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Recent posts by Jonathan Ward

Thought i'd give another update as things have been progressing.  Everything is growing great.
Update on my Rhubarb.  One plant has now been stepped on three times by the girls but the other one is a little closer to a big lilac and so it hasn't been stepped on lol.  Easy to tell which is which.
2 weeks ago
Quick update on where things stand.  I've direct seeded 2 tomatoes that i chose and the rest are all the volunteers.  I now have volunteer peppers coming up so i get to play this guessing game again.  I've included some general shots of the garden as well as my son's first gooseberry.  I prefer them green and sour but everyone else in the family likes them ripe and sweet.  These are still green so he wasn't sure at first but ended up eating like 15-20 of them.
I think i agree with Tyler.  It looks like a Macadamia tree.  It's a bit outside my grow-zone experience but i think it's right.
2 weeks ago
What Terri asked and can you take a picture of the bark too.
3 weeks ago
grandpa used to burn them out...depending on the tree you can burn it out and not cause a lot of lasting damage. Also makes sure they're dead.  Not advocating the method just saying that's how we used to do it.  
3 weeks ago
Awesome.  I assumed with its deeper roots it would perform that function but was curious before i just started doing it.
3 weeks ago
Does anyone have experience just dropping the leaves around the plant after harvesting the stems?  Maybe cutting some of the larger leaves into smaller pieces.  Like a chop/drop scenario?  Was curious about doing that next year when i harvest a few.
3 weeks ago
It is something that i've enjoyed doing.  The plants i have are "native" to the US so they haven't been bread with big berries like some of its european brethren.  What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in sheer number of berries though.  They're great to me so i guess that's what matters.  I did notice as i walked the pond behind the house last night that a few of the houses that have fences close together so that you can't really mow between them...have small gooseberry plants growing there too.  I find great humor in that for some reason.
These are my Rhubarb plants that i planted this year.
3 weeks ago