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Encourage and enable bootcampers,would seem more understandable or fitting and funding bootcampers or equip the bootcampers.
I taught my children how to identify  lots of trees and plants and as they grew and became interested in the world of living things around them they began to learn some I didn't know and point those out to me . Now that all six of them are off on their own I am still constantly noticing new ones to learn as are they and their children. So it really becomes another aspect of both teaching and being an example of enjoying learning. It's a lifestyle that can add a lot to life. Being able to homeschool gives you more time together to live this way together.more time together is a tremendous advantage.
2 months ago

I've come across some great Scottish folk/rock music.  I love it!  I find it in a newsletter I get called Music Scotland, which introduces new music across genres, just as long as the band is Scottish.  Check out to subscribe.

Thanks!! I will!!
2 months ago
I long to visit Scotland because I have family roots there on my Father's side. Also hubby and I have been playing some Celtic music. There is so much emphasis on Ireland and not much is shared about Scottish music, food,culture which has made me curious.
 Also what time of year would those of you who live there believe would be best for visiting? I had never heard of the midges you describe.
2 months ago
As one poster said, one option is to copy a piece of clothing you have. I was taught to lay out the clothing on a table on top of a large piece of paper. A newspaper can be the paper. Trace around it leaving a wider margin for any seams. Make sure to notice the parts or pieces involved in the clothing and trace each one. For example, a skirt may have a two piece back with a zipper in the middle and a waistband as well. Or a shirt may have a sleeve which is a separate piece so must be traced too. Notice the parts just as you would with a purchased pattern.This way you can reproduce anything you have. This is how folks lived in previous generations.
 Another alternative if you have something which is wearing out is taking it apart and using the actual pieces as a pattern. Just use a seam ripper to carefully dismantle. And if only one part , for example the front of a skirt is stained, is beyond repair. One option is to cut out a piece of that portion and reassemble the clothing to continue to use it.
 Another thing people do is to turn a collar after detaching and reattach so the top is inside. As the outside of the collar can sometimes be the only worn part of a shirt.
2 months ago
Common pin cushions used to come often shaped like a tomato with a little strawberry attached. The strawberry was filled with sand and was the place to clean up a rusty pin or needle.
 And yes if your thread is twisting and knitting try using a shorter one till you get the hang of keeping your thread straight. Then you can use a longer thread. Also you may double the thread back close to the length and pull the tail out a little each couple of stitches to help with this problem. A waxed thread may not be easier to deal with but it makes a sturdier thread and was often used for heavy buttons or edges that would be stressed. A really difficult thick cloth could require using needle nose pliars to pull the needle through after getting it started by pushing against a hard surface.
 New sewers often practiced various stitches with a sampler which was decorative. Another way is to make a small crazy quilt which features a decorative stitch along the two sides of each patch. I like this way! Hand sewing is a useful skill and a fun pastime too.
2 months ago
Trade them for whatever you need or want that some other folk has extra. Surely someone has no lemon peels and would like to make any of the above ideas. You might be surprised what another has extra near you!
2 months ago
I've been looking over some utube videos of a guy called Outsider from Canada who has some great options for cabins, one is a toss it up in a hurry cabin. It might be a good encouragement to you to see what he has demonstrated.
Often when meat is full of flavor folks who are not used to it are apt to say they dislike it. Generally more flavor means more nutrients in it. True also with plants and fruits. Folks are used to blander flavors. The stronger flavors can be great if you get used to them. Also the opposite as some herbs and plants are not put in use much because of their subtlety. And it is fascinating to consider the cycling of nutrients from what you feed animals, which influence your plants and trees to you. I have noticed for example that kelp fed to my chickens ends up on and in my plants and trees ,for which it is also recommended, and in me when I eat both, which is also recommended in a human diet. So you are what they eat. What you feed them and yourself.
I also haven't known much about this whole arena and had no real idea before today that you needed money for it and still don't really know how to support this financially. To your credit their is so much info on so many topics it's easy to wander around happily learning a bit of this and a bit of that without tying it together very firmly. Sometimes I just feel a bit like a kitten who is playing with several balls of yarn. Also the jargon and abbreviations have been quite a bit of work to understand and I too, at times, just don't take the time to decipher them. The pep ebook explained a lot and I got that recently. Communication always is soo much work isn't it?