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Forest rabbit is fast and smart animal. They live in many places in the world and we can hunt them more easily in the jungle. They are favourite food of aboriginal people because of huge number of rabbits and good meat. Let’s find out the wild hunting Wilderness Technology

Hunting rabbit by handmade archery.

With aboriginal people living in the jungle, they don’t have modern tool to hunt animals so they just use the raw materials to hunt and to make weapon  for hunting animals. Archery is one of the most popular weapon of those people. The main materials to make archery are:

Split middle part of bamboo, 1 m long, 3cm wide; you can use other kinds of tree that have high elasticity and flexibility to easily curve.
+ Make 2 nocks on 2 ends of archery body to tie and hold the string firmly without moving .
+ You need a strong string to make the archery string (this string was brainded from bark of trees) -> So there had a strong archery.
+  Continue to use splited bamboo, 60cm long, rounded and sharpened 1 head. Split half  the other head about 5cm long  and insert a chicken feather to keep balance when shooting.

After hanging in the jungle, the arboriginal man found a target- a forest rabbit was eating grass and it still hadn’t known about the danger beside). He approached the target and used the archery to shoot. Unfortunately to the rabbit, it was shooted on the leg so that it could not run way. So the two man had amazing BBQ with this rabbit.

Baking rabbit in BBQ style

+ First of all, dig a round hole with diagram of 30cm, heigh of 20cm, then dig one more hole  with 5cm wider and 10cm higher than the first hole. Make a groove out. You can imagine it as a key.
+ Drop charcoal to the hole
+ Put 3-4 tree branches on top of the smaller hole, then put the cleaned rabbit on them.
+ use other tree branches to cover the bigger hole mounth and cover again by leaves.
+ Use half of a bamboo part to make a pipe that supply oxygene and lead the smoke out.
+ Flip the rabbit every 15-20 minutes to avoid burning and make it well baked.
After over an hour, the 2 men had a delicious and  good looking baked rabbit.

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1 year ago