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Homesteaders Paradise!
We are selling our two-story, owner-built, exquisite home situated on a 1/3 acre lot on Lummi Island, WA.

Awesome view, lots of sun, privacy hedges. Quality construction throughout. Built to last.

Every item has been carefully chosen, built with solid wood throughout. The view of Rosario Strait, San Juan islands and endless sunsets can be enjoyed virtually from every room within the home. The property ownership includes a shared beach with your own mooring buoy. The property also includes a fish pond, chicken coop and a 2700-gallon rainwater catchment system. The grounds are flourishing with all organic flowers, vegetables, herbs and berries. We have installed a 48V, 3 kW inverter with 50 kW battery bank. The hard work has all been done for true self-sufficiency! Construction began in 2001 and ended around 2010. The roof is fifty-year composite shingle. All windows and doors are double pane. Heat includes two, free-standing propane stoves (buried propane tank) and an external, wood-fired hot water system. Studio apartment, two garages and a workshop are included on the property.

Lummi Island is a small, yet vibrant community of artists, land conservationists, farmers, fishers and neighbors. The island offers both stunning sunrise views of Mt. Baker and sensational sunsets over the San Juan islands, plus northward views of the Canadian Rockies. This area is home to abundant wildlife such as deer, migrating birds, eagle, owl, hummingbird, heron, salmon, seal and of course the resident Orcas who swim by. We also have a small school International Baccalaureate (IB) program for K-5.

See ad and many photos at:

This is the perfect home for someone who wants to be self-sufficient, yet enjoy quality workmanship and community living.

$500,000  Can include furniture, shop equipment and electric car. And chickens!

3 months ago
This position is filled.  I can't figure out how to edit the original post.
10 months ago
Hi Derek,

E-mail I sent to you was returned with the following message: Recipient address rejected:

I think that means AOL is rejecting my message.  

11 months ago
We are looking for someone to take care of our extensive garden & chickens (and maybe a cat) on Lummi Island while we are away this summer.  We are 100% organic.  Rain catchment system.  Approximate dates: May-August 2018.  In exchange we offer a fully furnished studio apartment which includes power, water, heat, internet and phone.  In addition, you may have eggs, veggies and berries from the garden.  You may sell excess veggies, eggs and flowers at the local Saturday market.  There are many, many, many flowers (I used to have a flower business!). Also includes use of private beach and hiking trails.  Perfect for student.  We are looking for someone who is respectful of the land, animals and plants.  References required.
1 year ago
Whatever the method, make it swift and sure. Say a prayer.  Hold the space. It's best if the animal doesn't know what's coming (as in shooting).  If turning the turkey upside down and cutting the throat, make sure your knife is razor sharp.   A friend did this with a dull knife once and it wasn't pretty.  If you shoot, make sure you kill it on the first try and have a care where the bullet might end up if it goes straight through.  It's always hard but if it's quick and painless it's not so bad.  If the animal gets spooked and freaks out, wait for another day.  And not just for the animal's sake. I think if they get upset they release hormones such as adrenaline and whatnot which will then be in the meat.  
1 year ago