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Thanks to the info you guys gave me i found exactly what i was looking for.  The answer to my question was the first of march is when i need to start my seedlings indoors.  Thanks so much for the helps guys.
3 days ago
Awesome.  Thanks for the great info .
4 days ago
Zone 6A here in central indiana and i really haven't had issues growing peppers here.  Read up on how much rain they like...for example when we've had dry years, my hotter peppers have done very well think my scotch bonnets, habenaros and cayenne.  Last year was a very moist summer for us and the scotch bonnets did fairly well, but my habs and cayennes didn't.  My Serrano peppers however went through the roof.  My bell peppers also did really well.  Other than about 2 weeks were it was almost 100 and no rain i didn't water at all.  I always start indoors but i haven't really had any germination issues as mentioned above and while we have an ok length growing season i've never had a shortage of ripened fruit.  Personally i think Peppers are easier than tomatoes to grow, but everyone will have different experiences.
So any one in the greater indy area?  If so, when will you start planting seeds in containers to transplant outside?  If you direct sow, what timeframe do you think?  Last year i was hoping to get stuff into the ground in early-mid april and we still got a couple of freezes after that.  Just looking for some experienced advise as this is only my 3rd year with a garden bed in my yard.
4 days ago
I'm a little out of your area (NE side of indy in the fishers area) but i grew up in Fairfield Illinois and have family there and in albion and olney.  We also spend most of our free time in the Spencer area West of Bloomington.  Ideally i think that's where my wife and I will buy land and start our full time permies adventure when the kids are older.
4 days ago
I think a lot of my generation was sold the, "You have to go to college to do anything good." line.  I've been in the workplace 12 years now.  I'm a computer programmer but mostly work production support.  In my 12 yrs i haven't seen one job that in my opinion required a college degree other than as a formality.  Most if not all of the training you need happens on the job.  My current manager is less concerned with what you have a degree in as long as you have some experience in the field (but we're not hiring for entry level positions only mid level analysts and whatnot).  I think college as it stands right now is a joke.  I hope that the next generation as some have mentioned rally against it.  I believe college has its place (Law, science, Pharma ect.) but Lib Arts? History? Programming?

So now on to a story:
My mother-in-law worked as the director of learning skills center in one of the community colleges.  She managed independent learning, tutoring, individuals with disabilities, special needs, and most night classes for adults were held in her area and organized by her with the teacher.  She spent years teaching that a 4yr university isn't right for everyone and that trade schools (School in question has a good mechanics program) is often a much better choice.  Fast forward a little bit and I have 4 kids.  My 2nd one is not always the best book smart learner.  Give her a book to read or a paper math problem to solve and she's a C student.  Give her a project or something hands on to do and she'll pull down As all day long.  I one time made the comment that i think (said daughter) would do great in electrical or mechanic classes and she should do a trade instead of a 4yr uni.  My mother-in-law go so upset and said that no grandchild of hers was going that way.

I've often pondered over this and have basically stopped talking to M-I-L about continuing education for the kids other than for our oldest who is literally off the charts book smarts.  I'd love everyone else's thoughts.  I wonder if it's back to the generational teaching that everyone needs to go to 4yr even though she taught differently....maybe that was just because it was her job....but i don't think so.  I think dispelling the 4yr myth and getting people (Mike Rowe comes to mind) to preach the good of trades is what we truly need.
4 days ago
To speak to the skipping a generation, i'm trying to teach my kids what i learn.  Canning, Jams, Growing, planting trees from seeds.  This year we're working on apple seed starts and talking about how to get them to grow and what we'll do as they get older.  My hope is that one day they'll return to this life.  I left it to join the grind of the city and now i'm coming back...i hope they do the same.
5 days ago
Hey, another Millennial here (1985).  I will say with the crowd i run with it's kinda split.  I've one guy who complains about everything but when push comes to shove he has no interest in changing.  I have a few buddies that love the city life and wouldn't trade it for anything.  I also have a few that are older (maybe 10yrs my sr.) and are looking for something out away from the city.  It has been stated that land prices are crazy.  10 acres near me can go anywhere from 180K on the low end to 1.5m on the upper.  There is no way someone my age could afford that.  To get land i can afford i'm llooking at....2-3 hrs away from my office.  Also, the schools for my kids are some of the best in the nation right now so i can't really leave until after they've gotten their basic education.  I do garden and we're trying to do more of a permaculture home here in the suburbs but most permie ideas seem so crazy to people the looks i get sometimes are FANTASTIC :).  My wife an i plan on getting some land in the 2.5-5k per acre price around an area where we've visited several times and use it as a vacation/camping spot.  Then when the kids all graduate High School we'll leave the rat race and build and do it more on our own.  We have four...13, 10, 7, 8mos.  I'm here for another 18yrs....have 16yrs left on paying the house (less if i have my druthers).  We'll be ready and set by the time our youngest gets out :).  
5 days ago
I love mulberries.  Our neighbors had one behind their fence row but when they fixed their fence the company that did it took the tree out.  I managed to grab quite a few berries and got some put in the ground and marked so i can watch for trees in spring.   Fingers crossed i'll get at least one tree.
1 week ago
Indeed.  I'm in the fishers area and i'd be interested.  Honestly i probably don't have the capital to purchase but i'm interested to see what you've done .