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My Fav. Recipe: Slow-cooker White Chicken Chili

10 months ago
Share ideas which can helpful for Newbie homesteader.
11 months ago
Good Thinking.
11 months ago
Hello Chris.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. As per my opinion no two homesteaders are exactly alike. Some can’t wait to get backyard livestock, some are excited to start a small garden, and some want to create an integrated permaculture food forest. There are still others who don’t keep a garden or animals at all, but rather focus on fiber arts, from-scratch cooking, preserving, and making their own household cleaners  and toiletry items.

So what you think about that ? Any opinion ?
11 months ago
An urban homestead is a household that produces a significant part of the food, including produce and livestock, consumed by its residents. This is typically associated with residents’ desire to live in a more environmentally conscious manner.

Benefits Of Urban Homesteading

* It helps you to learn homesteading skills & gain more precious knowledge of growing own food.
* Raising farm animals
* Helps to implement appropriate, alternative technologies & transportation.
* And helps you to build a more homegrown community.

11 months ago
Nice Written. WJ that's a wonderful idea.
11 months ago