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Thought I'd see something neat here... maybe I did I don't know.

At the moment, there is a 27yo female with a dozen or so guys ready to do whatever she wants - in the singles section.
As someone noted - "weeding them out" right?

As long as everything is someone else's fault, nothing can ever be fixed. It's like gravity that way:

The sick don't wed the well.

Why were my passed marriages so soul-shatteringly-horrible? Because I picked them. I put myself in a position where that was the option, and I took it. I can't do anything about them, but I can try to be a better me.

I didn't see a single post - though it might be buried somewhere in there - where somebody points out the bleedingly obvious: Only decent women get decent men.

Not saying by any means that a person is "bad" - but anyone who has a list of why this or that one was bad... well, you've got a common denominator in there somewhere don't ya? So do I - and that is where my work lies.

Be clean.
Participate in conversations.
Drop the attitude that "there are no good men" - it is as visible as the fake color of some women's hair, and "good" men see it... and don't bother with you.
Also, there is this funny thing that some women do - yeah, you know it. That guy who is "such a good friend" who "deserves someone nice"...

And women say men can't take hints.

Oh, speaking of "hints" - you consider just, you know, using your words instead of a pretty manipulative power-play of behavioral code?
Looking for "tricks"? Yeah.... that isn't a genuine thing to do.
Plan to keep up those tricks for 20 - 60 years? Day in, day out?

Years ago they said "just be yourself" and then added all sorts of stuff that simply isn't myself. I most certainly can find "someone" - if I'm not myself. Can't keep them - and probably wouldn't want to.

Better to be alone, than with the wrong person. Lonely, difficult, and infinitely better.

I figure, when I've done enough with me, I'll either find her, or I'll die. Precarious, and true.

I would suggest doing that instead of the list of "good men" and "tricks to get them". I sure as hell don't want to be "tricked" into a sham romance. Being a plaything is.... horrible. Seriously - I don't want to be someone's wallet-sextoy again. Hurt me in ways I can't express.

Oh! And here's is the most interesting thing that I've noticed as I listen to women at large talk about dating woes:
"Men want blondes with big ..."

Not remotely. Some do, but not even half. I personally do not prefer that in the least - and no, I don't want a house slave either, or a momma.

Funny thing - I'll give you the most valuable piece of information that any genuine woman can have in finding her genuine guy!

You know what is universal among what genuine, mature men want in their mate?


I mean the kind of loyalty that Patriots in revolutions have to one another. Absolute, no exceptions, death before dishonor loyalty. Like it or not, a huge portion of women can't be relied on not to scream at their man if his hours get cut at work - and I am not exaggerating. Turn TO each other, not ON each other. Start incessant nagging about something like socks (well, HE should just pick them up!) then wonder why he's pretty sure you wouldn't stay if he broke his back... or why he doesn't feel comfortable being vulnerable with you. Again: "Well, HE should just ...." See a pattern here? Just be loyal. The kind of loyalty that underpins society. The kind that supersedes law. The kind that is worth living and dying for.

Trying to dictate another's behavior is not treating them as an equal, and is anything but loyal. You are not my arm candy, I am not your plaything, forklift, wallet, gossip-source, handbag, etc...

Huge numbers of men feel their worst enemy is their wife. Even larger numbers are flat refusing to take the risk.

No disrespect at all intended - none - I offer this honestly and as kindly as I can. Mate - LIFE PARTNER - is the one, the only one. Protests pale in the face of how many of us are alone and looking. I see it all the time: "MY kids are my world, they come first" and I can only think "Why would you do that to them? What are you going to do when they want to have an identity apart from you? When they need to leave you for their own health? How is your man going to feel playing second-fiddle for the rest of his life? Just going to demand he be ok with it? That what you wanted? A man who sits passively and lets you use him?" I have never, ever, e.v.e.r seen that perspective result in healthy kids or lasting marriages. Which is supposed to grow up and leave? Which is supposed to die with you? Ask again which is supposed to come first. Incidentally, "putting the children first" usually turns them into tedious monsters. Hell yes you put them behind your mate! Shows them what reality is, and prevents years of psychic pain as they demand the world put them first - and are completely ignored. Also does wonders with healthy discipline.

