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This is for a log cabin.8” x 6.5” high. Flattened on top and bottom. I test fitted the window boxes yesterday leaving 1” space above them but didn’t put any groove or spline in. Probably going to go that today. Got boxes all screwed together, can just take out , cut groove, place spline put box back in and then screw spline to box.Thanks guys for the input..much appreciated
At the windows now at my cabin. Using 2x7 to box in the windows. What is the method of securing the boxes in? Iam leaving 1” space above box for schrinkage . Iam using vinyl windows so i still have to make a finish box that fits into the groove in the vinyl.
I have a couple compost bins but it seems the material in it takes forever to compost.Is there a way to speed it up?
1 year ago
Has anyone used Rez stain that you can get at Canadiantire on their logs? The reason Iam asking is cause they have it on sale now and I can get it for 1/3 the price as compared to the stains at log homes sites. People say you can use any stain as long as it doesn’t have any wax in it so that your chinking will stick when you have to do the seams.
Hi guys got another question for you, I know a lot of people use angle iron on the side of their logs along the vertical sides of doors and windows. Does anyone just use flatbar instead of angle in the ends of the logs either flat or sideways in their logs??
I would post some pics but for some reason it won’t let me post
Thanks again James. I figure 6-8” .I got my floor all down and insulated . Getting ready to start laying logs soon. Another question for you if I may, do you lay two short logs between two long ones or go around with each log passing the end of the other? Hope that makes sense? Example cabin 24x28, do you put the two 24s between the 28s or go around with the end of one 24 passing the end of the 28?
How much do you let the logs pass each other on the corners?