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Recent posts by Roddey Cooper

Okay, so I don't find a thing that I said as offensive in any way. I asked a simple question about whether anyone had heard anything further about a "unique opportunity" being posed by someone and that is all that I said.
Now, explain to me how exactly that is offensive?

Victoria Leitch wrote:76 acres with a stream in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. There are no building codes in this area.  
We'd like to have a few friendly neighbors. If you are looking for a rual setting where you can grow your own food, park your tiny home,
or you'd like to build a house send an email to or simply call Sandi at 540-371-5379.  

Hello Sandi
Can you tell me more about what you are offering? What area...county...proximity to closest towns/city...major river... of the Arkansas Ozarks are you in?
I am actually interested in possibly purchasing a cabin, building a cabin.
I would like to know those things before I invest too much hope. lol

Thank you.
5 years ago
Hello everyone!
So, here's where I'm at.
I am super new to this site as well as to anything related to permaculture.
I'm not even sure I want to be completely immersed in the culture, but I am willing to learn what interests me, benefits me, and that I know I am capable of doing.
I am a very handy and fairly skilled guy, but I know that I would rather build something then to dig in the dirt.
Yet, I am not a carpenter.
As well, I was not raised in the city, but not on a farm either.
I have been through pure hell in the last 3 years and I'm quite tired...both literally and figuratively.
I have lost 13 year relationship, damn near everything I own, my savings, and even a few people whom I thought were friends.
I was living in the PNW and now I am back in the Midwest. I am not sure that this is where I want to plant myself, but at 53, as of Halloween, I need to figure that out I guess. I am, for all intents and purposes, homeless.
Meaning, I do not currently have my own place.
I am staying with a relative until I can replenish my savings. I have looked into buying a pre-fab cabin to finish. I look almost daily at available properties in the Ozarks, namely SW Mo and NW/Central Ark.
I'd love nothing but fully wooded, live water, preferably a river, or very large creek that leads to a river.
I love snow, so I'm not concerned about it.
I own a classic 4x4 pickup, but may have to sell it in order to have money. (Why is there always some crappy catch-22 situation? Lol )
I'm also single, gay, monogomous, and there's more, but I'll reserve that for a most interested guy. 😉
I would love to find someone, or some persons, interested in purchasing some property together.
Preferrably some other guys that are gay and masculine and versed in living off-grid, semi off-grid, permies, or maybe they're like me and just want to live away from idiots and light pollution.
I am also interested in mining for gold and gems and that would require some travelling as there isn't much to be found in this area of the country and would love to find someone who is also interested in that.
I have found a few very nice pieces of property that are low money down and very easy payments.
So, if anyone is interested in possibly purchasing something together then just drop me a line and let's chat.
So, my short novel comes down to that.

Thank you for reading.
I hope to hear from many.

5 years ago

Daniel Morse wrote:Hi guys and gals,

How is the world treating you all. I just bought the farm land I wanted. Lots of space at my new place here in MI. Whats new?

Hey Daniel!
Congrats on getting your farmland!
Got any pictures to share with us?
I keep looking at places, cabins, properties, wishing, hoping, being undecided.
I could almost say the same thing about about a new partner. Lol
Anyway, I sure hope you're enjoying the new place and hope you share some pictures too.
It's always nice to see others progress and happiness.

5 years ago