocker plugin - I prefer NoScript and UBlock Origin and install both. Avoid microsoft products - specially windows10. Look into:

(my favorite) https://lubuntu.net

or a few other great alternatives:   http://www.ocsmag.com/2017/12/23/best-xfce-distro-of-2017

Once you get used to better operating systems, you'll never go back. If you must use microsoft windows (masochism?), turn off 'windows update' in services:

details here:  https://mspoweruser.com/turn-off-windows-update-windows-10
8 months ago

Martha June wrote:I'm looking for step-by-step type instructions for bee keeping and although I've found some channels about bees and learned quite a bit, there's not one that stands out for me for a beginner.

Lots of useful information here:

Not step-by-step but a must-see for all bee keepers:
I wouldn't try to replicate the previous process since it was touch and go and results were not consistent. Perhaps you should try a kombucha approach instead - this way you have more control of the fermentation. I found this link and it might give you some ideas:
8 months ago
Check out the latest video of the great Joe Jenkins and hopefully be inspired:
8 months ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:I just stumbled upon this. Am I the only one who sees it as high art? It took a couple hours to get good at this.

It's good stuff. Play with other filters - both gimp and photoshop have lots and several free plugins are downloadable.
8 months ago
I always reuse soil from potted plants that died - dried and combined with shredded leaves and leaf mold, I'll sift out unwanted material like pebbles and small rocks and other bits that would prevent the seedling from growing properly. Fine charcoal (not ash) is good addition too but soak with compost tea or urine a week before using - combine with the rest before sifting with an old strainer.
8 months ago