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I'm new to growing things. I'm from a large city, and I moved to the PNW with the desire and hope to change my life. So far, so good.
My kid is grown and lives back east. My new children are two brat cats and one very big brat dog.
My father, stepmother, and brother ask: Why do you need all that land?
I respond: I grew up in a box. ~.75 acres isn't a lot of land out here, but it's manageable, I hope, for me.
Lewis County, WA USDA Zone 8b
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Nicole Alderman wrote:He has another thread on his community here: It looks likely they are located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The Olympic Peninsula is east of Seattle, and accessed by ferry or a rather long drive if driving from Seattle.

OP started a thread here as well:

Steve, can you upload some pictures? What type of information do you need in an application/proposal? What do you mean by "financially abundant"?

It may be hard for some to make a decision or apply to join a community without more specific information.
1 day ago
I love y'all too much! <3

I started reading about raising ducks about a year ago. When I thought, "Hmmmm, think I'll give this a go," I told my neighbor that I was thinking about getting ducks, and I asked her what she thought about having duck neighbors. I was concerned that the noise might bother her, but all she wanted to know was if they'd get in her yard. I said, "No, but they might be a little quacky." And she replied, "Pfft. I sleep like a log, and ducks are wonderful. Please try to keep them out of my yard."

She will receive the first gift of eggs.

As far as im concerned if you drop them off in your car... That's how we sold 8-track tapes back in the day in West Philly! You could find a lot of interesting things in someone's trunk. But yes, my car is my property. I'll check to see if the WA Code specifies "real property." heheheheheh yazzzz
1 month ago
I haven't smiled in a long time. Thank you for your beautiful post. Thank you for elevating my mood. Thank you for touching my heart.
2 months ago
Quack quack!
2 months ago
You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing what you know and for the encouragement.

I'll start with feeding the hungry! All the rest is icing on the cake. Later I'll check the laws regarding fresh/frozen ducks for peeps.

Hip hip duck eggs!
2 months ago
Hello, All -

I've checked Washington state law, my city's municipal code, and based on my slice of urban land, I can have up to 20 ducks. I can sell their eggs without a license as long as the eggs are:

1. from ducks in my flock, and
2. I'm selling them on my property.

I have 10 Golden Cascade ducklings on their way from Holderread Farm. I expect them in March or April.

Thinking long term, what the heck do I do with the extra eggs? I haven't decided what type of adult ration I'll feed - probably not for layers, and they will run about and forage daily in a moveable pen. I'd like them to live as much as ducks like to live, if that makes sense. IOW, I don't know that I'll have a bunch of eggs, but I'm a crazy planner, and planning makes me feel calm, even if things go sideways. Adapt and change as needed, but start with some semblance of a plan

I'm getting a straight run, so...if the drake to duck ratio is too high, we'll be eating some overly amorous drakes.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there is a market for duck eggs in Lewis County (if I were to try to sell them at a farmers market or to the health food store, I'd need a state license).

I don't intend for this to be a side business. I work from home and I'd probably sell the eggs for $2/half dozen. About 1/4 or the people here are below the poverty line, and I would like to offer healthful food. I might give them away...

Does anyone have any advice, cautions, want some free eggs?
2 months ago
Never mind - the tree guy is coming in a couple of weeks to take it away and burn it. PHEW.

Sorry for the freakout.
2 months ago
Hey, so, ugh.

I live in Centralia WA next to the Skoomchuck river - one border of my property is a very steep riverbank. My parcel isn't large: ~.75 acre, but to me, that's huge.

I moved into this house about a year ago, and I've been basically watching how and where the rain flows over the ground, where does the sun shine and when, just watching...

There are a bunch of trees on the river's edge: big leaf maple, redwood, two types of cedar I can't quite identify, doug fir (natch), pine, and I think that's about it. Probably 30ish total.

In the middle of the yard, there are two hazelnut trees and one apple tree. During our most recent windstorm, BOOM went the apple tree. I have a tree guy coming over to up limb (is that right?) a pine tree that is dropping mossy limbs on a pedestrian walk, they'll chip the various and sundry limbs lying around that my dog thinks are toys, and we planned to use the apple tree for firewood until...


Hokay - I'm from Philly, I grew up in an apartment, and this is my first foray into anything that might have something boring into it. When the tree blew down, I figured it had reached the end of its life, although last autumn's apples were delicious!

The hazelnuts...well, one isn't looking so great, so it's going to go, and the other one looks okay, but now I'm all freaked out about these borers and Yikes. I'll go out and poke around in the bark on those bad boys soon.

Question 1: Ye Ole Internet says to burn the wood, like torch it. The apple tree is where it fell, my dog is taking limbs off here and there, and while I'd love nothing more than to set those damn bugs on fire, we aren't allowed to barrel burn in the city limits. Can I use it for firewood if I keep it separate from the real wood pile? I'd have to shake off the sawdust first :/

Question 2: How grave a threat are these things to my other trees? I don't know how far these guys travel, but the apple tree is about 15' and 25' from the hazelnuts (which I never got to taste because squirrels, but squirrels gotta eat, too).

Question 3: Are the $@#%@ an immediate threat - like, should the tree guy come out Right.Now to take care of this business? My plan was to have him come out in March or so (I work for the Fed. Gov't, and the shutdown, you know, it sucks), so I keep pushing back the date to have him bring down all his gear and people.

Question 4: Is there a reason to allow the beetles to munch on the quite dead tree as a circle of life thing? Will wee birdies eat them?

Thank you so much for reading this far. Yes, I speak like this in real life.

3 months ago
Thanks to all for helping me!

I decided to go the path of least resistance for now - I bought a trash pump. I bought  a 3" version of this pump.
The max intake lift is 26 ft (26,not 25? Trying to impress with 12" ). I can use a short discharge hose, or none, because the land slopes downward from the bank.

I'll let you know how it goes once I receive it.

Thanks again!
8 months ago