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Recent posts by Kevin Carson

I just make a white sauce with butter, flour and heavy cream, and then stir in parmesan cheese. Pretty standard, I guess.
3 years ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:When you have even corrupted your cat! In 2014 I modified a pair of knee braces to work better for me. The cat took the cut scraps and played with them. They are still, 5 years, 3 moves, and 1000 miles away, being tortured in the kitchen right now. My cat is a reuser! :D

My cats still play with a squirrel tail -- with mummified pelvis and foot attached -- their grandmother killed seven years ago
3 years ago

Scott Stiller wrote:What kind of ground breaking things would you do if elected?

Anyone owning a $60,000 pickup which, after subtracting space taken up by the extended cab, double wheelwells and giant toolbox, has less actual cargo room than a Pinto hatchback, has to have "Cul de Sac Cowboy" tattooed on their forehead.
3 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:
2) grow trees around your house

I have hops trellises over all my sun-facing windows, and a 12-foot plum tree next to the window that most directly faces the sun.
3 years ago

Michael Cox wrote:Hi folks,
The exception was one plant, which my three year old picked out at the garden centre as a small plant. It had orange fruit rather than red, and the flavour was like a punch in the mouth. Sweet, juice, a bit of citrus sour. They were amazing.

Sounds like it might be one of the Pennsylvania Dutch varieties like German striped or yellow brandywine, which all have wonderful blends of acid and sugar. Some varieties like Roma I don't consider worth even bothering with because, even when home-grown, they're mealy and bland. You might try cherry and grape tomatoes of just about any kind, because I've found they're all very flavorful.

kadence blevins wrote:
eating/recipes: I don't have much on this except that there is a lot on using them in place of or with potatoes and parsnips? what recipes do you like? what recipes did you not like?
"The carbohydrates give the tubers a tendency to become soft and mushy if boiled, but they retain their texture better when steamed" ((from wiki page))

I use mine in soups and stews -- expecially hearty cream soups with potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, wild rice, etc -- and love the flavor they add.
3 years ago
Burdock and plantain both work where I live, as does red clover. I don't even try to dig burdock out from my garden beds any more -- just periodically chop and drop to add those deep soil minerals to my top soil.
3 years ago

David Huang wrote: Did you know poke was actually still commercially canned as late as the year 2000?  

My mom worked at a chicken plant years ago with someone who would drive around after work picking pokeweed in the country and then take it to the local cannery to sell.
3 years ago
Here in the Ozarks it's popular with a lot of old-timers. I grew up eating it -- my parents would drive around in the country looking for it growing up in ditches and fence rows and bring it home. But we didn't boil it three times or draining it. Just boil it once for an hour or so and it should be non-toxic. I've got it growing all over my land, and I typically pick it to cook with other stuff like collards and kale to add flavor rather than eating it by itself.
3 years ago
I like to interplant pole beans with corn or okra.
3 years ago