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I use comfrey for a rhizome barrier and chop and drop fertilizer. I also use it for biomass in my compost, my soil loves it!
2 years ago
Wine cap mushrooms, currants, American persimmon, hazelnuts, comfrey, Nanking cherry, elderberry, black raspberry, lots of great stuff grows in the cold north! I’m excited for you! I started my first food forest last year in zone 6 and it’s been an incredible experience for me! Try tuning in on edible acres .org on you tube, I believe they’re in upstate ny with similar conditions as you!
2 years ago
Probably all my favorites have been mentioned but if not:      Favorite permaculture
Plant Abundance   My first hugel guy
GrowVeg    Enthusiastic uk
Charles Dowding   Brilliant uk
Morag Gamble  permaculture aus(?)
MI Gardner      Veg gardner super enthusiastic
One Yard Revolution  awesome small space zone 5 guy
David the good         Posts here! Seminole pumpkin  permaculture hardcore composter!
Appalachian Homestead w/Patara    Awesome homestead channel
Anything with Dr Elaine Ingham composting expert
Ruth Stout videos  one of my heroes
Primative technology.  Crazy guy builds insane stuff in shorts with sticks and rocks
Survival Lily.  Practical Survivalist
This is in no particular order, there are many more, going to post on my channel
Sweet Breeze Farm
The Golden Pitchfork Awards to talk about some of my favorite YouTubers maybe this weekend, my channel is geared towards very low effort gardening in zone 6
Acushnet Massachusetts, most of my videos are composting and a couple hugel videos, I do them to keep busy when I’m feeling well, very low production camera phone first takes, fun however when I become Pumpkin Tripp from “Sweet Breeze Farm”. Did a 2018 Seed Haul video was fun for me.
Enjoy watching more than making them though, will tune in to some of the suggestions here! Thanks to previous posters for theirs!😀

So I probably planted those right in the ground in early April in zone 6
They never had a chance!
Had moderate success with their alyssum
Moderate with their bachelor buttons
Zero success with their aster & petunia
Excellent success with their nasturtium tall mix and excellent success with their cosmos sensations, was able to save a lifetime supply of seeds from the cosmos I grew, think I spent .20 a packet, not a bad deal. I’ll peruse seed racks anywhere I see them, we unfortunately had a favorite chain hardware store named Benny’s ho out of business and they carried these seeds, I was able to buy dozens of packets for two bucks at their going out of business sale so if even a tenth of this stuff comes up it’ll still be a bargain.
Time flies like arrow
Fruit flies like a banana 🍌
     -Groucho Marx-
2 years ago
Travis, I feel for you, I had to retire early due to complications with cf, I also do not like to take all the meds I have to take and also suffer from abysmal vitamin d levels.
My body has a hard time digesting and breaking down vitamin d for absorbstion so my primary doctor (been with for 25yrs) suggested I be outside in the sun as much as possible, this is how my life changed for the better! So much better, I started gardening! I feel better (and my condition isn’t very promising) and my vitamin d levels are better. I have even noticed a decline in general health with the winter shutting me in, but look forward to spring and my newest project, building a small cold frame!
So, anyway, probably the best drug free help may just be getting as much sun as possible, it has helped me immensely! Good luck my friend 😎
2 years ago
Anything you do cut, stick in the ground and you might get free plants!
2 years ago
You might check with Sean at edible , he’s knowledgeable in wetland plants and in zone 5 NY
If you can’t get help here of course 😊
2 years ago
You might consider growing a crop specifically for composting, I grew a bunch of Indian corn this year for that and I even used some of it for biochar!
2 years ago