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Recent posts by kees ijpelaar

I am so happy  to be not that bucket.

I do remember me such a poop hole, in Yoegoslavia, I was in it in de night, poop was frozen before it did reach the bottom, did boinck, so
temperature was quite deep into the minus on that mountain top, (80+ km only climbing) happenly I did survive that challence..


4 months ago
Welcome Anne

In this now rapidlychanging world, you have timed this perfectly.

It is future people do grow there own food, that houses get build from healthy wood to trap Co2, People all over the world does see we need to change, the monymaking
companies see profit loss. Only company,s who see this change and act on it will survive.

regards kees
4 months ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Hi Kees,   Not sure if I've ever come across "ultrafine particles" as being a category of any burn cleanliness tests. Any wood burning appliance is going to produce fly ash and particles coming out the chimney which I think is mostly the elements in wood (minerals) that just can't be broken down any further. So unless your standing close to a chimney pipe and breathing in the exhaust on a continuous basis, I don't think there is any huge risk for most healthy people to be concerned with.

Well friend, I have the same conlusion, I am on twitter sometimes talking with activists who claim very bad results for health without reading further stuff about it except what she only want to hear.

I agree with them when burning wood in a open fireplace or very old woodstovem, the organic matter, that is what smells so bad, (we now all what I mean) is bad for health, but she do react  that a rocket mass heater is also a dirty woodstove, don't believe what I say about it, it come not through by them, get answer like what did happens with the software from diesel cars, you now what I mean?.

I agree that when the whole world go burning wood we get in trouble, because wood does burn quicker then grow it, and when we can let it grow fast, it contains much less energy, keeping circel open.

So I am quite open for talking with them, but get tired sometimes, for them it is a religion, we now all what that means.

I agree with you that when a fire is very hot but lower then where NOX get produced, (NOX get produced when things get to efficient with to hot fire) we get only minerals left, these does not burn and is that white ash you see, dark ash contains still organic matter, who is poisoness for your lungs, but better afcouse also not to breathe the white stuff, some minerals can poison also like selenium.

With a good hot fire, we do have a clean system, bot 100% but all umans do in the world does polute, even nature itselfs.

7 months ago
Stil I am very interested in a measurement of the ultrafine particles from a RMH, there is nothing I can find on the internet, and let it measuring cost quite amount of mony.

There are being tests in Australia but never find them.

Do you guys now something about it, ultrafine particles seems dangerous and generated by the most efficient stoves like the RMH.

7 months ago
All inventions who clean up the woodstove are welcome. also this retrofit to make old stoves clean.

I have seen woodstoves who has also such kind of system, and versions who has long tubes from top of stove to the floor giving for such cheap stoves
a nice clen burn.

I do however see the hot fire go into the chimney so the need of a damper is needed to set the fire right with less loss of heat.

It is indeed s simpel solution, but I think the rocket mass heater is the best around steel stoves do cool down quik.

9 months ago

Aki Levomaa wrote:Hi Kees

Maybe you can get some wind protection boards to make smaller cooking "room" outside? Atleast on some directions.

Metal is going to last long I guess.. I have read it so many times on this forum. Since almost every body tries it at first.

For it is only a test, but I think I go different because the heavy metal does to long to heat up fast, what I go search now is sqaure sheet 0.2 think and
put insolating vermiculite inside it, it will insolate perfectly and weight is low.

11 months ago

Graham Chiu wrote:I think people here will say that what you have built is not a rocket stove cooker because you lack insulation.  Ceramic fibre blanket needs to be encapsulated I think if you are going to use it for cooking.  So you could have kept it instead of throwing it away.

So, without insulation the riser isn't getting hot enough and you're getting smoke.

Thanks for advice, yes that was what I have also think, there are difference insolation ways, I have the blanked still in the trashbox, so can recover it but how dangerous is if when inhaling
it like asbestos? I do protect myself, I need a shelf around the riser after put that stuff around.

I go chabnge some things, making the feed longer, and put a cap on, make lower input for the air coming in is I think better because wind does disturb the burn also. Also I need to keep the feed cooler
otherwise it get competative with the riser, we need here good difference in temp.

I can buy thin sheet and make a box where the blanked can be enclosed in against the dust.

11 months ago
Hi All

I have made a rocket cooker, but it does not well, special outside and wind do blow things out of working, smoke.

I have seen some on the internet, I think I need to isolate the riser also, I had ceramic blanked but these I do not use
to dangerous uust, did trow it away, I need other kind of insulation.

Some tips maybe to rebuild it? like the feed can be diferent maybe, I have a heated air part in it, does work, but I get draft
problems, maybe maing a extern air input and close the feed after laoding some wood.

The tube is 9 x 9 cm. I did use the 1;2;4 rule.

11 months ago
Hi Peter

I have somebody on twitter who like to measure the rocket mass heaters or your new design the batch rocket, this guy has a very expensive UFP fine particle meter,
and is a professional one used on universities.

We will do measurement for free,  this way we have a little rapport of the rocket because I do not yet find one on the internet.



1 year ago
Here I had much flowers, because I did support insects this year.

Mucho present, special bees.


1 year ago