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Floating Islands - uses both yolks and whites

eggs benedict
11 hours ago
all the many different pairings of bread and filling from around the globe are what make life wonderful: burgers, BLTs, shawarmas and kebabs, empanadas, calzones, corn dogs, open faced canapes... i could go all day and not be able to choose a top favorite. does dimsum count? any stewed meat in bao buns is a welcome treat any day.

Anne Miller wrote:Monte Cristo

i remember ordering a girlfriend and i ordering 1 each at bennigan's back in the late 90s and it was really good but so heavy we couldn't finish it all. brought home a doggie-bag and my brother loved it too.
12 hours ago

Greg Harness wrote:What are your favorite ways to use giblets from turkeys or chickens? Do you use all the parts together or do you have separate uses for hearts, livers, gizzards, and other organs?

hearts ground and formed into patties make a slightly chewier burger

livers for pate, mousse or parfait.

gizzards can be marinated for 24 hours in soy sauce, ginger, garlic and your favorite spice mix and skewered and char-grilled yakitori style.
(zest is fine in the marinade but acids like vinegar and citrus will noticeably alter the texture of gizzards and should only be added right before serving)

and these recipes work for most offal, not just giblets from poultry.
12 hours ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:(This is a list of--hopefully--all of Bryant RedHawk's awesome threads about soil microbiology. I made it a wiki that can be edited so that new threads can be added and hopefully short summaries of each thread will be next to the link for easy reference. I plan on putting a link to this thread on each thread so it's easy to find other's in the series.)

Bryant RedHawk's Epic Soil Series

  • What We Need to Know about Soil
  •     Is it dirt or is it soil? how to know what you're starting with so you can make it what you want it to become.
  • The Quest for Super Soil
  •     How to do it for soil building, nature uses diversity (multiple methods) we should too.
  • What does Complete Soil do for the planet?
  • Vitamins for Plants
  • Settling the Dust around Biodynamic Applications
  • Redhawk's Methods of Making the Biodynamic Preparations
  •     This thread goes into details on how to easily, and with just a few resources, make make preparations that increase certain types of soil mycrobiology to help specific types of plants' thrive
  • Getting the Biology We Want into Our Soil
  • The wonderful world of water, soil and plants   Water, how does it work for us, how does it work with soil and plants
  • Nature's Internet How Plants talk to each other and the rest of their world
  • personal research Redhawk's current research
  • Bacteri-Fungi and Nematodes Oh My!
  • Examination of Accepted Soil Testing Proceedures
  • Using a Microscope to improve your soil
  • Let's talk about soil minerals
  • Can we make Soil like Nature Does?
  • The book unfolds here
  • Things to know about compost
  • how the soil food web works
  • Improving clay soil fast and almost easy
  • John Weiland wrote:Err:1 ...python3-software-properties all
     404  Not Found [IP: 80]
    Err:2 ...software-properties-common all
     404  Not Found [IP: 80]
    E: Failed to fetch ...python3-software-properties_0.  404  Not Found [IP: 80]
    E: Failed to fetch ...software-properties-common_0.  404  Not Found [IP: 80]
    E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?

    seems the server for those packages wasn't available at that time - that's all. you could try fetching those packages elsewhere but it's better if you just try again later and hopefully it'll be up.

    Any suggestions?  Where it says "Do you want to continue?", I entered "Y" and hit the 'Enter' key.  Bad idea?

    no harm done now but when you encounter errors, better to NOT to continue. and be careful as the command line requires ACCURATE commands - did you cut-n-paste? you should because i saw typos and syntax errors ($ sudo add-apt-rpository). but really, you should try installing a package manager (if possible from app center) which will make installing programs so much easier.

    Thanks!.....It's also my first time using Epiphany!

    you're welcome but don't thank me yet - not until we successfully install ABIword on your unit. but from this point forward, we should continue via private messages (purple moosages) and not completely hi-jack this thread.
    19 hours ago

    Timothy Markus wrote:I can't believe that pretty much the rest of the world can access raw milk but we can't in Canada.  I'm very jealous of you all.

    i hope this helps:
    How to Get Raw Milk in Canada (easily and legally)
    1 day ago

    Matt Walker wrote:You will need to check your sample rate in the software and set that in the _____ when you select "Audio I/F."  Pro audio gear often runs at 44.1kHz, while pro video is often 48kHz.  Check your video software settings and make sure the _____  and the video software are set to the same frequency.  Good luck, hopefully it goes smoothly for you.

    way late to the discussion but i was going to advise the same. too many youtubers and podcasters take these configuration settings for granted.

    Meg Mitchell wrote:This advice of trashing 5+ year old computers for power savings is exceptionally questionable because of the way desktop PCs are built.

    john mcginnis isn't wrong and today the raspberry pi is the right alternative for most desktop users but many will have to adapt their way of thinking. transitioning from microsoft or apple to free open source software is hard enough for non-techies (that's what they mistakenly think), making the leap from the desktop to a small unfamiliar device will even be a greater leap for most. i also suspect that less than ten percent of most consumer electronics is actually recycled and most of the metal is shipped to china and plastic parts go into incinerators or landfills.

    bought a top-of-the-line PC about eight years ago

    me too: my i5 from 2012 is fine but i discovered last night that the ati radeon's gpu fan seized and was causing my system to hang within 6mins of booting. good thing i caught it in time. now i'll have work with the internal gpu until i acquire a compatible gpu cooler (almost impossible), or scratch enough for a new graphix card.
    1 day ago

    John Weiland wrote:I'm afraid this is a bit over my head at the moment.  I did some work in Unix many moons ago but was glad when GUI took over for having to know the ins and outs of UNIX and DOS.  So I did not see AbiWord as one of the options in the App Center at Elementary OS.  Also, unless I'm not seeing the link clearly, there is no GUI download option for AbiWord for Elementary OS directly from the AbiWord website

    this guide addresses all your concerns: https://flatpak.org/setup/elementary%20OS/

    apt-get commands here:  https://itsfoss.com/apt-get-linux-guide/     Hmmmmm....will have to decide if I want to dive in here......

    the command line is only daunting until you do it. terminals today easily take cut-n-paste so just paste each line in that installation guide and run in sequence. then you can hit the install button on this page: https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.abisource.AbiWord

    again: let me know how it goes.
    1 day ago