There are very few things that I will not do for a woman who owns herself, and remembers that we are supposed to die together - and acts accordingly.

Ladies - I am treating you with respect and honesty by saying this. I don't speak for men, but I know ENORMOUS numbers who... simply don't see any possible benefit to outweigh the risks.

I would think that, rationally speaking, instead of expressing disgust at men for the alarming rise in artificial women, some of you might ask "have we really become so difficult that huge numbers of men would rather build fake women?" It would certainly be self aware.

Please start building ladies again - instead of perpetuating adolescent narcissism.

And for God's sake, quit badmouthing/ridiculing/ and gossiping about your man! NOTHING kills intimacy faster.

My two cents.
I imagine you can do the re-burn without making it into balls, but it is best to wash out the soluble compounds first (chemistry reasons)

If you don't do the re-burn, it is little better than a filler - has very little reactive capacity without it. Some clay floors have ash, but I don't think that adds much cementing action, just durability (may be wrong).

As for the ash pile - if you have to, bury it everywhere. Make soap. Make it into the ugliest paint in the world...

Desert? 55 gallon steel drum, long stove-pipe with a few metal screens for catching any sparks.

Will = Way if will = try.
1 week ago
Just typed this thread

You should really check it out if you're interested in repeating what Prim did.

Love his channel, but there's a lot missing from this video - and it kinda sucks in that regard.

In a nutshell: The Wood Ash has to be calcined AND rapidly cooled - or it is unreactive and basically just a super-fine filler (which is good for mechanical reasons, but doesn't goo anything together).

And, BTW, NO! Sand does not work in place of his crushed pottery. Sand is super unreactive (unless you've got a very high pH) and is nothing but a filler. Crushed pottery is not only a filler - it's a Pozzolan. Pozzolans are half-reactive.

A Pozzolan!

Do dooo doo doodoo...

A Pozzolan?

Do doo doo doo...

Calco-Aluminosilicates are the bedrock of buildings (quite literally actually....) You got your Alites, and your Belites, your Feldspars, and your Limes....

Again - love Prim, but I've watched the results of his accidental success lead to some sad stuff :(
3 weeks ago
The reason that Prim re-fired was to calcine the calcium in the ash... no pun (not really)

The decanting that he did floated away the LOI (loss on ignition - unburned charcoal).

His video is a little misleading - and this thread has some issues related to it.

Generally (GENERALLY!!) Wood Ash is primarily Calcium and Silicon (with metals - primarily Aluminum) and that is mostly (MOSTLY!!!) the same as Portland Cement.

Wood Ash in general is chemically identical (IN GENERAL!) to Ordinary Portland Cement.


Why doesn't your fire-pit turn to a cement block? Metastable Crystalline Structure!!

When OPC clinker comes out of the kiln, it has to be rapidly cooled, or the crystals in it grow into more stable forms and combine with humidity to create expensive, sterile, and caustic sand/gravel/dust - ash.
Wood fires cool slowly, so the ash becomes hydrated and stabilized.

Prim's video shows first the fire to make the ash - this is incidental to the process, the first fire doesn't mean much and may as well have been a cooking fire.

The second fire is the key. Before the second fire, he "purifies" the ash by decanting the LOI - this is good. In the second fire, the ash balls that he made glow - this is calcination that drives the CO2 out of what is essentially limestone in the ash (that is produced by the slow cooling - limestone is already carbonated via a chain reaction from hydration to carbonation)

Something missing in his video is that the inner part of the ash-ball is insulated from the air/humidity, so it cools slower than the skin of the ball, and is not converted to a non-reactive (useless) form of Calcium.

