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Formerly an editor and writer and photographer for a small town newspaper. Then homeschooled six offspring followed by freelance writing, certified nurse aide homecare, medical tech training (hospital), several years as a  volunteer medical first responder with our local small fire and rescue. Now still living in the woods on a homestead redesigning it with more permaculture in it; hunting;gathering;musician; in a residential building married partnership; learning and using natural healing practices more and more. Dreaming of writing some children's books about this area from a kid's point of view.
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northern lower peninsula of Michigan
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Sounds like it would be good, better and maybe even excellent to offer,"Paul's choice" whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Since it's helping you and helped one other person, let the option help others who are willing to give it a try!!
It seems logical that it also could help you to not be isolated by needing to watch others eat and then go away and eat separately. That separation could be kind of lonely and also kind of impractical. Eating with others can perk your spirits. Try it!! I say!!
Yes, do give a dish of dirt from outside and sand can work as a grit source. They need this until you begin to put them outside. Another great thing to have on hand is kelp. Kelp is great to give when birds show signs of stress. I've seen dirt,sand and kelp pull chicks and chickens out of a downward spiral on a number of occasions over many years of raising birds. Sounds like you are having a nice adventure. Hooray for you!!
5 days ago
I hear you , Paul, saying that you don't want on need folks to steer you. Instead you want support as you continue to go the direction you have chosen. That it's working well but could be better if you can have more people walk side by side with you. And that argumentative powerful buzzards don't help you fight through this tough stuff right now. Of course, you don't have the extra time and energy to deal with the distractions and distress those kinds provide.
I am clapping and cheering! You are explaining well what you need and want. Although I can't come their. I'm praying just the right folks hear your description and respond. That they may not only support you in your struggle but build a net for others to keep each other on the road to health.
So glad that even in this rather dark time you are thinking of how you can help others who are or will have similar struggles. Holding you up often through the day and night of this affliction as you share the hope that you have.
There are other benefits to touching earth. Good, healthy soil is bursting with life which can make it's way into and onto us as we come in contact through our skin. This could, logically be any part of us, not just our feet. I remember reading about the value of having good living soil on your doormat. Country made doormats were being soil, impregnated with country soil and found beneficial. Handling and eating some soil, for I stance going barefoot into the garden, picking a carrot. Then wiping it off and eating it was touted as health producing because you were absorbing and eating some good healthy soil. As I read this thread I think of me, sitting in the house last night, after supper mixing soil. Then potting barefoot strawberries. May be this kind of activity has .multiple benefits, especially in my northern location where we can't comfortably  go barefoot outside year round.
Read through the posts here. Praying for you as I read. I'm happy for you as I read your oncologist gave you a good report! And happy that you say what you are doing is working !! Also glad that you are reaching out and are finding many supportive folks!!! I do wish that I lived closer. I would gladly bring you meals that fit within your chosen diet. Boredom with food definitely is worth the effort to combat
Also you can skip around if you don't have time to watch them all in one whack!
1 month ago
To look at the lineup search utube for abundance plus fil festival, click on more to see the list for that day's film's. Each day is a separate post.
1 month ago
David the Good's is on utube and Richard Perkin's has many videos on utube. One of the others is about a tiny home on a farm that is available to rent so that also is on utube. Those are all fairly short. There are a lot of videos, though, so it will be a lot of watching opportunity, for sure!
1 month ago
Not only goats but pigs and chickens will aid in clearing land. I've used both by penning them in the area I wanted to clear with some success. Also covering with cardboard works well and that can be covered with other materials and planted on or just weighted down until it deteriorates and then the area may be planted.
1 month ago
As another said, it depends on the task. But as a general rule I mostly garden alone with others in and out of the tasks. Last year hubby helped a bit with planting new asparagus crowns. I wanted to extend the asparagus row. But I finished the task after he helped dig holes and then a  trench. As the gardening season progressed I thinned out berrybushes and roses with a daughter helping who wanted thinning to plant at her place. Grandkids helped plant a few seeds and potatoes now and then But most of what got done I did day in and day out including harvests and fall plantings. I like the gardening more than anyone else in my world right now so I'm out there more. Also I spend time evaluating and refining what's growing where how and why. Then as I get the resources and time I'm out and about putting in place the plants, trees and bushes I planned to add in or cut out. Others are welcome to weave in and out of the homestead and they do but it's primarily my sculpture.
1 month ago