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since Jan 25, 2018
Enrolled in Perma Resilience Academy and ready to move to the Food forest.
Northern California
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Wanted Property Manager Willits Ca.  

My 42-acre forest family retreat has fifteen thousand gallons of water, and we are on a heavily treed ridge. Madrones, Oaks, Douglas Firs, and Redwoods are plentiful on-site. With seven buildings and old logging roads from the top of the hill down. Our Trees are large and healthy.

My plan for the forest. Grow Gourmet Mushroom on forest logs. This would make this a destination Airbnb. "Stay here! We will guarantee you will find wild mushrooms growing here".

google search for "water needed for one pound of "
Beef     -  1,847 gallons = 1lb
Corn     -   127 gallons   = 1lb
Mushrooms  1.8 gallons  = 1lb

If this sounds like a place and plan that you are interested in or if you want to set up a side business of selling gourmet mushroom logs to the tourists in town, that is an ideal fit.   Plenty of local property owners looking for local property managers.

High school grad? Come apply  
Already skilled?  Let's talk.
3 weeks ago
It does look like they are from China.
So the carbon costs are astronomical compared with local to your own country.  
But if it is all you can afford, there are a thousand other ways you are lowering your foot print.

Do the best you can and give yourself a break you can't do it all.  
11 months ago
If it is still unsold I am very interested.    
Your land if sold to me, would be a forest farm run entirely by US Veterans with PTSD.   All women who are homeless and unable to hold down a 9 to 5 job.    Our cash crop would be in mushrooms, along with a large food garden.   The woodland would be there for the women when issues arise they can take a hike in nature.  Come back to work when they have calmed down.    Women veterans are not criminals or dangerous but have major trust issues as well as fear issues.  US Veterans are NOT lazy.  You don't make it past basic training if you are.  

Help me give the people who gave all they had to this country and now are broken.

Your land would never be clear-cut.   Or sold to a logging company every!   Yes, we can add that to the sales contract.

It would be altered only the amount needed to put food on the table.   Ferns, Flowers, Fruits, Funi but mostly left untouched.   It is amazing as it is and that beauty along with love and compassion will change broken people into farmers.    Our goal is not to make a quick buck but to alter the lives of the workers and owners.  

Swords to plowshares works because ex-soldiers just want peace, love the outdoors, and are hard workers.   People are who they have their issues with, not bears.

I have a house the is being sold in South Lake Tahoe, Ca.  Not sure what you want but it is great for snow enthusiasts.  

Who am I?  A Woman Veteran of course.  A lucky one who did not have trouble coming back to civilian life.  
1 year ago
This farm will be 100% permaculture/organic/self-sustaining, with a cash crop of Medicinal Mushrooms.   We have a few openings for partners/workers.    If you think you'd like to come on board I would love to hear from you.   Tiny houses are welcomed.  
You must be alright with a share of the profits (percentage depends on skill level) plus room and board.   This is a new farm you should expect 2 or 3 months before we have a crop to sell.    But your shiny face will be in all the before photos. 😎 "Together a small group of like-minded individuals can change the world" unknown

Both Meat-based and vegetarian meals will be served daily.  Sorry but this is not a Vegan farm.  
Evening meditation will be available under the stars.    

Our Cash crops will be medicinal gourmet mushrooms and medicinal herbs by fall.   Long term workers are expected to easily afford to buy me out in ten years at 2021 prices.  I am 63.

Let's make a few acres of this wonderful big blue ball healthy again.   Let us provide our neighbors with a way to return to good health.   Oh yes, let's make a ton of money while we are at it.  

Full disclosure: We are actively looking for land.   We are concentrating our search between the 1,500 ft to 3,000 ft level.   Cooler in the summer but still low enough to only get a dusting of snow in winter.   Think move in date April first.    
1 year ago
I am ready to take the plunge into permaculture.   Where on your site should I post for workers?    I am 63yrs old So this is my last adventure.  I would be creating a legally binding partnership with right-of-survivorship with workers when I die or retire.

Just not sure where those kinds of posts should be listed?   I have a Realtor and am actively looking in California.   I don't see a section to buy or sell farms either which seems like there must be one so I must just not be seeing it.

Linda V

Let's make the world a healthier planet.
1 year ago
Clearly cement is a horrible medium for a pond in that location.   May I suggest lining your pond with a "pond liner".  That way when the cement cracks again which it will your hard work won't go down the drain so to speak.
2 years ago
Free Paint is easy to come by.  Just print a flyer that says you'll "pick up old paint if it is in a sealed container on Saturday Morning".  Pass them out on Monday then drive by Saturday Morning and pick up the free paint.  Mix the colors you think you can and don't  be picky about exact hue.  The extra paint is not really a problem just remove the lids and let dry before you put them in the garbage can.
3 years ago
I'm not sure what your limits are but some farmers grow crops like mushrooms that are neither heavy or blazing sun.  In fact that one is grown indoors to insure spores are controlled.  I went on disability several years ago.  It was demoralizing, I felt like I would only get older and not be able to do anything more the day I left work.   Fast forward 5 years and I am making cap stones for my stone wall.   This grandma may not go all day, but I go.  keep an eye for a positive future.
4 years ago
I personally hate consensus method.
Clearly everyone needs to have input but if the group has core goals and each family has their own home you don't need to have everyone vote on everything.  The Board of directors (who can be voted out of office) make the decisions.  Many don't want to be on the board and don't want the extra work that comes with it.   Board of directors or community council has one member from no less than 3 homes.  Once a year everyone votes on community budget and Next years goals.

Those that want more input with out the job title, will need to, join the core council group.
4 years ago