Then he adds fired clay dust. Clay is alumino-silicate goodies, and the firing process creates a meta-crystal. Vis Metakaolin as opposed to kaolin. Metastable clay is a Pozzolan... much argument and many Romans....

The most important part here is the RAPID cooling of the ash (again, after it has been made - the first fire is not part of the cement process, all it does is make ash...) Prim did it via a ball of ash, and dropping it in water.

The use of naturally cooled wood-ash in concrete or plaster or mortar adds a little bit of reactive lime (calcium) to the mix - but it is mostly a super-fine filler and to a lesser extent an added Pozzolan (again, Concrete Chem is a field of many dangers!!)

Just mixing Wood Ash into Portland is certainly good - but to replace Portland all together with wood ash requires that the ash be heated to red-glow, then cooled as rapidly as possible. This actually makes it INTO Portland Cement, just with a dirty and uncontrolled recipe.

My plan (and why I'm back here again after a few months of research, experimentation, failure, and re-thought) is to make a diy rotary kiln. Seriously. Get the ash super-hot, then blow huge amounts of air over it without creating a dust-cloud of doom. My mountain has a severe lack of limestone, and my wallet has a severe lack of portland cement :(
3 weeks ago
Yessir... but mine is awesomer than Amazon's, and it's part of the guts for the WaterMaker!!!

Anywho, it was cheaper to build this one than to buy any that are available, even if the evac tube is smaller.
1 month ago
Methinks they searched for hollow tree-stumps - on account of them being a bit toilety in any case.

Funny poem.

But, it seems you've invented "EEEWWWWgelkultur".... might be good in a pinch, but doesn't strike me as a great long-term plan.

WhatddooIknow though?
1 month ago
Do doodoo do...


Do doo do doo do, do do do, do do do, do dodododo doot doot do doo doo!


(That's a perversion of the "mahna song" from the muppets for those of you who don't know...)

Ok, so it's actually a "catenary" which is not the same (The battle of the mathematicians was legendary... many deaths....)

But it works just the same in the real world - as opposed to the devil's lair of Euler, Descartes, and Leibniz. I blew smoke at it (as opposed to up it) and used a laser beam to show that she works (LASER BEAM!!!)

I used this clever and convenient thing: Parabola Calculator
Got the Aluminum here (Email Chris Whitney, she's friendly and I feel bad for having groused at her): One Side Bright Aluminum (Metal Mirror)
The metal is perforated angle from Home Depot (for which I paid much too much!)
The Solar Evac Tube is from Ebay, box of ten of them: Solar Tubes

I am in no way affiliated with any of those people.

Had some troubles, but I fixed them! I used a "diameter" of 20, and a "depth" of 8 - the calculator is unit-independent, so as long as you don't randomly change from Imperial to Metric in the middle of construction (ahem.... NASA!!!) it'll be jes-fyne :) It isn't a perfect reflector, the focal point is a bit stretched out, but considering the evac-tube is two inches across, it's good. Try to calculate and place such that the focal point is in the center of the evac tube, and NOT on the surface of the glass - that could very well melt it and implode your vacuum tube (awesome, but not the goal).
The added benefit to using polished aluminum is that it is a first-surface mirror with broad-band reflectivity. Glass absorbs IR and UV wavelengths, and so having the solar juice pass through it robs your beam of some of its more energetic portions (not that it matters much, and good-luck with finding a curved glass mirror in your size anyways...) Acrylic or Polycarbonate mirrors are fine I guess, but seeing as it is specifically meant to catch and concentrate the wavelengths that destroy both, and aluminum is easier....

The aluminum will oxidize (probably already is) so it might become a bit dull with time, but it won't be very much and that oxidization layer is Sapphire which is awesome and super durable... this translates to (hopefully) longevity in the field.

I mounted the Evac-tube with some 2inch pipe-straps all stretched out, with bicycle inner-tube cut and placed between the strap and the glass. They are in-turn mounted on some 4.5inch 5/16"-18 bolts with a smathering of nuts and washers.

MWAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Ok, so it isn't evil, but it certainly collects more sunshine than the tube alone (10x as much effective area actually....)

And - while I'm kina naive for offering stuff before asking.... if this is useful to you, might you consider taking a moment (even a simple share would help!): Crowdfund Thing

I certainly hope this helps somebody!

1 month ago
The only "dumb" questions are the useless, pseudo-intellectual, dishonest "questions" that academics "ask" in an ingenuine attempt to "debate".... :D

Like most plants, I imagine if you give them what they want, they'll be just fine - assuming they can live in the place you've set aside.

If you're looking to get the bugs to establish - nothing could be easier. Don't call them, they'll call you.

BTW - if you have a good-faith drive to study the creepies, you already are an entomologist. You don't need anyone's permission - just a magnifying glass, a net, and maybe some specimen jars. About 30 buck on Amazon ought to do it :)
The picture is below the text, though I'm certain you already saw that.

What's it do? Well, it makes water from sunshine of course!

Totally willing to share (as-in for free...), but a man's gotta have a tractor (if he wishes to dig a driveway/foundation/pond in human time-scales on a crushed Gneiss mountain....)

If you've got the time, have a look at this: Crowdfund Thing

Elsewise, it's a Solar-Powered Wet-Desiccant Atmospheric Water Generator (SPWDAWG - Sup dawg!!)

How much water does it make? Ohhhh!!! Heheheheh..... This type of AWG works better in low humidity, and it isn't concerned with the dew point.

20 grand to poke a hole in my mountain, and hope there's water at the bottom of it. If I had 20 grand, I'd buy some Portland :( So! I built this.

Incidentally, it also makes cool, dry air as a byproduct... would be a nice addition to a greenhouse donchathink??

Just Build The Damn Thing!
1 month ago
I have a special place in my heart for any dual-function mechanical systems - condense steam and preheat air in the same gizmo? ABSOLUTELY!!

Your aluminum downspout idea is not bad actually! My first thought was that aluminum is a heat conductor - but so is copper and iron - then it occurred to me that you'll give them a blanket anyways :)

Try that bubble-wrap aluminum foil stuff for the first layer of pipe insul - then wrap it with batting and finally a plastic bag. They do have pipe insulation tubes by the foot, but you're dealing with strange diameters in the downspout, so you may need to improvise.

For sealing the seams, I THINK that the high-temp silicone should work - but a nice liquidy epoxy (check for temp and water tolerance) can be poured along seams. There's also a type of aluminum tape with a waterproof adhesive, don't know about the temp tolerances, but that would be super convenient.

The diagram I made is a "monotube" type boiler - it assumes and needs a certain level of pressure on the cold side to keep fresh water flowing in as the steam exits. That is partially why the reservoir is placed as is - it creates the thermosiphon and, provided it goes fast enough for your purposes, that eliminates the need for circulation - especially as the cooling steam flows downward through the other coil (were it an AC I'd call it an evaporator - in this setup it's a hydronic radiator) - that helps pull the steam and subsequently the boiler feed water.

Convection is our friend!

In any given system, it's just about knowing what phenomena or mechanism you're looking to maximize, and what you need to minimize. With the basic principles, you could design and build a nuclear reactor if you were so inclined - not that this would be strictly permaculture mind you, but you could.... if you were so inclined.

Anywho - depending on where your rocket-stove is, it would be efficient were the reservoir on the same level so as to feed with whatever pressure is created by the water column in the tank.

I hope I've been helpful - I tend to collect information without having anyone to give it to.

If this is helpful - please excuse the try, and DON'T FEEL OBLIGATED IN ANY WAY (not my purpose in helping!), might you take a look and maybe spread some love?: Crowdfund Thing Even simple shares and prayers help... day 13 of 60...

In any case, I am happy about your downspout idea... I may incorporate that in some doohickey or another. :D

1 month ago