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Just to annoy everyone I wanted to share a link to this UK TV series about poorly-behaved homeschool kids.

Feral Families

Of course they're trying to make homeschoolers look bad, to caricature and sensationalize the whole thing in order to attract viewers. How much freedom is too much for young kids?
6 months ago
Not exactly what you're talking about but these parents near Montreal take turns teaching kids whatever subjects the parents know. The rules for homeschooling in Quebec are strict so I guess everyone's motivated to show they have some plan/structure in place. It does cost money to use.

The Nook Homeschooling Centre
6 months ago
Bump.  Us too. Three youngns being homeschooled so far.  Anyone else in Ontario?
6 months ago

Timmy Eco wrote:Might want to see if your windows need a refill of Argon.

Anybody know how I might check that?? And is it worth the expense?
6 months ago

One of the best things you could do for the long term would be to figure out a way to bring fresh air into the house across a heat exchanger. This is the essence of Passivhaus ventilation

Thanks Phil.. Any links for that? Sounds like the right idea.  I know a bit about heat exchangers/heat recovery ventilators but again, just more expensive boxes with fans.

L is probably right that we're lacking in make-up air. The house was built in the early 80's, not too old or leaky, so not much fresh air coming in.  But all the fresh air in the world won't make it dry inside with a family of six.

6 months ago
Thanks Mike, that thread helps. Seems like you're in a very similar siuation to me.  I'll have to look at the plastic film again - we have pretty big windows so it could be an ugly solution.

Are dehumidifiers expensive to run?? I had a glance but didn't see any kwh ratings online.  Any other options to remove humidity that don't include another fan whirring endlessly?  Of course we could vent more warm, moist air outside but that seems self-defeating when you're trying to keep warm.
6 months ago

Now that the cold weather is back, our windows are covered in condensation every morning. I'm in eastern Ontario (Canada eh). Nighttime temperatures are below 10 C / 50 F.  Not really cold yet.
In winter it'll be -25 C or worse and sometimes we get ice on the windows (inside). Is it normal/inevitable to have icy windows?  

Not sure if it's too much moisture inside, bad windows, or both. And what can I do about it, short of replacing the windows? Ie cheaply.
6 months ago
Thanks Jeff, nice to meet you. Many homesteaders up your way?  Judging by the number of responses on this thread... no. There seem to be a few Ottawans around.
6 months ago
Haven't seen them in the wild but the local conservation authority planted some in their "edible forest" in Cornwall. Apparently they'll grow anywhere along the St Lawrence.
6 months ago
Hi all,
Just moved with my family to 4 acres east of Cornwall.  Three young kids, pets, chickens - the whole shebang.  Looking forward to starting some gardening etc.

Thought I'd see who else is around. Care to introduce yourself?
Ottawa, Cornwall, Alexandria, Perth, Smiths Falls, Casselman, Maxville?
Say hi, vote for your favourite farmers market!

1 year ago