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Recent posts by Cara Campbell

There's a great website
This person finds and sells items from garbage and posts his finds. It's amazing what people discard.
2 days ago
Te article seems to refer to vegetable oil BASED lubricants, not vegetable oil one gets from a grocery store. Any thoughts?
1 month ago
I've had no luck trying to grow purslane from seed–either the purchased Goldgelber with larger leaves, or the wild. I've also had no luck transplanting it when I've found it on walks around the neighborhood.
It seems to like the most inhospitable places, but even if I try placing it it in almost pure sand it was growing in, but in my garden, it doesn't survive!

I find it very frustrating.
I also posted this question in another thread before  found this one. Do you think it possible to make a worm bin from wine boxes that I have?
I'd like a wooden wormery, rather than a plastic one and it would be great to repurpose things I already have.
I've searched the internet for an answer and haven't seen wine crates used for much besides storage shelves and stools.
Would wine boxes be be large enough ?
I know I'd have to drill holes for ventilation,
If I stack a few, do I put wire mesh between them, and if so, how big would the openings need to be?

I used to have a local source of work castings but the company went out of business.

Thank you for any suggestions or pictures you might have!
3 months ago
has anyone used wooden wine boxes for a worm bin? I have a bunch of them and have been wanting a worm bin in addition to my regular 2 compost piles. There used to be a local company that sold worm castings
but they were ahead of their time and went out of business and I really miss worm castings.

If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate them. I don't want to use plastic, even if scavenged.

3 months ago
I'm trying to find the non-sweet sweet potatoes to use as a substitute for Irish potatoes  just like the OP.
I'll  try to find them as organic produce and grow slips. Can anyone tell me their experience with the different ones? Does the sweetness have to do with color?

3 months ago
What about Ralph Nader for The Clean Water Act and RFK Jr. for cleaning up rivers here?
3 months ago

Bob Clinton wrote:The first piece of serious equipment I bought was a wallenstein chipper shredder 20 years ago. I rented one for at least 15 years. It is a tool that takes a lot of abuse so I would be careful of used ones. I never thought I would use the leaf shredder but the owner of the farm supply store convinced me to get one that could chip up to 3” and shred branches and leaves. He told me that I would  create firewood for anything bigger and he was right. Best equipment decision I ever made. In fact I just bought the same unit again as a backup. The original has got a lot of use with my various properties. Turns a lot of debris into essentially soil. As chips I mulch everything which enriches the soil and pretty well eliminates watering. We have a homestead with a haskap orchard and almost every hype of other berries and fruit trees our zone allows. Attached is the link of the unit I have. Pricey, made in canada by the menonites and is well built. A workhorse.

Thank you. I live on a 50'x150' lot and this would be overkill for me, though it looks like a wonderful investment for someone with mmore land!
4 months ago
I live in a city, with a very small, mostly tree-covered lot lot but I do have some food forest beds and grow in pots. My trees drop lots of leaves and some small branches. and I frequently prune the bushes. I have a great need for organic matter in this climate. I compost but the leaves take a while to break down, even in this heat because they're thick. There's no room to make piles of branches and I have no need to build things.  

To get mulch I either have to get it from a city park where the quality is often poor and availability sporadic, or from  arborists, but they also have lots of palm fronds which aren't good for mulch and many have their chips spoken for.
If I had a chipper, I'm assuming I could run leaves and small branches through it so the garden could be more self-sustaining.  

I think people have different situations that should be taken into account and  a blanket anti-chipper stance seems unwarranted.

I'd appreciate recommendations for a reliable and long-lasting small chipper.
4 months ago