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Baylee Hawkins

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Hey there everyone,

I've read through all of the badges and made lists of things I've already done and hope to complete.

I've ranked the 16 I hope to work towards during the event.

PEP badges
1. Natural Building
2. Rocket
3. Tool Care
4. Round Woodworking
5. Gardening
6. Electricity
7. Commerce
8. Woodland Care
9. Textiles
10. Dimensional lumber
11. Earthworks
12. Food prep and preservation
13. Homsteading
14. Community
15. Grey water and willow feeders
16. Metal Working

I'm currently in Missoula doing Freecycles build a bike program. I've also completed other BB's and will work on documenting before the event.

Look forward to meeting you all
1 week ago
Hello everybody,

I'm really excited about this event and will serendipitously be in Montana in May coming from Texas. I was just wondering, as I've never been to Wheaton Labs and am very new to permies, do I just need to pay the $100 fee to secure a spot or is there any type of application?

Thanks so much and looking forward to the workshop!

3 months ago