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Recent posts by Cara Campbell

We have friends who use a plastic container with a rim that allows it to sit on the toilet edge. They put shavings from a wood-turner friend in it and use it, covering as they go with shavings kept in a container next to the toilet. It fills in about a day and they then place it in the compost, again covering it, but usually with leaves or coffee grounds. This works well for them and keeps things "normal" for most guests, though with guests like us, they'll leave it in.
2 weeks ago
Thanks! I want a stand-alone one, though, with blades because I don't want to contribute to microplastic and I want to be able to pour the leaves in. I doubt the opening of the blower/shredders are large enough for Seagrape leaves, anyway.

1 month ago
I'm resurrecting this thread. I have Seagrape leaves that are big & tough and take forever to break down. I'd like to get a stand-alone leaf-mulcher to turn them into mulch for my tiny food forest.
Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!
1 month ago
Offer it on CraigsList  as a "you move" item. I've done this with large plants and banks of ferns and had no problem getting rid of those. If I saw your post on my CL, I'd  bring my small pickup and load your hay for my garden. I'm sure others would want it, too.
2 months ago
I hope you cut it down. There are these trees all over my neighborhood– they strangle out other, better trees. They are difficult to get out once grown to about 2 feet, as someone wrote already. I wish everyone in my neighborhood would get rid of them.
3 months ago
Chad wrote:
Just to reiterate, my understanding of veganism is that it's about food intake, i.e. don't eat animals or animal byproducts. I am trying to understand how it relates to anything beyond that, and furthermore, I am concerned about the label "vegan" being used as a marketing tool for products and services that are unrelated to food intake, for example if a publishing company declared that their books are produced to vegan standards..."

I do not call myself a vegan, but a strict vegetarian. My adherence is just dietary whereas veganism encompasses much more. A vegan would not only not ingest animal products, but also not wear leather shoes, wool, silk, or use a feather pillow and so forth. I do use those if second-hand.

In my view, it's disrespectful and also inaccurate to describe oneself as vegan based merely on diet.

I see no contradiction in vegan permacultue. One needn't have animal inputs for good soil and other animals aren't needed, as far as I can see, to design with permaculture principles.
6 months ago
Years ago, I read an article about a woman growing clothing using different fungi. It was in a British magazine.
8 months ago