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Carl Boehm

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since Oct 14, 2018
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Recent posts by Carl Boehm

I bake a GF bread and sell it at Farmers Market. I do use a Sourdough Starter that is GF so this is the Link to my you tube playlist of GF ... It includes the video of rehydrating the starter I have available. There are 2 different recipes listed in the description of the video ...  [youtube][/youtube]
1 year ago

Jt Glickman wrote:That is good to know. I tried making starter from a dehydrated kit, but it flopped :/
Fortunately I was able to get some from a friend

A lot of people are selling them ... I include instructions and a video link so you can see exactly what is going on ... Also email contact
Glad you got your starter so you weren't discouraged
Included is a picture of the Pumpernickel Rye Sourdough I baked yesterday ... Enjoy the visual
1 year ago
I have been baking and selling Sourdough Bread at Farmers Market for several years. My thoughts have been on grinding my own floor just haven't made the jump yet (cash has also been taken elsewhere) ... I'm thinking this may be the Year. Thank You for considering me ... God Bless
1 year ago

Kevin Queen wrote:This is a really cool article about putting your sourdough starter on hold. I don't know why I didn't think about drying it but what a great idea.

I have a very active starter and rather than discard I have a bunch of it dehydrated. I also have a Gluten free dehydrated starter. I have been selling them quite regularly in my Etsy shop and eBay. Rehydrating is easy and we get great results ... It's a great option
1 year ago
I know that this has been mentioned but another Testimony can't hurt ... My wife has RLS and leg cramps. She has researched and started using a lot of herbal remedies. She used Magnesium Chloride in a cream lotion and got tremendous relief ... To the point of saying that it "cured" the situation. She still uses the lotion before bed.
We started selling this at the Farmers Markets we frequent and have wonderful Testimony from many People who are helped.
I would love to be able to get a copy of this new Book to give her that she in turn could help MANY MORE PEOPLE who might benefit.
3 years ago

Alan Legath wrote:I currently have a 4' no climb horse fence surrounding my property with an inner fenced area of about 1/2 acre right behind the house. I have had problems with a bear and a gator climbing over the inner fence so I want to put a few strands of electric wire on the outside of the inner fence. The soil is very dry and sandy and to make sure I get good contact I was thinking of attaching the ground to both the recommended three (3) ground rods, and also to the existing fence wire. I can't find any information regarding using the existing fence as a ground and I am wondering if this is acceptable. As the bottom wire of the fence is already against the ground and even slightly underground in some places I don't think it would be a problem but as I have no experience with electric fences i am looking for advice. My fear is it could be too good of a ground and the fence could become dangerous.  Thanks.

Hello, my first post here so I hope that it works fine ... I have only a short ground rod for my fencer and I always dump the old water on it to keep moisture ... That said nobody has mentioned that there may be T posts which will ground the fence anyway without doing anything extra and there may be ground on any one of those at any given time so grounding to the fence won't make any difference. I know that this works as I have lost birds that either land on the hot wire or the fence and when their tail touched the other ... ZAP ... I find them hanging there. I have goat fencing with the T posts and the standoff electric insulator with a single wire around the top ... Oh yes, the goats don't climb the fence either ...
4 years ago

Jon Wisnoski wrote:Hunting and Fishing seems mainly separated into two categories, commercial and recreational/sport. And from what I am seen of sport hunting, it is not an economical way of feeding yourself.  But this likely varieties widely by location, and possibly method. I have been looking around the Ontario fishing website and getting nowhere.

I live in extreme southern Ontario, but knowledge from anywhere would be helpful, at least I would know what to look for. Are their special laws for people not interested in recreation, but in food procurement? How are the Fishing regulations, can they be efficiently, and cheaply harvested (or do laws restrict you to slow methods and have exorbitant fees)?

...something that nobody has mentioned is get in touch with fish and game or highway department for free road kill game ... Where there's traffic ... There is Road Kill
4 years ago