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One thing I don't like about feeding thrown away produce to my hens, Pigs, broilers is the things that have been sprayed on those foods which I eat if my animals eat them. I live in the country though and have found in season, towards the end there are lots of things folks will give away from their homesteads if they know you will thank them. One couple who live nearby lamented this fall that nobody wants their unsprayed apples because they are so used to the perfect looking store apples. So true, there are many who don't want it unless it's wrapped in plastic.But for me, even the bad apples are useful for hen and rabbit treats.
The last day of yard sales at the end of the day is also a good time to get what's left free or very cheap. Also over the years we've had lots and lots of materials, and items such as kitchen cupboards, sinks, windows, plants, trees even bags of sawdust left from construction and remodel which we've brought home and used or given away to others. We once tore down a small addition on our road with two other couples for the materials which all of us had plans for and enjoyed keeping it from being caved in and burned. I heard about that opportunity while I was a volunteer with the local fire department.
 Many folks appreciate being able to give something away rather than having to toss it away. Many professions and lifestyles include an opportunity to remove all kinds of things.
So do tell others what you want or appreciate and sometimes you'll get a call asking if you would like this or that.
  Also I've known people who raised animals butchered them, but didn't want some parts of the animal. When I heard and offered to take those parts the offer was happily accepted.
 Whe one of my daughters worked at an organic farm and market she brought home cases of not good enough to sell produce.
 Just ask around!

1 week ago
Now that everyone does permaculture you have folks shoulder to shoulder in your home and peeking in the windows, eager to help you!! It is a bit much to deal with all this eager appreciation of their new found love and of you their permaculture buddy!!!
I would like a pretty sandy path winding from to driveway to the door on which I could happily walk barefoot spring, summer and fall.
3 months ago
Simple! Your pole shed didn't collapse! It was only athe subject of a vivid nightmare! When you awoke , panting and white knuckles it was such a relief to realize that whole shed idea was so real but noo........
 I would like to have the pile of dirty dishes, clean, stacked in the cupboard and ready to reuse.
3 months ago
Your very mature food stinks to high heaven even though it is all dumped among the big old trees on your homestead. The heaps and heaps of ever more maturing food are a bit overwhelming. Better get some heavy equipment to pour some carbon on top quick!! Yikes!
 I would like new interesting looking, sweet smelling, two seater,  willow feeding outhouse.
3 months ago
Your mending is completedby a very proud duo of my two year old grandson and his four year old sister working/playing in tandem. Their proud smiles are bigger than yours as you survey the results of needle, thread and scissors in those busy little hands.....
 I would like a normal size fishpond with a small waterfall to aerate it.
3 months ago
Agree! Definitely cool to read more of the impact fungi are having! Gotta love mushrooms! Thanks for sharing this!
3 months ago
I really like the emphasis on what one person can do.
 Something that hasn't been directly mentioned is learning how to treat, illness and injuries and childbirth naturally. There is soooo much around us no matter what part of the world we are on that can be used. I have been learning and learning and learning and learning. As I learn I have opportunities to use what I have learned. As a former volunteer medical first responder with a small rural fire department, and former certified nurse aide and trained medical tech ,through which I learned how to do lots of basic care of others, I have had more and more desire to move away from hospital based medical care. There is so much good which comes out of looking at all the opportunities to treat without focusing on a hospital as the goal post.
So far this year some of my opportunities include: I stopped a growing allergic reaction on a foot with bruised plantain, healed a dog bite starting to get infected with st. John's wort oil, healed cat bites and scratches with salt, delivered a baby and got the mother snuggled down and nursing when the midwife didn't make it in time, treated throat and lung irritation with herb teas.
 The encouragement on here is invaluable!!