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Recent posts by Daniel Biedenbender

Very thorny shrub, berries were green and just starting to turn red in mid October. Located in northern Kentucky zone 6.
3 months ago
The flower is more yellowish cream colored with the lavender stripes at the base of the petals.
6 months ago
Found this plant please ID

6 months ago
I wanted to know what everyone's favorite versatile multi tools.

My favorites right now,

6 inch grub hoe- practically replaces all my other hoes, my shovel, my mattock, and rake in most situations.

20 inch concrete rake- does a better job raking out big dirt clods and leveling than a rock rake. Useful as a wide hoe in loose soils and the hook on the backside digs nice little furrows for planting seeds.

Russian plezkorez hoe- awesome for detail weeding and a useful alternative to a pointed hoe for digging furrows for seeds.

Hand held mattock- quick and easy planting of transplants.

Hari Kari knife- has replaced most of my hand held garden tools for most tasks.

What are your favorites and what tasks do they make easier?
9 months ago
Thank you, I love seeing all the new things show up in the gardens​ as I let it naturalize.
10 months ago
So, add cultures to the septic, use a mushroom slurry over the lines.

What about doubling the depth of my bed with a 12 inch base layer of wood and maybe a mushroom slurry directly on wood before I finish adding soil. Would this give ample food for the fungi for the life of the bed (I don't expect more than 5 years in my climate since I don't want to use anything treated to build it with). And would it be nessacery to inoculate the lines if I am doing the beds individually.

Also does it matter the type of mushroom or can I just go collecting random stuff from the woods?   If so would that be more beneficial than just a couple varieties of edible mushrooms.

BTW Redhawk, I'm very impressed with your knowledge I see you all over these forums. As we say in my family you know alot of shit about crap(pun intended on this topic). Keep spreading all that knowledge.
10 months ago
I had this pop up in the garden and have no idea what it may be any help is appreciated.
10 months ago
I have a similar issue, my best sun is located directly over my leech lines. My plan was to build 8 to 12 inch raised beds over top to grow my annual vegetables, and start trees and shrubs from seed. I was thinking the raised bed would keep the roots out of the lines and out of the water table (soil surface for about 6 months of the year).  

Should this also keep the interactions of the system and plants to a safe level?  Or is it destined to be a mini obstacle course for the boys?
10 months ago
I would look into Korean nut pines, Hardy down to zone 2.
10 months ago
I would check out oikos tree crops. They have allot of seeds for fruit trees at a great price. Some of their "ecos" varieties are semi wild and they select the seeds they sell from the tastiest strongest trees in their orchard.
10 months ago