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We're transitioning to a wooded property outside of Nashville. We have a son (born in 1997, now out in the world) and a dog (standard poodle, SO not a rural animal). We're interested in food forests, chickens, goats, and, well, everything (we're total newbies to permaculture).
Charlotte, Tennessee
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Recent posts by Erica Colmenares

OK, these responses give me food for thought. I'm leaning toward burying, since it seems the simplest. The enthusiasm of the guy who built his own manual one is inspiring, though!! Thanks, all!
1 week ago
Hey there,

Has anyone found a quality manual paper shredder? I've seen a bunch online for $15 that are plastic pieces of you-know-what. But I'd really love a well made one. We don't have a paper shredder. Alternately, do you have a plug-in one that you love that you can recommend? In the past we've just taken our papers to be shredded to Shred-It events, but I want to start using some of it in compost, etc.
1 week ago

Beau Davidson wrote:We had a flood at home and there is a lot of remediation needed to avoid catastrophic water damage.

Oh no! That's so unfortunate. Good luck with remediation, Beau.
1 month ago
So, I'm really disappointed, but I am not going to be able to come. My husband was laid off this afternoon. He did get a severance, but we need to get the house ready to sell as soon as possible, since the only reason we're in this expensive area of the Pacific Northwest was his decent job. We'll be fine, it's just a bummer and super bad timing. I hope that there are all sorts of posts and photos from the event - have fun, and learn a lot!!
1 month ago

Beau Davidson wrote:
I figure after I add all the Badges and BB's, I can add a column for each participant and let that participant use some sort of code, like "Want," "Complete," "Certified," and "Hard Pass" or something like that.

It is view-only at present, but I can give editing privileges to anyone by email.

Beau, thanks for adding editing permission for me. I'm having fun picking BBs. I like how you bolded the first line of each badge category - it makes sense as a way to visually mark the sixteen we're aiming to do. I think as I go through the BBs, though, I'm only going to put "want" beside those that I'd benefit from doing at Wheaton Labs. Is that the idea?
1 month ago

Catie George wrote:

Erica, i have no idea what stuff you may still have, but the breeder suggested I get clip on metal combs for my clippers. Made it fast to get a finish other than 'scalped dog', and to blend ( long on legs, short on body, etc).  It was also cheaper than buying a bunch of different blades, and a little harder to accidentally cut the dog. A clamp on grooming arm and noose is also really helpful, I didn't have it the first time I tried, and it was much easier/faster with it, because it limits how far away she can turn from the clippers. I think the modern clippers are a lot lighter than my 20 yr old set, and probably than those in the 90s too. For the first 2 grooms I did face and feet one day, rest of dog a few days or a week later which made it easier on me and the wiggly puppy.

Thanks for this info, Catie. I don't have anything left from before, as I didn't know I'd get another poodle. This one was a rescue, from a family member who started collecting dogs and then realized, oh, they take time and money!
1 month ago
I have a standard poodle. Just took her for grooming yesterday, and it was $65 plus tip. But I've definitely spent as much as $100 plus tip. I don't think I would want to groom for a living, but I keep telling myself that I need to buy the equipment and do it myself. Thanks for the push, Catie. I did groom our last standard, but that was in the 90s, when my back was younger. :-)
1 month ago

Travis Johnson wrote:I wish our house had a master bedroom!
Because I sleep on the couch, and Katie sleeps on the other couch, my whole world consists of Kitchen, Living Room and Bathroom.

That's a lot, Travis. I respect you meeting your kids' needs, yet wish there had been a way for yours and Katie's to be met as well. Might be time for a family meeting?

Jay Angler wrote:put sound dampening material in the walls between the dining room and the master bedroom and in the upper floor bedroom wall that is against the "open to below.

This is a helpful idea that I would not have thought of - thanks!

Beau Davidson wrote:
Database is up-to-date, I believe. I may tidy up a bit as we go.  I began copy/pasting from the 22 Badges board, which had the added benefit of linking from the Google Sheet to the wikis, which I think is very advantageous. I may retrofit the first 1/2 of the sheet with those clickthroughs as well.

Beau, this is beautiful.
1 month ago